Dress Up Your Christmas Tree With the Best Christmas Ornaments

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As the crisp autumn air slowly becomes the chilly winter air, it's a signal that the holiday season is just around the corner. Perhaps one of the most beloved traditions of this time of year is putting up Christmas decorations.

From the garlands on your front door to the tiny blinking lights on your tree, there are different types of festive items that can help you create a holiday-inspired atmosphere. While you may have a favorite set of ornaments to use each year, there's nothing quite like adding a few new ones to mix things up.

There’s more to these little baubles than meets the eye. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Christmas decorations of 2024 that you can use on your tree and around your home.

Comparing the Top Christmas Ornaments of 2024

Kockuu Christmas Ornaments  —  Best Overall

Add a little spice to your Christmas tree this year with these Kockuu Christmas Ornaments. Coming to you in a set of 12, these adorable little ornaments are made from soft plastic, so they can withstand the heat from your Christmas tree lights without getting damaged.

Each gingerbread man has cheerful expressions on their face, so they'll light up your home with joy during the holidays. They come with a string so they can be hung on your tree or even used as decorations around the house. Because of their durable construction and easy setup, these Christmas ornaments stand at the top of our list.


  • Each ornament comes with its string
  • Medium-sized ornaments for easy hanging
  • Made from soft, durable plastic
  • Available in a set of 12


  • Paint may fade after a few days

Sea Team Christmas Ornaments  —  Great Value

Tired of the same old Christmas tree ornaments? Want to make your tree stand out? Check out the Sea Team Christmas Ornaments. This set of Christmas ornaments includes stars, candy canes, and other holiday-themed decorations that will add a bit of cheer to your holiday tree. Since they are available in a range of sizes, you can set them up without worrying about the branches drooping or looking out of place. They come in silver, green, and red, so they are perfect for any holiday decorating scheme.

Unlike other flimsy Christmas ornaments, these baubles are made from durable and shatterproof materials, so they'll last you through many Christmases to come. Whether you want to recreate a nautical theme for your holiday party or just want something fun for your kids' tree, this set is sure to add some excitement to your holiday decorating routine.


  • Huge pack for a relatively affordable price
  • Contains a variety of traditional Christmas baubles
  • Made from durable and eco-friendly plastic


  • Size may differ from the image

GuassLee Christmas Ornaments  —  Amazing Variety

Want to transform your home into a winter wonderland? Get your hands on the GuassLee Christmas Ornaments. This set of Christmas ornaments includes 36 hanging snowflakes and each of these snowflakes are covered in glittery goodness that will add a bit of sparkle to your holiday season.

Each snowflake is made out of hard plastic that's pre-punched with holes so they can easily be hung up on any branch or even on your wall. They come in four different sizes, so you can choose which one works best for your home decorating needs.


  • Made of shatterproof plastic
  • Glitter coating for added sparkle
  • Pre-punched hole for easy hanging
  • Comes in a set of 36 snowflakes


  • The glitter might come off pretty quickly

D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Ornaments  —  Most Aesthetic

Whether you're looking for an ornament to bring you luck or something that will give you an extra dash of holiday cheer, these D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Ornaments are sure to do the trick. Coming to you in a set of three, each gnome is made of premium fiber fur and soft felt for a fun and festive look that will make you feel like Santa's workshop is right in your living room.

These gnomes feature a weighted bottom that adds to their stability and prevents them from tipping over when on display. Each gnome is also unique in its appearance and apparel, making them incredibly versatile decorations pieces you could place virtually anywhere in your home. They even come with red strings so you can hang them up on the Christmas tree, your front door, or even the inside of your car window.


  • Come with a detailed hand-stitched hat
  • Feature ready-to-attach red string
  • Made from soft felt fabric


  • Beards aren’t glued securely

SY Super Bang Christmas Ornament  —  Budget-friendly

These SY Super Bang Christmas Ornaments are the perfect way to make a statement this holiday season. These Christmas ornaments come in a set of 30 pieces and each piece features an exquisite star, snowflake, and auspicious cloud patterns that can help jazz up your tree or add some flair to your winter wonderland.

Unlike other Christmas garlands, these ornaments are made from high-quality and fade-resistant plastic, so they will last for a long time. These Christmas ornaments come equipped with a detachable tether so you can string them all together to create an eye-catching display. From Christmas trees to wreaths, these Christmas ornaments will add the perfect amount of sparkle and color to any winter-themed decor.


  • Contains 30 colorful pieces
  • Fade-proof pattern remains intact for years
  • Universal-size ornaments fit on any tree


  • Not very sturdy

Buying Guide: Christmas Ornaments

If you want to make your home the merriest of the block, you should invest in unique and premier quality Christmas ornaments. What makes these ornaments high quality? We’ve put together this thorough buyer’s guide to help you pick the finest Christmas ornaments this holiday season.

History of Christmas Ornaments

The custom of adorning trees or evergreen boughs for Christmas likely dates back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians. The "tree of paradise," adorned to symbolize the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden, was a common topic in early Medieval folk culture. Later on, Christians started using these triangle-shaped trees to represent the Holy Trinity and the rebirth that comes from remembering Christ's birth, death, and resurrection.

Pastry, cookies, and fruit were used to adorn the first European Christmas trees. Next came hand-blown glass decorations and their designs gradually came to represent Christian themes. Entrepreneur F.W. Woolworth had the brilliant idea in the 1880s to bring the first crystal Holiday decorations from Germany to the United States. His legendary five-and-dime store business couldn't have gotten off the ground without the success of this venture.

Those decorations from Woolworths' early days might have only cost a few cents each, but similar ornaments now cost hundreds of dollars. The most expensive Christmas ornament ever was created by a jeweler in the United Kingdom in 2013 that was worth $136,000 because of all the diamonds and rubies that adorned it.

Today's ornaments fill the holiday season with aesthetic value, and emotional gratification, and give a customized and unique touch to every Christmas tree.

Different Types of Christmas Ornaments

Ball ornaments

Manufacturers use metal, glass, or plastic to produce classic Christmas ball ornaments. It might be monotone or multi colors, painted by hand, or created of hand-blown glass. Some people think that their shape, which looks like an apple, resembles the original Christmas ornaments. Sets of ball ornaments may serve as the base for the Christmas tree, which you can then customize with other decorations.

Differently shaped ornaments

These decorations can be bell-shaped, teardrop-shaped, icicle-shaped, or snowflake-shaped; they are often made of glass, plastic, or lightweight metal and are sparkling, transparent, or multicolored. You can find ornaments picturing anything from snowmen and Santa Claus to animals, fruits, flowers, and even renowned landmarks cast in different materials.

DIY ornaments

Wooden ornaments, especially those that have been hand-painted, can give the tree a more natural look. Because wood is resistant to breakage if dropped accidentally or handled roughly, it makes for a forgiving ornament material. You can easily find wood slices that come pre-drilled, making them a convenient alternative for making your own ornaments.

Keepsake ornaments

Many families have a ritual of purchasing a new, unique ornament every year. These trinkets trigger distinct memories, particularly as children grow and get older. Every year, many brands release a new selection of keepsake Ornaments, some of which have become collector's items. Family keepsake decorations may be homemade, inspire memories of a memorable vacation, or be real splurges like Swarovski crystals.

How To Ensure Your Precious Ornament’s Safety

Go high

If you want to protect your fragile and precious ornaments from accidents, it’s better to place them near the top of the tree. If you have pets and kids at home, going as high on your tree as you can is a great idea to ensure your expensive ornaments are out of the reach of little hands and paws.

Snack attack

If you’re using edible items to decorate your Christmas tree, be sure to place them out of your pet’s reach. You might want to skip the edible decorations if your furry friend is a tree climber. You should also keep in mind that mistletoe is toxic to both kids and pets, and tinsel can pose a choking hazard.

Hands off

When getting your home ready for Christmas, you should teach your little ones the rule of “look but don’t touch” to ensure their safety. To add an extra layer of protection, you can also consider having a baby gate if you have toddlers around the house.

Sweep up

After you’re done decorating the tree, you should always check under the tree to look for broken or fallen ornaments. Sweep the broken pieces, leftovers, and debris, and get those ornaments that might have fallen down due to a bump.

Hang it up

If you want to get really creative with your Christmas decorations, you can try hanging your tree upside down. Although it’s an ancient trend, it's now followed to save space.