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Send Holiday Greetings in Style With the Best Christmas Cards

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As the holiday season rolls around, your to-do list can get more complex and never-ending. Decorating your home for the perfect holiday spirit and hunting for the perfect gift for your loved ones alone can take up a lot of your time. You also have to prepare a holiday feast to impress even the pickiest palates and arrange or attend casual get-togethers and parties. Christmas shopping and preparation can feel like a nerve-wracking task and it’s quite easy to forget about sending Christmas greetings to your family and friends.

Whether you prefer sending your wishes by post or using a paperless alternative, choosing the right Christmas card can be difficult. We’ve rated and reviewed some of the finest Christmas cards of 2024 to make sending the season’s greetings a breeze.

Comparing the Top Christmas Cards of 2024

Dessie Modern Christmas Cards  —  Best Overall

If you have to send Christmas cards to all of your friends and family members, these Dessie Modern Christmas Cards are the ideal choice. The most interesting thing about this pack of cards is that you get 100 cards in total with beautifully designed artistic designs with no repetition. These cards have a short and cheerful greeting printed inside, so all you need to do is address the cards and send them.

The cards are made using thick and sturdy material that won’t tear apart easily, and each card comes with an envelope in white or assorted colors. Even though you can seal the envelopes without stickers, the package also includes 100 matching sealing stickers to add festive cheer to your Christmas greetings.


  • Made using thick card stock
  • Come packed in a durable storage box
  • Cheerful illustrations with no repetition
  • All cards have different greetings


  • Envelopes don’t have any glue

Canopy Street Cocoa Christmas Cards  —  Most Appealing

Looking for a special way to send holiday greetings to your loved ones? Look no further than the Canopy Street Cocoa Christmas Cards. Constructed with premium quality material, these cards also make a perfect keepsake item to cherish memories year after year. What’s even more interesting is that you get 25 cards of the same design, so you don’t have to worry about picking out a card for each person.

Even though these cards are shipped flat, you can easily fold them in half to give the traditional card-like shape. You also get matching white envelopes that you can personalize with heartfelt notes to spread a smile on the recipient’s face.


  • Unique hot chocolate marshmallow design
  • Easy to fold and customize
  • Come with blank envelopes


  • Envelopes are pretty flimsy

Baby Nest Designs Christmas Cards  —  Most Notable

The Baby Nest Designs Christmas Cards are beautifully crafted cards that bring the spirit of the holidays to your home. Available in different packs to choose from, these festive greeting cards come with 36 cards in six different designs with a linen texture. Plus, each card measures 4x6 inches and comes with matching white envelopes with a pattern inside. Additionally, the set even includes cute envelope adhesive stickers that are perfect for adding a touch of festive flair to your cards.

Designed in America, each card is 300gsm European cardstock with a crisp white background. You can write perfectly on them with any pen, including ballpoint, watercolor, fine-tip gel pens, special inks, and pencils. And thanks to the thickness of the cards, you won't have to worry about ink bleeding or smudging!


  • Affordable price
  • Variety of card designs and envelope patterns
  • Cute sealing sticker included


  • Only two envelope pattern designs available

Bargain Paradise Christmas Cards  —  Unique Designs

If you want to spread some holiday cheer, these Bargain Paradise Christmas Cards are the ideal choice. Made from premium quality card stock, these cards are durable enough to withstand potential damage in the delivery system. Each pack contains 48 cards, which is just enough for everyone on your Christmas list. Each card also comes with an envelope, so you can just write your name or a personalized wish and send them right away.

These cards have a gold foil theme and are professionally made with crisp and clear details without any smudges. You can easily fold each card evenly after writing your thoughts and messages on the blank space inside. The envelopes come with glue, making it extremely easy to close in just a few seconds.


  • Thick envelopes won’t crumble easily
  • Unique and fancy designs
  • Hassle-free 30 day return policy


  • Doesn’t come with pre-written messages

Papyrus Holiday Christmas Cards  —  Affordable Pick

There’s just something about hand-drawn cards that intrigues many buyers, and if you’re one of those, the Papyrus Holiday Christmas Cards are just for you. The pack contains 14 cards in attractive design cards that are bound to evoke emotions in the recipients and take them down memory lane. Apart from the design, the cards are made from incredibly heavy-duty matte card stock that doesn’t fade, even in extreme conditions.

The painted winter trees with glitter detailing make these cards the merriest of them all. You can also get this card in snowflakes or other Christmas themes to spread joy and happiness this holiday season.


  • Hand-drawn cards with pre-written message
  • Comes with customizable envelope
  • Pack contains a total of 14 cards
  • Made from sturdy matte card stock


  • Glitter detailing can create a mess

Hallmark Boxed Christmas Cards  —  Most Classic

These Hallmark Boxed Christmas Cards are an amazing choice to celebrate the holiday season. Made from thick and high-quality paper, these Christmas cards feature four striking illustrations of Seuss’ Grinch, and you get six cards of each illustration to wish “Merry Christmas” to your loved ones in style. On the inside of these cards, you’ll find a heartfelt message written in high-quality typography. Each card comes with envelopes, allowing you to send them right away.

You can use these cards to send beautiful wishes to your friends and family and also use them as a part of your holiday decorations as a keepsake item to remember the true spirit of the festivity. Because of their top-notch paper quality and beautiful design, these Christmas cards are unquestionably the top choice on this list.


  • Made with paper from well-managed forests
  • Enough space for personalized messages
  • Have pre-written, heartfelt wishes


  • Cards may feel a bit flimsy

Buying Guide: Christmas Cards

Sending cards during Christmas and Thanksgiving is an integral part of the holiday season. Even though it seems that all you need is to go to a store or online marketplace and get a pack of Christmas cards, it can actually be a difficult choice because choosing the right design for your dearest ones takes a lot of time and effort. We’ve curated this detailed buying guide to help you choose the perfect Christmas cards for your friends and family.

What To Consider When Purchasing Christmas Cards

Theme and style

While all Christmas cards have almost the same style, you need to choose the right style that suits the recipient. If you’re sending a Christmas card to your employer, colleague, or client, you can’t send a humorous one.

Besides the wide range of options available on the market, you can make your own card design via software and print it onto a plain card. You can efficiently choose a theme and style that truly expresses your taste and personality.

If you want to go for a particular theme, you can choose a pack of Christmas cards with a similar design and send them to all your loved ones. Themes can vary widely, from Christmas ornaments printed on them to the ones depicting family and love. Some are elegant while others are whimsical.


Because most people overspend on Christmas shopping, you should always set a budget and browse the options that fall in the same price category. If you are tight on the budget, you should get a multi-pack, because the cost per card reduces significantly when you buy in bulk. If you want to send Christmas cards only to your close family members and special friends, you can splurge on some expensive cards. When you’re purchasing Christmas cards for almost all the people you know, it’s better to stick to cheap but high-quality cards.

Be careful not to overpay for your Christmas cards, and always look for customer reviews to get an idea of the paper and printing quality. If you have a crafty hand, you can also DIY your card designs and print them on plain cards to save a few bucks.

Paper quality

Christmas greeting cards are printed on cardstock or paper and the difference in their quality mainly lies in the type of paper used. Certain types of paper are more malleable and are used to make high-end and stylish cards, while other types of paper are more durable and can withstand the abuse of postage, making them an ideal choice to send overseas.

If you’re planning to print your own Christmas cards, you should know about the different types of paper. You should always choose a paper that’s compatible with your printing needs and won’t blot when you print on them with the desired ink type. Don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks on high-quality paper to avoid smudging and color bleeding.

Photo cards

Want to go overboard with your Christmas greeting cards? You can get ones that include a photo. The photo you decide to put on the card is a matter of personal preference and depends on the recipient as well. If you’re sending a card to a family member, you can include a family photo to transform your cards into keepsake items.

When sending greeting cards to your colleagues or friends, you can choose a photo that truly depicts the holiday spirit. You can also be creative and use specific photos for certain purposes such as humor.

Digital or paper card

With technological advancements, we’re continuously moving away from tangible products, and the same holds true for Christmas greeting cards. Environment-conscious people are turning to digital cards and prefer sending wishes online. Many people prefer sticking to the traditional methods of sending greetings, and some even turn their regular paper cards into keepsake items to make a family album.

While choosing between these two options, you should know if the recipient is tech-savvy and will receive digital cards easily or not. Even though sending digital cards is much more convenient, most people prefer sending and receiving paper cards.