Our Team’s Review of the Best Rings for Men

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Gone are the days when rings and accessories were readily associated with weddings and just engagement ceremonies. Today, they are more than that. Whether you are a groom or just a man looking to showcase elegance, you can wear rings. Overall, the styles and constructions of men’s rings differ, and they vary according to size and preference. If you’re hopping on the bandwagon, then you may want to check out our review of the greatest rings for men in 2023 to make the best choice.

Sure, you can pick the best ring even if you’re a newbie to the ring market. All you need is our tips, your cash, and a little bit of fortitude. Consider your needs and buy just what will serve your purpose. From quality to design to color, down to functionality, there are quite a number of factors you should consider before slipping in that ring on your finger. Keep scrolling!

Comparing the Top Ring for Men of 2023

Groove Life Ring  —  Best Overall

rings for men review

Key Features

  • Rounded interior and patented design
  • Available in black and black edge colors
  • It has a classic appearance

Finding the perfect men’s ring has never been made easier. With the Groove life store, you can find all you need within just minutes. This ring comes in all different sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits you. No pressure, no worries, you get great value for your buck, and if you’re stuck on options, you can get help from the awesome customer service team. 

What’s more, this stylish ring for men comes with a No-BS warranty, which means you’re covered for life. Whatever the damage, you can pick up a replacement without paying a dime. The rounded interior reduces any skin discomfort, and its patented design allows for airflow. 


  • Reduces skin contact
  • Safe to wear


  • May sometimes feel too soft

ThunderFit Ring  —  Runner Up

rings for men review

Key Features

  • Hypoallergenic and flexible silicone
  • 100% repayment guarantee
  • Available in four colors

Do you work out or lift weights quite frequently? Here’s the perfect ring for you. The Thunderfit ring for men is the perfect choice for all kinds of physical exercise. It replaces formal wedding bands and is resistant to scratches and damage. Great for extreme activities (think carpentry or operating heavy machinery), you can be sure this ring will stay looking nice and feel comfortable. Use it for a lifetime, and it will still remain intact.

Above all else, ensure not to expose Thunderfit rings to excessive pressure. They’re flexible and tend to break up when stretched too much. Get this for a friend, and he’ll forever be indebted. However flexible, it makes an ideal gift item at all times.


  • Best for extreme activities
  • Unlikely to get scratched
  • It is highly durable


  • Color may not be totally accurate

ROQ Ring  —  Honorable Mention

rings for men review

Key Features

  • Available in black, bronze, and dark silver colors
  • It has optimized dimensions
  • Made with top-grade silicone
  • A lifetime warranty covers the ring

Look no further for a breathable, classic ring that serves all purposes. The ROQ men’s ring is just what you need.

Designed for elegance, its modular design allows for airflow, and it helps to keep your fingers dry. Forget your fears, the top-grade silicon ring is thick enough, and it will last just about a lifetime. Besides being safe, it is hypoallergenic. It also adjusts to any kind of swelling.

Not sure what size to get? Check out the convenient sizing guide, and you’ll find your fit. In cases where the ring does not fit, you can get a refund or even pick a new ring altogether. There is a lifetime warranty on the ROQ ring, so you don't have to stress about whether or not this ring will last a lifetime.


  • It is long-lasting
  • Tolerates high temperature
  • Safe and affordable


  • Layers seem uneven

King Will Ring  —  Also Consider

rings for men review

Key Features

  • Available in black color
  • It has a classic design
  • Made with quality stainless steel
  • A lifetime warranty backs the ring

King Will never disappoints, from their stellar rings that make you feel exceptionally classy to the premium, quality services you can always bank on. Rings from this store scream elegance.

Made of quality stainless steel, there’s no doubt this piece will suit your taste and last a long time. Besides, it is also great to present as a wedding gift item. Regardless of size, the King Will ring for men comes with a classic jewelry box, and it helps you to save some cash.


  • Material is durable and solid
  • Safe for all men


  • Sizing may be off

Buying Guide: Rings for Men

Why Wear Rings?

Now, that’s a question you’re likely to ask if you’ve never been a fan (you’re probably trying out men’s rings for the first time).

Rings aren’t just for couples. You may decide to wear them even if you’re single, and that’s for different reasons--while weddings remain atop the list, there’s no denying that people use rings for several other occasions.

You may use rings to signify events; you may also use them to upgrade your fashion taste. Besides, options like the gold men’s rings come fully packed with numerous health benefits.

How to Care For Your Stylish Men’s Ring

Caring for your men’s ring is just as easy as following these tips. It costs no fortune.

For the metal parts, a dish soap-water solution will do the job. Simply dip your piece into the mix and leave for some time. A soak for 15 to 30 minutes will help your ring get squeaky clean.

Once soaked, scrub off the inner parts of your ring using a toothbrush (a soft one, of course). You may also clean outer surfaces to take off debris.

If you’ve got diamonds on your ring, ensure to brush gently to get rid of stuck oil or food. The mess could easily hide under the stones if you’re not careful.

Lastly, rinse off your ring using warm water. You may then get some lint-free cloth to keep it dry.

Of course, there’s no limit to how often you can clean your rings. You may decide to clean them right in your home and on your own terms, but getting them professionally cleaned is optimal.

Ideally, deep cleaning once every 6 to 12 months is sufficient, and that’s if you’re using an expert.

Store your precious rings in boxes or jewelry pouches when they’re not in use. This is to avoid blackening and excessive exposure. If you’re using silver, you may want to take extra precautions.

You can try the ultrasonic cleaner if you will. But exercise caution. Not all ring materials work with high-heat products like this.  

Pro Tips for Styling Men’s Rings

Balance is key

When it comes to styling your men’s ring, less is definitely more. It is important you know when to strike a balance and make some room for elegance. If you’ve got a wristwatch and your dazzling wedding ring on your left hand, then you should wear your extra rings on your right hand.

Get a well-fitting ring

Rings that don’t fit are a major turnoff—they will most likely stress your veins out. Just as with outfits, you need a ring that fits correctly in order to look fashionable. Wearing an oversized men’s ring will taint your appearance. So be sure to choose a ring that's your correct size.

Mix and match creatively

The best rule of thumb when it comes to mixing and choosing rings is to consider their match. While you may want to mix silver with gold, you should also be sure that they fit perfectly. 

Check your outfit and be creative about your choices. Simple may be elegant, and sometimes, you may need to get more flashy and sophisticated.

Factors to Consider When Buying Rings for Men


Having a ring style in mind will help you make the best purchase. So before buying, be sure you’re familiar with the different ring styles. 

Whether it's minimalistic, tough, or flashy, there’s hardly any style you won’t find on the market. Simply hit the stores and choose that which suits your taste. You may also want to look for rings that match virtually every outfit.


Size goes way beyond what you think is right. If you’re buying as a newbie, chances are high you’ll need a guide just like this. Check for band sizes and also cross-sectional widths. Band sizes tell which finger will best accommodate the ring, while the cross-sectional widths help for its look. You’ll definitely need to know how large or chubby the piece will look while on your fingers.

For sizes, you may get an expert or someone at the jewelry shop to help you take the measurements. You’ll only need to figure out which finger you’ll want to place the ring on.


All rings are not made the same. While some are designed in gold, others are silver. Before making a choice, check out the different materials and confirm they match your needs. 

For clarity, check out some of the popular men’s ring materials in the paragraphs below:


Gold rings are one of the most popular options across the globe. They come in three shades—white, yellow, and rose gold, and they’re quite sleek. If you’re going for gold, then you’ll be buying in karat value. Choose a ring in 12k or 24k gold, according to your preference.


Silver is a lot more affordable compared to gold. But, they still can be pricey. Prices depend on quality, so you may want to check your budget. 

On the whole, silver rings tend to be the most considered option by buyers. 


Platinum is yet another top material used for rings. Like gold, it is offered based on karat value, but it seems a bit more identical to silver.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel tops the list of most affordable rings to buy for any man. Plus, it is quite a hypoallergenic and safe material. 


Besides being lightweight, the titanium ring material comes with a bit of silver. If you need a durable piece that lasts quite a long time, then here’s your material. The material hardly fades, and it resists water and scratches.


Like Titanium, ceramic rings also resist scratch, but they are less pricey. Though non-metallic, they may be manufactured to look just like metal.


Every other factor depends on this. If you’re buying on a budget, then you should consider your limitations and check for price. An expensive ring may not suit your pocket even if it is of the best quality. Also, cheap does not always mean bad.