Roll Your Way to an Energetic Glow With These Best Face Ice Rollers

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One great fast and easy device to incorporate into any wellness routine is an ice roller face massager. If you are unfamiliar, these inexpensive tools harness the therapeutic power of cold therapy to enhance, rejuvenate, and relieve the face and even the body.

Below are some of our favorite face ice rollers that you simply throw in the refrigerator or freezer and can pull them out whenever you need some me-time. These rollers aim to help relieve a ton of ailments including de-puffing the eye and complexion areas upon wake, soothing some skin irritation from breakouts or sunburns, and they can even be used on the body as the coolness may be able to help alleviate mild muscle soreness.

Our options also include rollers with removable heads that can be cleaned after each use for fast storage and stainless steel heads that stay colder for longer periods of time.

Our Favorite Face Ice Rollers Worth Considering in 2023

PUR Botanicals Ice Roller Face Massager  —  Best Overall

With just five minutes per day of use, this ice roller works to rejuvenate, refresh, and calm your skin. Whether you need to relax after a long day or need a pick me up first thing in the morning, using this roller will help to relieve overall puffiness, especially in the eye area, can reduce pore size, and makes a great wellness tool for when you just need some TLC time for yourself.


  • This device can also be used for natural headache relief


  • The roller may not stay cold for very long

Beauty By Earth Ice Roller Face Massager  —  Runner Up

Not just for the face, this face roller can also work as a full-body beauty tool to relieve a variety of ailments. It can help temporarily tighten and firm the skin on the back of the arms, improve and reduce the look of cellulite, provide relief and reduce redness or irritation caused by excess sun exposure, and quickly relieve neck pain and stiffness, naturally.


  • The roller comes with pictures and instructions on the back of the package


  • The handle is not padded

Teenitor Ice Roller Face Massager  —  Honorable Mention

Great for use on the go, this ice roller is slightly different than our other options as the head detaches from the body, making travel easy. Additionally, with this roller, you can simply place the roller head in the freezer (in a plastic bag for cleanliness), keep the handle stored outside and when ready, simply attach the head back onto the roller for an extremely refreshing, satisfying experience.


  • The roller head is removable, making it easy to clean


  • Using light pressure is recommended

Kitsch Stainless Steel Facial ice Roller  —  Contender

If you prefer a slightly smaller roller, this one from everyone’s favorite hair accessories brand is a great option. Made from stainless steel, this ice roller is meant to be kept in either the refrigerator or freezer and can be rolled over the face and neck for a colling and calming facial massage. The stainless steel also tends to get colder and stay colder for longer periods of time, letting you enjoy a long-lasting massage experience.


  • This roller comes in a giftable box


  • If you are sensitive to extreme cold, store this in the fridge

SPANLA Ice Roller Set  —  Excellent Quality

Another great stainless steel ice roller option is this one that comes with two heads, one stainless steel, and one plastic head, along with a handle that can be interchanged according to your preferences. The heads are removable and can both be stored in the refrigerator or freezer (or one in each) to make interchanging fast and easy. When you feel one roller head is getting too warm, simply switch out to the other to continue your massage experience.


  • The roller heads chill fast


  • The handle is not soft

Morning Clouds Ice Roller for Face and Body  —  Editor's Pick

This ice roller face comes with a roller head and facial cleansing pad in one easy-to-use set. The premium thick roller head stays colder for longer, allowing for a relaxing massage experience that works on both the face and body while the ergonomically designed handle keeps your hands comfortable. This roller is also ideal for all ages and skin types and comes in a soothing lilac color for some extra oomph.


  • This roller has a detachable head for easy cleaning


  • This roller may be too large for use around the eye area

Charmlily Ice Roller for Face & Eyes  —  Another Option

Use this large ice roller to remove any extra puffiness from your face and eye area whenever you feel the need and it can also work wonders to massage your feet, legs, back, and anywhere else you may have slight muscle pain or irritation. With consistent use, this roller can help shrink pores and give you an overall sense of relief when used first thing in the morning or as the last step before bed at night.


  • The roller freezes in 10-15 minutes


  • Do not use on any open wounds

Buying Guide: Face Ice Roller

What to Look For in a Face Ice Roller

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when looking for a face ice roller.


The most popular choice is either a gel-based or a stainless steel face ice roller. They freeze very quickly and stay cool for the most extended time. Stainless steel is mainly used by people with normal skin as it is harder. On the other hand, gel-based face ice rollers are preferred by individuals with sensitive skin as they are much softer. The material you choose can have an impact on the facial muscles. Therefore, it is essential to opt for something that does not make you uncomfortable.


Some face ice rollers come with an adjustable hand that can also come off when cleaning them. This feature is suitable for people who like to use different skincare products with the roller. You can also switch between the steel and gel heads of the roller, depending on your personal preference. Moreover, these rollers are easy to carry from one place to another. Adjustable face ice rollers are designed for easy storage, convenience, and cleanliness.

Handle ergonomics

When purchasing a face ice roller, you should also consider the handle. Some alternatives have thinner handles, roughly the width of a pen. They might look elegant but get less comfortable after a few minutes of usage. If you use an ice roller daily or do lengthier at-home cryo treatments, we recommend choosing one with a broader, contoured ergonomic handle for better grip and comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Face Ice Roller?

Here is a list of perks you get using a high-quality face ice roller.

Improved blood circulation

If you notice, your skin becomes visibly pinkish after using an ice roller. This is because applying a super cold face ice roller from the freezer to your skin boosts blood circulation. A boost in your blood circulation brings blood to the skin's surface, which stimulates your natural glow and helps you regain that complexion.

An increase in blood circulation flushes away toxins and releases any kind of stress from your facial nerves and blood vessels. Although gel-based face ice rollers are equally beneficial, stainless steel can relieve muscle pain as well. Better blood circulation also reduces your dark circles and spots.

Reduces puffiness

In older days, people used ice packs to get rid of swelling on different body parts. You can apply the same concept to your skin when things get complicated. If you struggle with puffy under your eyes, this roller can help you reduce any swelling. Face ice rollers decrease the temperature of your facial vessels and muscles, resulting in a normal-looking face within minutes.

Eliminates toxins

Toxins in your skin dull the complexion resulting in a worn-out face. However, by using face ice rollers, you can aid lymphatic drainage. This works just like a gua sha resulting in fresh-looking skin. However, you must use it towards the outer edges of your skin. This practice also aids in tightening facial muscles, reducing any signs of aging.

Reduce muscle tension

Our digital and sleepless lifestyle can result in muscle soreness and tension. You can release this tension from your body by using an ice roller on the affected region. It is essential to understand that face ice rollers are designed for use on the face. Therefore, they are suitable for use on the neck and face.

Relaxes irritated skin

Skin irritation can cause itching, redness, and ultimately swelling. It is essential to get rid of these symptoms as soon as they occur by applying a face ice roller on the affected areas. It kicks the skin's natural defense into action while normalizing the temperature of sensitive zones.

What Is the Material of Face Ice Rollers?

Face ice rollers come with either stainless steel or a gel-filled body. Let’s discuss the results of using both.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel face ice rollers are known for their durable and robust construction. They are a nonporous material that does not absorb the skincare products you use on your skin. Stainless steel rollers are used by people with normal skin. They can relax your muscles and release unwanted stress from the face.

Steel is easier to freeze and remains cold for a longer duration. Other than this, they have a non-reactive coating to prevent any corrosion or rusting. However, it is essential to clean your steel face ice roller every day to maintain a sanitary and clean result.


A gel-based face ice roller is made specifically for people with sensitive skin. It has a softer body that allows you to spread skincare products quickly on all parts of your face. Gel-based face ice rollers come with compression gel that is easy to cool and maintain that temperature for a couple of minutes. They also do not react with the skincare products or deteriorate with time.

However, it is quite easy to damage an ice roller with gel finishing. You can use it on all skin types, but it might not be the perfect choice to release pressure. It is essential to clean your gel face ice roller daily to maintain sanitation and cleanliness.

How to Use a Face Ice Roller

Unlike other tools and gadgets, an ice roller is very easy. All you have to do is freeze it for a couple of minutes or hours and then roll it in a zig-zag or straight motion across your face.

Professionals recommend applying more pressure when you are using the face ice roller upward as it helps lift the skin. You can use it continuously for 10 to 15 minutes before stopping. A face ice roller can be used any time of the day, but you should start your routine after cleansing the face.


Face ice rollers are an essential part of the modern-day skincare routine. They come with multiple benefits like increasing blood circulation, making your skin look fresh, and removing toxins from your face. They are made of either stainless steel or gel.

The type of face ice roller that you choose depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the intensity. We reviewed the top face ice rollers in 2022, so you can find a perfect fit for your skin.