Get Comfy and Stylish with the Best Women’s Flats

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Flats are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. Move over heels; flat shoes are winning the style race! With so many beautiful designs to choose from, you can find a pair of flats for every occasion. 

Are you getting married? Wear comfortable flat whites. Are you going on a date? Wear sparkly flats that show off your painted toes. Work in a restaurant? Well, your comfortable black work shoes don’t need to be boring. With a bit of research, you will find a pair of shoes that fit the criteria laid out by your employer and find a pair of shoes that shows your personality.

If you don’t know where to begin your search for the top women’s flats, don’t despair. We’ve got you covered! Later in this article, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing the perfect pair of women’s flats. 

First, though, check out our list of the top women’s flats in 2022 below. We love our selection, and we’re sure you will, too.

Detailing the Leading Women's Flats of 2022

Amazon Essentials Flats  —  Best Overall

women's flats review

Key Features

  • Available in various materials
  • Available in various colors
  • Available with different patterns
  • Vegan friendly and comfortable

These shoes are available in several colors, including black, gold, silver, navy, wine, tan, beige, pink, rose gold, camel, charcoal, dark green, gunmetal, nude, light blue, light pink, periwinkle, red, and royal blue.

These flats are also available in a variety of patterns and textures. You may like the traditional-looking faux leather shoes, faux patent leather shoes, faux microsuede, or cotton. These shoes are even vegan-friendly and made from 100% synthetic materials.

Some of the patterns available include leopard, gingham, and snakeskin. With so many styles to choose from, we believe there is something in this selection for everyone. In addition, the round toe shape and elasticated topline make these women’s flats extremely comfortable to wear

Skechers Flats  —  Runner-Up

Key Features

  • Available in many colors
  • Leopard print inside the shoe
  • Flexible rubber sole with excellent grip
  • Memory foam insoles

These comfortable flats are available in many colors, including dark red, black, taupe, dark navy, white, charcoal, navy, light grey, dark grey, olive, red, light pink, royal blue, mint, black and hot pink, white, blush, hot pink, aqua, light blue, natural, pink, and navy.

Some designs have multicolored seams that add a splash of vibrant color to your look. The inside of the shoe has a soft leopard print material that makes these shoes feel soft and comfortable. Although most sole designs are colored black, some of the shoes have contrasting soles.

These flats have an excellent grip on the underside made from durable, flexible, and waterproof rubber. In addition, the memory foam insoles will make you feel as though you are walking on air!

TOMS Flats  —  Contender

women's flats review

Key Features

  • A pair of shoes goes to a child in need when you purchase a pair of TOMS
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and designs
  • Waterproof sole with good grip
  • Different designs inside the shoe

These casual slip-on flats come in various colors, including black, bright fuchsia, green, light orange, red, yellow, and different shades of blue. One of the things we love most about this product is the patterned material inside the shoe with colored stripes, black stripes, or different colored lions.

If you are looking for a pair of flats for particularly hot weather, these shoes are available with a crocheted upper material. Plus, the sole of these shoes is made from textured rubber for excellent grip and flexibility.

This company provides a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair of shoes is bought. So you can look fabulous, feel comfortable, and know you’ve spent your money conscientiously.

DREAM PAIRS Flats  —  Honorable Mention

Key Features

  • Slightly wedged shoes
  • Ankle strap with zip fastening
  • Available in several colors and designs
  • Flexible rubber sole

These flat shoes have an ankle strap that looks a little more sophisticated than the average flat. The strap also helps secure your flats more securely to your feet. There is a tiny heel, so they are not entirely flat but near enough that we still think they’re worth mentioning. 

The Dreams Pairs Amiga Women’s Low Wedge Flats come in various colors, including black, silver, navy, nude, red, white, gold, royal blue, and yellow. The shoes are also available in a floral design, with a slight sheen, or with glitter.

The cushioned footbed ensures you will be the most comfortable you can be on a date or at the office. In addition, the rubber sole is flexible and durable, making these shoes an excellent option for anyone who wants to get the perfect balance between practical and fashionable.

Lucky Brand Flats  —  Also Consider

Key Features

  • Secure visible stitching 
  • Made from real leather
  • Rubber flexible and durable sole with good grip
  • Memory foam innersole

If you are looking for a high-quality genuine leather ballet shoe, you should consider buying Lucky Brand Women’s Ballet Flat. These shoes have visibly secure stitching that adds to their style. In addition, the sole is made from sturdy synthetic material with a good grip.

The stretchy topline and memory foam innersole offer exceptional comfort. If you want a shoe with a classic style that will last you years to come, this might be the flat shoe for you.

The color of this shoe is a beautiful caramel brown reminiscent of a 1930s archaeologist’s accessories. The only question left is: What adventures will you undertake in these classy ballet flats?

Buyer's Guide: Find The Perfect Pair of Women's Flats

Things to Consider When Choosing Women’s Flats

To choose the right pair of women’s flat shoes, consider the following factors and features.


The color of your shoes depends on several factors. First, how many pairs of shoes do you own or want to own? If you only want to own a few pairs of shoes, it is wise to buy a pair that is a neutral color that will go with the majority of the outfits you own.

The colors that mostly go with the majority of outfits are black, brown, or navy blue. If you are looking for a smart pair of flat shoes for workwear, you will benefit from buying black shoes.  Brown and navy blue shoes look great with a pair of jeans.

If you want to own several shoes and are looking for something comfortable yet colorful, some bright and bold color options are available in flat shoes. Try and match your shoes to your bag and scarves if you can. Have you ever owned a pair of red shoes? They may make you feel more beautiful and more confident.

Toe shape

Flat shoes can have rounded toes, square toes, or pointed toes. You may think that a pair of flat shoes is automatically comfortable. However, if the pair of flat shoes is making your toes bend and constrict in ways that are not natural, you may find you start to suffer from foot pain throughout the day.

The front of the shoe is called the toe box because, as the name suggests, it is a space for your toes. An ill-designed and uncomfortable toe box is not worth any amount of money you will save by buying a cheap pair of shoes.


Most “flat” shoes are not entirely flat. It is not recommended that you wear completely flat shoes all the time. This can be bad for you and cause a condition known as flat feet. The process of flattening the feet is a painful experience, and once it begins, it cannot be undone.

With that being said, wearing completely flat shoes occasionally or just around the office won’t make too much of a difference. However, if you choose to wear flat shoes most of the time, make sure you regularly stretch and massage your feet to counteract the adverse effects of doing so.


Many flat shoes don’t have much grip, but it is worth spending a little more time looking for ones that do. The weather can be temperamental. You may arrive at the office in blazing sunshine, and by the time you leave, the pavement might be wet and slippery.

Be prepared. Choose flats with a decent grip, or carry a spare pair of shoes you can change into that have a better grip. You never know when you will need to run for a bus or simply use the stairs instead of the elevator.


When choosing flats, consider the material used to make them. You can buy flats that look like they are made from cotton or linen. You could purchase leather or fake leather flats. You may prefer buying flats made from velvet material. Whatever you can imagine, you will probably find a pair of flats that suits what you have thought of.

Look for material that is breathable in the summer, such as linen or cotton. You can also buy almost-flat crocs that are made from a rubber material (we think these might be the comfiest shoe in the world!). If you live in a rainy climate, make sure to choose a waterproof material.


When choosing a pair of flats, look at the stitching and ensure there are no loose seams, tears, or gaps. Most of the stitching should be out of view unless it is a stylistic choice to show it. If you can see the stitching, make sure the shoe is at least double stitched. This is to ensure the shoes are durable.


The innersole of flats can be padded, and you may prefer this. However, if you enjoy wearing thick socks with your flats, you will probably prefer a pair with a thin inner sole. Alternatively, if you find a pair of shoes you love, but the innersole seems a little thin and uncomfortable, you can buy an innersole separately and insert or remove it if and when you need it.

Ensure the innersole in the shoe is glued down properly. If it starts to fold under your foot, you may develop blisters.


There are several types of flat shoes. These include espadrilles, slide sandals, gladiator sandals, flip flop sandals, derby shoes, loafers, ballet flats, mules, canvas sneakers, and Mary Jane flats.


When purchasing a pair of shoes, try them on beforehand if possible. If you cannot try them on, follow the sizing guide because there are sometimes differences between brands.

How We Chose Our Selection of Women’s Flats

To choose the best women’s flats, we considered the shoe’s style, comfort, and durability. We also read many customer reviews and only recommended products that have a majority of positive reviews. We also only recommended flats we believed were a good bang for your buck and products that we’d be happy to buy ourselves.

Women’s Flats Price Range

Women’s flats can cost from as little as $5 to as much as $400. Flats on the higher end of this range will often have a famous brand name attached to them. That does not mean the product is of better quality, however than something at a much lower price.