Reach New Heights with the Best Platforms

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Elevate your look and make a statement with a new pair of platform shoes! Platform shoes come in a range of colors and designs, so there is a platform to suit everyone. They are also made from a variety of materials, so if you are an eco-conscious vegan, you can still enjoy the retro style a platform has to offer.

Platforms are not just relegated to the discos of the 70s but can be worn daily, whether you’re going to the office or on a hot date. If you are a little concerned about how to pull off a pair of platforms, fear not! Later in this article, we will discuss the most popular ways to wear platforms currently. We will also give you some great advice on how to choose a top-quality platform.

But first, we have compiled a list of the top platforms in 2022, so check out our fabulous selection below!

Detailing the Leading Platforms of 2022

Dr. Martens  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • Made from real leather
  • Rubber sole with excellent grip
  • Use either zip or laces
  • Scripted heel hoop

Dr. Martens is a classic shoe brand that is renowned all over the world. They make the kind of boots that last you a lifetime and still look like new. This particular boot is made from 100% leather with a rubber sole that is highly textured, creating excellent grip in all weather.

The ingenious design allows you to choose between two types of closures. Use the zip closure by completely removing the laces, or use the laces and disregard the zip. The leather itself has a textured look, known as pebbled leather, so you can instantly tell it is a real hide. Plus, the useful scripted heel hoop lets you easily pull on the boot.

CELNEPHO  —  Runner-Up

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Key Features

  • Long zip closure
  • Made from PU
  • Thick rubber sole with excellent grip
  • Faux fur lined

These boots will bring a little bit of attitude to any outfit. Made from black PU with a thick rubber sole, these boots are fastened using a long zip that runs from the calf to the ankle, making them easy to get on and off.

The non-slip sole has an excellent grip and is a safer alternative to heeled shoes on a date or night out. Plus, these boots are perfect for winter, thanks to their cozy faux fur lining, which is also extremely comfortable. So much so, you’ll wonder why you never tried wedges before.

If you want to feel the empowerment of heels with an equal amount of practicality, this might be the perfect wedge boot for you.

Naturalizer  —  Contender

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Key Features

  • Available in several colors
  • Available made from leather or fabric
  • Subtle platform with long heel
  • Sandal design with velcro fastening

If you are looking for a slight and subtle platform, you may prefer these beautiful sandals. The wedge is large enough to take some of the pressure away from the balls of your feet, while still being able to enjoy wearing a pair of heels. Plus, the wedge itself is subtle enough for it to look like a regular pair of high-heeled sandals.

These sandals are an excellent option for summer evenings when you want to make a good impression. Three of the designs are made from leather and these are available in taupe, black, or soft silver, while the other design is made from fabric to create an almost denim-like look.

Superga  —  Honorable Mention

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Key Features

  • Made from cotton
  • Has a shoelace closure
  • Available in several colors
  • Completely flat platform with no heel

Someone added a platform to the most casual style of shoe to give it some style and we are in love with the idea. If you are normally a sneakers kind of girl, why not try these fabulous platform sneakers?

They are made from cotton with a thick rubber sole and are extremely comfortable, with the outsole featuring a pebbled texture for a slight grip. Like a regular sneaker, they have a lace fastening, and one of the designs has beautiful metallic rose lace holes.

These platforms are well made and durable, and you will feel comfortable wearing them every day if you so choose. They are available in black, white, grey, or navy, so there is sure to be one you love.

Cape Robin  —  Also Consider

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Key Features

  • Made from rubber
  • Comfortable contoured footbed
  • Ventilated eyelet holes
  • Slingback closure strap

Do you want to catch everyone’s eye with a unique and bold style? If so, you should consider purchasing these platform clogs. These are similar to the brand crocs and just as comfortable. The footbed contours perfectly to your feet, and the springiness of the rubber will make you feel like you are walking on clouds.

The color choice is eclectic, ranging from funky tie-dye or fluorescent green to black, blue, or white. The round toe is extremely comfortable and allows room for your toes to move. The ventilated holes let your skin breathe, while the slingback strap closure holds the shoe in place comfortably.

Plus, this pair of platforms is generous, with only a slight heel, so you can wear it comfortably all day long.

How to Find a High-Quality Pair of Platforms: A Buyer's Guide

Things to consider before purchasing platforms and how to wear them right!

Now that you’ve seen our fabulous selection of platform shoes and boots, you might want some advice on what to wear them with and how to choose the pair of platforms that will match your style and needs. Continue reading to take full advantage of our knowledgeable advice.

Hidden platform shoe

Hidden platform shoes are made in a way where the upper material covers some of the platform, giving the illusion you are wearing a regular heel. This type of platform is an excellent option if you prefer the look of a regular heel but you want to take advantage of the comfort of a platform.

How to wear a hidden platform shoe

Because a hidden platform shoe can look like a variety of different types of heels and boots, you should consider wearing the clothes with the type of heel it looks like or the type of shoe it is. For example, a stiletto can be worn with a suit or an evening dress, whereas a knee-high boot might look better over jeans or with a skirt.

Cork platforms and sandal platforms

Cork platforms are often paired with fabrics to create a sandal. They are comfortable and come in a variety of heights and heel heights. 

How to wear cork platforms or sandal platforms

Cork platforms should be worn specifically in the summer months and they look fantastic with Grecian-style dresses of any length. You can also pair them with flare jeans if you prefer to cover your legs. You should avoid wearing skinny jeans, though, as the lighter color of the cork will make them look too clunky.

Flatforms (flat platform shoes)

Flatforms have no heel and are purely platform. This type of platform is often paired with more casual-looking shoes, such as sneakers or sandals. They are also sometimes used as smart and practical work shoes.

How to wear flatforms

Flatform sneakers can be worn with anything you would usually wear sneakers with. However, flatforms will elevate your look, so consider bolder makeup and accessories to take advantage of that added confidence.

Platform heels

Platform heels reduce some of the pressure on the forefoot and arch of your foot, while still having a long heel. Wearing a platform heel will feel like you are wearing much less heel than you are, while still looking glamorous enough for a work night out or a date.

How to wear platform heels

We love pairing platform heels with playsuits or jumpsuits. For a more smart, casual look, you could pair them with some skinny jeans. This type of shoe looks great with a small clutch bag and chunky jewelry.

Platform boots

There are a wide variety of platform boots on the market. You can get an ankle-to-thigh pair with varying amounts of platform or heel, or just an ankle-high pair. Boots can also be faux fur-lined and are particularly good for everyday use in the winter. 

How to wear platform boots

We recommend wearing platform boots over skinny jeans. However, if you want an alternative look, we recommend wearing your platform boots with patterned or fishnet tights and a plaid, punky, or gothic skirt.

More things to consider about platforms

Hopefully, by now you’ve decided on the type of platform shoe or boot you would prefer. With that type in mind, here are several things you should consider so you purchase the highest quality and most comfortable shoe.

Materials used

The materials used for shoes vary greatly. Some materials used in shoe manufacture include:

  • Leather: Leather is a durable and breathable material, which has been used to make shoes for thousands of years. Purchasing a platform shoe made from leather ensures your shoe will last for years to come. Different types of leather have different textures and patterns. Leather boots are often made from cowhide but many other animals are also used in leather production. If you simply like the look of leather, many types of shoes available are made using synthetic materials such as PU, rubber, or plastic. Some new leathers are being made regularly, including leaf leather, that you might want to research.
  • Cotton: Cotton is often used in casual-looking platforms like sneakers and sandals. Cotton is not as durable as leather, but it is much more breathable and better for warmer weather. The important thing to look for when choosing shoes made from cotton is the thickness, flexibility, and quality of the stitching used on the shoe.
  • Rubber: Rubber is often used for the sole of a shoe, however, you can also find entire shoes made from rubber. You will find clogs and other more eccentric types of platform shoes made from this material.

Grip on outsole

No matter the style of shoe, you should opt for a shoe with some traction on the outsole. Even if you plan to sit at your desk all day, you never know what may arise that requires you to walk somewhere. Good gripping shoes or boots do not sacrifice anything in style and only add to the practicality of the shoe.

Closure type

The main two closure types are zips and laces, but you may prefer a platform that uses a strap buckle, velcro, or simply slips on. 


When purchasing a pair of shoes online, ensure the shoe runs true to size. A size five with one brand might be a little larger than a size five from another brand. Make sure to check the measurements and not just the sizes, and also take a look at the customer reviews, as people might mention the sizing.

Customer reviews

Ensure you read plenty of customer reviews. This will let you know information such as how comfortable or durable the shoe is. Customer reviews may also give you some idea about how good the customer service is within a company. Choose a pair of platforms with good customer review ratings.