Keep Your Muscles Relieved and Relaxed With These Microwave Heating Pads

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Whether you’re an athlete who engages in physical activity regularly, a construction worker who labors from sunrise to sunset, or just someone who types behind a desk, muscle pains can happen to you. And these can severely affect your working productivity no matter what field you’re working in. There are many ways to prevent this, of course, but when you’re already dealing with them, you need something to lessen the pain.

Heating pads and heating compresses have been around for centuries, offering quick and easy relief to muscle pains. With modern technology, however, we now have new ways to prepare them. These microwavable heat pads from Amazon can be prepared in a matter of minutes with no effort, and you’ll be saying goodbye to those cramps in no time at all.

Our Picks of the Hottest Microwave Heating Pads

Carex Microwave Heating Pad  —  Best Overall

There are plenty of heat pads in the market today, but this one stands out thanks to its design. Unlike other heat pads, which are usually just simple rectangular pads, this particular pad can also serve as a neck wrap for neck pains. It’s also got a pair of handles that you can use to hold the wrap or pad on both sides, giving the wrap more pressure and tightness around the affected area.

The pad itself is actually made with an interesting material - natural grains. They keep the pad warm, heavy and textured, and they’re all-natural, too. The pad’s exterior fabric lining is stitched pretty well so that none of those grains and herbs fall out by accident. It’s also surprisingly soft, so even if you apply a bit of pressure on your legs, you won’t feel a thing.


  • Made with natural grains
  • Soft fabric exterior


  • Quite thin for a heating pad

XL Microwave Heating Pad  —  Best for Back Pain

Back pains plague adults no matter what line of work they’re in. It’s a common problem that’s associated with poor posture and extensive physical activity. Exercise and stretching are great ways to prevent this, but if you aren’t able to fit that into your schedule, you can instead relieve existing pains with the help of this heating pad by Purple Moon Collection.

The heating pad is fairly large, and it’s designed primarily for the lower back, covering the entire lower half in heat. It wraps around your waist nicely, too, so you won’t feel uncomfortable while moving around in it. The pad can also be used on other parts of the body, such as the shoulder, though the sheer size of it may inconvenience those with smaller and narrower frames.


  • Made specifically for the lower back
  • Comfortable to wear


  • A bit too large for other parts of the body

My Heating Microwave Heating Pad  —  Most Compact

Heating pads are great because they can technically be used all around the body, but many heating pad designs are too large to be as useful in some areas as they are in others (the previous heating pad is a great example of this). If you want a heating pad that’s more universal and greater for a wider range of applications, then look no further than this compact heating pad by My Heating Pad.

The pad comes in two variations - unscented and lavender. It’s also small enough to place on your shoulder comfortably while also being large enough to cover areas such as your elbow, stomach, and so on. The only real downside to this heating pad is that you need to actually hold the heating pad in place or tie it with some cloth, as there are no straps or handles connected to the pad itself.


  • Small and compact form
  • Scented and unscented variants


  • Not easy to hold

Thermalon Microwave Heating Pad  —  With Hand Pocket

Heating pads are usually meant to be used when sitting or lying down, but if you need that heating therapy on the go or while moving around, then you’ll need a special pad for the job. Enter the Thermalon microwave-activated heating pad, a pad that’s got a built-in hand pocket designed to make holding the pad easy and reliable. All you need to do is slip your hand in, and you can apply heat anywhere you move your hands.

There are clear benefits to this, especially if you’re a busy person. If you’re busy with tasks around the house, you can use the compress while moving around without too much hassle. If you have multiple cramps, you can move the compress from one place to another at a whim. Of course, your hand will also feel a little warm, but the relief you feel on your sore muscles will make up for that discomfort.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used while moving around


  • Hand can feel a little too warm

ComfortSpa Microwave Heating Pad  —  Best Value

This set of heating pads offers something that the other pads don’t - an extra pad. While having one heating pad is useful for a single cramp, it won’t be as effective if you have multiple cramps throughout the body. This means that you’d have no choice but to wait for the first cramp to feel relief before moving on to the other cramp. This takes time and won’t feel as relieving, which is why it’s better to have two pads in situations such as this.

The pads are a bright blue in color, and you get both pads for just $29.99, which offers great value. They’re rectangular in size and quite large, which means you can cover quite a bit of surface area with each individual pad. They’re pretty simple otherwise, but heating pads aren’t exactly required to have special features, so if all you need is extra coverage, then this set of heating pads is definitely worth the purchase.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Great value for money


  • Nothing special design-wise

Finding a High Quality Microwave Heating Pads: A Buyer's Guide

Heating pads have been the go-to for muscle pain relief, and microwavable pads just made it a whole lot easier. Learn more in this quick buyer’s guide.

What Is a Warm Compress?

A warm compress is a type of therapy that involves applying heat over a certain area of the body. Warm compresses are commonly used around the eyes and on sore muscles and joints. Warm compresses can be made using various methods, including dipping a towel cloth in warm water or heating stones.

The reason why warm compresses are said to work is that they are believed to help with inflammation. Inflammation can occur in many parts of the body, and using a warm compress can help deal with the symptoms. In the case of body muscles and joints, warm compresses are often used in conjunction with cold compresses (which are just the opposite of warm compresses) to further relieve inflammation.

Warm compresses are also believed to help with improving blood flow throughout the body. It is said that using warm compresses oxygenates tissues the blood better, which can, in turn, further improve muscle recovery. This is why warm compresses are often used on muscle injuries.

The Benefits of Microwavable Heating Pads

They’re easy to prepare

There are plenty of heating pads on the market, and you can heat them up in different ways - for example, some heating pads are heated by plugging them into a wall socket. While there are pros and cons to each approach, microwavable heat pads are arguably the most convenient. This is because compared to other heating pads, you can have it heat up with little to no hassle.

Microwaves have changed the way we prepare food. If it’s microwavable, then the food doesn’t need much supervision, and all you need to do is set a timer and wait. It allows you to do other things in the meantime. The convenience of the microwave also applies to microwavable heat pads, since you can take full advantage of the appliance’s ease of use.

Instead of heating up some water or finding a socket to plug the pad in, you can simply chuck that pad in and you’re already halfway there. Since the pads are designed to be microwaved, they’re completely safe inside, and you can prepare your medicines, make your bed, or do other things while waiting.

They have designs to cater to specific needs

Heating pads have evolved from the traditional rectangular designs of old. These days, there are heating pads designed for specific parts of the body, whereas other pad designs are made to improve their overall usability. Let’s take a look at both of these aspects in slightly bigger detail.

If you’re the type of person who constantly deals with muscle sores or pains in a particular part of your body, then you may want to look for a pad that’s designed specifically for that body part. Chances are that many other people experience pains in that same area and that there’s a product to cater to your need. So if you've got a lower back problem, which is one of the more common muscle pains, you can easily find a lower back heating pad.

Then there are heating pads made to be easy to use. Usability is important when it comes to heating pads as it helps those who are trying to treat themselves. If someone else is taking care of you, it doesn’t really matter what type of heating pad you’re using, but if you’re in pain while treating yourself, usability becomes a concern.

Heating pads with improved usability include those with pockets and handles or straps. These pads are easy to hold by yourself and you don’t need a cloth or some other item to hold them in place. 

Tips When Using a Heating Compress

Alternate with cold compresses

If you’re using a heating pad, chances are that you’ve sprained a muscle. This is pretty normal in physical accidents, and it can be quite annoying to deal with due to the pain. Heating pads and heating compresses do help relieve the pain, but they are only half of the treatment. If you really want to heal the inflamed muscle or joint quickly, consider using the pad with a cold compress, too.

The cold compress primarily offers relief to the inflamed area, and you’re supposed to alternate the use of cold compresses with warm compresses or heating pads. You don’t need to do this very often, but as long as you alternate between warm and cold, you can expect some results.

Take medications in tandem

There’s a common yet not completely obvious misconception that you can heal a sprain, cramp, or any other muscle pain with just compresses. And while that is possible, the recovery period would end up taking far longer than necessary. With simple medications, you can speed up the recovery process, helping you get back into shape more quickly.

When getting the right medications for your system, always consult your doctor. Take the medications as prescribed, and use your heating pads as necessary. Though you don’t necessarily need them, medications are vital if you want to heal up as soon as possible.

How Much Do Microwave Heating Pads Cost?

Typically, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10 and $20 on a decent microwavable heating pad. There are plenty of cheaper ones in the market, though they may not hold up to modern quality standards. There are also heating pads that cost more than $20, but you’re usually getting something else at that price point, such as an additional heating pad.