Your Summer Wardrobe is Not Complete Without a Pair of Flip Flops

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Summer is just around the corner and it may be time to start taking inventory of your current warm weather shoe situation. Specifically, the state of some of your favorite flip-flop sandals. If it has been a while since you have looked them over, or maybe want to check out some options, continue reading below.

We have found a few great pairs of flip-flops that will make great additions to any wardrobe. Featuring some great OG brands, these options are made to get you through the warmer weather months or vacation (whichever comes first) with comfort and some style.

Our options include some extremely cushiony pairs that are optimal for all-day wear, a pair of yoga-centric flops that are so squishy soft, and lightweight you may never want to remove them, and a pair with amazing arch support which can help alleviate foot pain or pressure.

The Top Flip Flops For Women Compared

Kuailu Flip Flops  —  Best Overall

This number one new release in flip flops will be a godsend for those who require a more supportive flip flop. These are designed with a wider strap which gives the slippers a more sporty vibe while their thick, cushioned sole provides fantastic arch support. Lastly, the contoured arch and orthotic-like padding can help relieve pressure and pain caused by foot problems while making them comfortable for all-day wear.


  • These flip-flops will feel like you are walking on a cloud


  • Some of the smaller sizes are not available in half sizes

Roxy Vista Flip Flop  —  Runner Up

This classic surf brand has created its version of the classic, water-friendly flip flop. These beach sandals sport a contorted, molded footbed for comfort and have a rubber outsole for grip.


  • These shoes are available in 18 different color options


  • The logo on the bottom of the sandal may rub off after numerous wears

Reef Ginger Sandals  —  Honorable Mention

Another classic option is these flip-flops that will have you traveling in comfort wherever you may go. These classically designed sandals are made with compression molded triple density construction, are water-friendly, and have a durable rubber sole. A soft woven strap won’t cut into your foot and, with these sandals, there is no break-in period so you can wear them as soon as you get them.


  • These flip flops are built with anatomical arch support for comfort


  • There are no half sizes available

Teva Mush II Flip Flop  —  Sassiest Option

One of the superstars of the OG sport sandal has also created these basic flip-flops. They have a foot-forming top sole that cushions and forms to the foot for amazing comfort while a lightweight foam outsole keeps you light on your feet.


  • These flipflops are made from 100% recycled plastic


  • There are minimal color options available

Sanuk Flipflop  —  Editor's Pick

These are another great beach sandal that will easily take you anywhere you want to go. They are called yoga sandals because they have a comfortable, squishy footbed plus soft, barely-there straps with soft jersey lining. Their slim profile footbeds are made out of real yoga mat material making them easy to wear before, during, and after any yoga class or for a day at the beach.


  • These have a slimmer profile


  • These should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time

Havaianas Slip Flip Flop  —  Also Consider

Another great flip-flop option is these OG ones that go with everything and anything. They have a full rubber sole with a slight 1/2 inch platform, are long-lasting, and are perfect for daily wear. These sandals also have a lightweight feel and their non-slip tread provides traction to ensure no slipping.


  • These sandals come in endless color options


  • They may not be very supportive to the foot

Buying Guide: Flip Flops For Women

Flip flops are an essential item if you are going to the beach or want a comfortable type of footwear to wear around your home or in the garden. They are easy to get on and off, which makes them perfect for relaxing by the pool. If you’d like to know more about the top flip flops for women in 2022, check out the buying guide below.

Within this guide, we’ll be running through some of the key things you should keep in mind when choosing a pair of flip flops. These include:

  • Things you should think about before choosing a pair of flip flops
  • Benefits of flip flops
  • How we choose the top flip flops
  • Frequently asked questions about flip flops

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Pair of Flip Flops

There are numerous things you should consider before buying your next pair of flip flops, such as:

Shoe size

Think about your shoe size before buying your flip flops. While you may know how big your feet are and what shoes to buy, you may need to buy flip flops in a size bigger as your feet can expand in hotter weather.


Flip flops are made with various materials. IF you are looking to maximize durability and visual appeal, consider a pair of leather flip flops. A good pair of leather flip flops will reduce the chance of blisters and generally last longer than foam or plastic flip flops.

Heel or wedge

Pro tip: choose a pair of flip flops with a heel or wedge. This type of flip flop will be better for your feet, offering more support so your feet are not flat on the ground.

T bar

Consider whether you want a pair of flip flops with a T bar. Many people prefer these types of flip flops because they allow their feet to grip the footwear easily. However, some people find a T bar to be quite uncomfortable.


We also recommend choosing a pair of flip flops with a wide stripe as they will keep the flip flop from sliding around. In turn, you’ll need to grip the flip flop less with your feet and be able to walk comfortably.


Whether you prefer to keep things simple or go completely mental with your poolside footwear, there are so many colors and designs to choose from. If you want our advice (you’re reading this buying guide, so you probably do want to hear what we have to say), choose a pair of flip flops that match your swimming costume or holiday attire. You’ll feel less self-conscious and look like the classiest lady around the pool.

Customer reviews

The customer is always right… which is why they like to leave their reviews (good or bad) on any item they buy online - flip flops included. If you’d like to get some idea of the general consensus about a particular pair of flip flops, check out some customer reviews. This will give you some idea of whether or not those flip-flops are worth your money.

Luckily, all the items recommended above received favorable reviews from a large proportion of people.

Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops

There are several benefits to wearing flip flops. These include:

Let your feet breathe at the beach

One of the best reasons to wear flip flops is that they let your feet breathe. Nobody wants smelly, sweaty feet, especially on a hot day. Flip flops will ensure your feet get enough air and won’t get too sweaty when the sun is out. As such, they are the perfect type of footwear for holiday goers.

Keep you safe by the pool

If you are on holiday and want to grab a drink at the poolside bar, we strongly advise wearing flip flops. You’ll be less likely to slip on the pool deck, injure yourself, or (heaven forbid) spill your drink on the way back to your sun lounger. Flip flops will also prevent you from catching certain foot-related diseases or infections (such as verrucas or athlete’s foot) in shared public areas.

How We Choose the Top Flip Flops

We consider many things before including a pair of flip flops in our recommendations. These include:

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Value for money
  • General customer reviews
  • Materials used to make the flip flop

Rest assured, we’ll only ever recommend a pair of flip flops that we’d pack in our suitcase for our own vacation.