Give Your Locks a Makeover With the Best Brown Hair Dyes

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If you’re looking to give yourself a hair makeover but can’t get to the salon, look no further because we rounded up all of the best brown hair dyes that will instantly transform you.

When it comes to hair dye, there are so many different options and colors to choose from, that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. To help you out, we compiled all of our favorite hair dyes in brown shades that all have different functions.

Included in our list is a variety of brown shades that do different things – one option is infused with keratin, another is formulated for women of color, one is made with fruit oils, and so much more.

Below you can find all of our top brown hair dyes of 2022 picks that are suitable for all hair types and you will be sure to find the perfect one for you!

Our Favorite Brown Hair Dye Worth Considering in 2022

Herbishh Brown Hair Dye  —  Best Overall

Get the hair you want with the Herbishh Brown Hair Dye. The hair dye contains active ingredients like argan oil, olive oil, Noni fruit, and wild ginseng to strengthen your hair and reinforce follicles. These ingredients also moisturize and hydrate it to achieve maximum softness. You can rest easy knowing this hair dye won’t affect the health of your hair, and could even improve it after just one use. 

Whether you’re looking to hide grays or shake up your current hair color, Herbishh’s brown hair dye won’t miss a beat getting into all your roots and ends for complete coverage. Not to mention it’s super easy to apply! You simply put on some disposable gloves, pour the dye into your hand, and start applying immediately. The 100% vegan brown hair dye is the best overall on the list for its incredible coverage while feeling moisturizing and promoting hair growth. 


  • Hides grays
  • Promotes hair growth and health
  • 100% vegan


  • Color isn’t super natural-looking

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Permanent Hair Color Cream  —  Runner Up

This hair color comes with two packs of the shade 50 Medium Natural Brown (Truffle). The hair dye is super nourishing as it’s infused with grapeseed fruit oil, avocado, olive, and shea oils. Not only does it give off a gorgeous shade of brown, but it also hydrates your hair so that it’s left looking silky smooth after. Even better, the permanent dye delivers 100% gray coverage.


  • It comes in a pack of two
  • It's very moisturizing


  • Doesn't come with shampoo

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color  —  Best Permanent

This permanent hair dye in shade 4A Dark Ash Brown covers 100% of grays. It comes with a color comb, pre-color treatment, developer, color creme, weekly conditioning treatment with collagen, and gloves. It delivers rich color that lasts long and hydrates your hair so you don’t have to worry about drying it out. The hair dye has a non-drip cream formula and is available in 38 shades from Ash Blonde to Chocolate Brown to Jet Black.


  • It comes with a weekly conditioning treatment with collagen


  • It can be very dark

Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color  —  Honorable Mention

Infused with keratin, this ammonia-free hair dye in shade 41 Medium Brown, will leave your hair looking and feeling shiny. It uses 3D Color Gel Technology which makes your hair color look natural, plus it’s formulated with UV Defense to keep your hair color bright without worrying about it fading. It’s infused with silk proteins to keep her healthy and hydrated, plus, it’s available in 41 shades.


  • It’s ammonia-free


  • It only comes with one application

Permanent Hair Color by Dark and Lovely Fade Resist  —  Contender

Infused with three fruit oils – shea, avocado, and olive, as well as vitamin E, this permanent hair dye in shade Brown Cinnamon 391, nourishes the hair while providing vibrant color. The hair dye is specifically made for women of color and works on all different hair types. Not only does it keep the color bright for up to 8 weeks, but it also hydrates the hair so that it looks silky smooth even when you air dry it and leave it natural.


  • It’s infused with three fruit oils for hydration


  • It may not work on all hair types

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream  —  Also Consider

IF your hair is damaged from dying it often but you still need to color it, then this is the perfect dye for you. It’s infused with keratin to restore your hair barrier while providing nutrients and reducing breakage by 80%. Even better, it comes with a Pre-Color Serum which conditions the hair and makes it silky smooth. Plus, it covers 100% of grays.


  • It’s formulated with keratin


  • If your hair is longer than shoulder length, use two boxes of hair dye

Buying Guide: Brown Hair Dyes

A million things can go wrong with the DIY box dye strategy if you neglect your research and buy the first brown hair dye you find online. It's crucial to visualize the results you want and consider the steps you need to take to get those results.

Are you dying your hair to cover gray strands, lighten your dark color or undertake an exciting hair transformation? Intentions matter significantly when shopping for hair dyes. After all, you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to fix a botched box dye job!

Process Your Intentions and Visualize Your Hair Dye Results

The right brown hair dye for your hair depends entirely on your intentions and desired results. Are you looking to get dark coverage for your gray hair, or do you simply want a dramatic hair transformation? Platinum blondes trying to transform themselves into brunettes may have to buy two shades to ensure proper coverage over their light strands.

In contrast, if you're trying to cover up the gray, you need to buy the top brown hair dye designed specifically for gray coverage. Coloring and covering gray hair isn't easy, and cosmetic manufacturers make specialized formulas to maximize coverage. These coverage hair dyes typically come with pre-treatment formulas to make your gray strands more receptive to fully absorb the brown color. It's wise to find a brown shade that closely mimics your natural hair color if you're aiming to return to your original hair color.

Intentions matter a great deal because we choose hair dyes based on the results we want to see. Suppose you want to play up your hair with warm tones. In that case, you need a brown hair dye with golden or warm tones. In contrast, fashionistas aiming for brown with cooler tones can explore varieties in ash brown. Keep an eye out for keywords on the labels as brown hair dyes are typically marketed with variations of golden, ash, and warm brown.

Choosing between medium-brown tones and variations can get overwhelmingly complicated. How do you decide between a medium-brown and a medium-golden brown? Instead of confusing yourself with labels and variations of the same color, check the color chart to find a shade that closely mimics your color family or promises the lightening or darkening results you desire.

Finding the Right Brown Hair Dye for You

Not all brown hair dyes are treated alike, and finding the right shade to flatter your complex and personality can prove challenging. Contrary to what most believe, intuition has nothing to do with this process, and you can't just breeze through the aisle and scoop up a box. It takes research to understand your hair color family and decide whether you want to lighten or darken your hair.

We always advise shopaholics to pay attention to the undertones while hunting for the perfect shade in any cosmetic product. Here's the magic trick: the right shade is the color that contrasts with the undertones of your skin complexion!

For instance, if you have olive or warm-toned skin, a cooler shade of brown will smoothen and clear your complexion. In contrast, fair and cooler skin tones find their perfect match in warm and rich tones of brown. If you're struggling to find your undertone, just flip your wrist and examine the color of your veins. Blue undertones reflect a cool skin tone, while green veins come with warm undertones.

Suppose your wrists reveal a combination of blue and greenish veins. In that case, you can experiment with any shade of brown because neutral undertones look fabulous against all browns.

Practice the Two Shades Rule When Buying Hair Dye

Are you anxious about taking the DIY route for a dramatic hair color transformation? Or perhaps, you're coloring your strands for the first time and struggling to find the right brown hair dye to flatter your complexion? Fumbling with undertones can get complicated, but the two-shades rule is a trusted method for finding the perfect shade for your at-home color transformation.

The rule of two shades revolves around setting some boundaries when picking a new hair color different from your original color. The idea is to avoid venturing beyond two shades lighter or darker when experimenting with a new color. Suppose you want to lighten your dark brown with an ash brown color. In that case, choosing a medium or light ash brown is a wise choice. Likewise, you can darken your hair with either a medium or dark brown, depending on your desired results.

Venturing beyond the two-shade rule and choosing an overwhelmingly dark or light shade can result in awful discoloration, botched patches, fading, and uneven color tones. We are strong advocates of subtle hair color changes to enjoy a rich tone and long-lasting vibrancy that you can maintain for weeks.

Steer Clear of Hair Dyes With Toxic Ingredients

Cheap and substandard box dyes are notorious for packing up scalp-damaging toxins, harmful chemicals, and harsh ingredients. If you have a sensitive scalp prone to allergic reactions, it's wise to examine the ingredients list and steer clear of toxins and chemicals. Hair dyes laced with chemicals can cause irreversible damage to our hair, roots, and scalp, alongside undermining our health.

So, which chemicals/toxins should you watch out for while shopping for the best brown hair dye? Ammonia is the most toxic culprit behind scalp irritation, and it's also responsible for that strong, pungent odor in box dyes. Manufacturers infuse hair dyes with ammonia to make the color long-lasting but this harsh ingredient makes our hair dry, brittle, and damaged. That's not all; exposure to ammonia also leads to respiratory concerns and throat irritation.

Paraphenylenediamine, popularly known as PPD, is another toxic chemical and carcinogenic that exposes us to cardiac health concerns and respiratory failure risks. Buyers with sensitive skin and scalps must explore organic options or invest in chemical-free hair dyes.

Final Thoughts

The secret to buying the finest brown hair dye for your complexion boils down to understanding your skin tone and beautification needs. We advise extensive research to find the right shade of brown to lighten or darken your hair. Be sure to explore all the brown color palettes by leading cosmetic brands and manufacturers to broaden your horizons and find the right shade.