The Best Women’s Platform Sandals For Timeless Footwear Fashion

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Platform sandals are always a treat to see. Platform footwear was first invented in the 1930s where they first saw somewhat regular use. It wasn’t until the 60s to 80s, however, when they really began to rise in popularity.

Platform sandals, shoes, and heels were iconic back in the day, and even now, many outlets and brands manufacture beautiful platform sandals for anyone to purchase. Women’s platform sandals are great to wear no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Platform sandals are slightly different from other platform footwear, as they aren’t as casual as platform shoes but aren’t as “luxurious” per se as platform heels. Platform sandals meet that sweet spot in the middle, however, and if you want something that you can wear in many different semi-casual outings, then platform sandals are the way to go.

We’ve picked some of the top platform sandals of 2024 to choose from, so read on and find out what we’ve got in store for you.

Reviewing the Leading Women's Platform Sandal of 2024 in Detail

Lemon Jelly Womens Platform Sandal  —  Best Overall

Key Features

  • Soft, comfortable
  • Great for the beach
  • Casual and stylish

The Lemon Jelly Women's Platform Sandal offers a stylish and comfortable option for beach and casual wear. Made with PETA-approved vegan uppers in a single band slide style, these sandals are perfect for those wanting comfortable and ethical footwear. The squishy, memory foam footbeds provide excellent cushioning, while the platform midsole and wedge heel offer plenty of arch support. 

The synthetic traction outsole provides plenty of grip and stability, meaning these sandals are sure to keep your feet firmly planted when you're on the go. All in all, the Lemon Jelly Women's Platform Sandals are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cute and comfortable wedge sandal for summer. These best overall sandals are lightweight, versatile, and water-friendly, making them perfect for both beach days and casual wear.

getmorebeauty Wedge  —  Best Design

women’s platform sandals review

Key Features

  • Adorned with pearls
  • 4” heels
  • 2.5” platform
  • Synthetic

This second pair of sandals is a beautiful mix between wedge and platform sandals. It’s got a fabulous array of colors that run through the side of the wedge, giving it a very playful sort of vibe. The sandals also have pearls that wrap around above your ankle and give it a little more color. The wedge itself is beautifully designed, with just enough space at the bottom for it to count as a platform sandal, too.

These sandals are 100% synthetic, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of cruelty that may have happened in order to make the sandals. The platform itself measures around 2.5” and the heel around 4”. The decorative nature of this pair of sandals makes it great for family gatherings or a trip to a local cafe, among other things. There are also plenty of color options for the synthetic leather that wraps around your foot, though the color of the wedge itself stays largely the same.

DREAM PAIRS Wedge  —  Most Modern

women’s platform sandals review

Key Features

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Elastic strap
  • Modern design
  • Comfortable

This next pair of sandals is a great example of a modern take on a classic design. The first thing you’ll notice with these sandals is that they have modern colors, such as grey and white. Sure, there’s a somewhat leather brown color in the sole, but that’s mainly for comfort, and you’re barely going to see it anyways. The rest of the sandal, however, looks very, very modern, and is the perfect fit for modern minimal wear if you want to wear that when going out.

Grey isn’t the only available color, either. There is yellow, red, navy, pink, and many more colors as options if you don’t prefer the dull nature of grey. Adhering to the simplicity of modern design, this pair of sandals can easily be slipped on and off whenever the wearer wants due to the elastic and stretchy strap. You’ll be able to put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds.

CUSHIONAIRE Mandy Cork Wedge  —  Best Sole

women’s platform sandals review

Key Features

  • Cork sole
  • Rope midsole
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable to wear

Cork soles are always interesting to see in footwear, and on this pair of sandals, it makes a lot of sense. Cork soles are surprisingly soft, and they can give you a comfortable fit if the sandal is the right size. You’ll be covered in heel to toe with a fuzzy and comfortable sole that’s great to wear over long periods of time. But that’s not the only benefit the cork sole is bringing to the sandal: its color and design match very well, too.

Take a look at the platform or wedge beneath the sole. It’s got a beautiful rope design that gives it a very down-to-earth vibe. Combined with the similar color and texture of the sole, you’ve got a pair of sandals that look great when worn with anything resembling earth colors. The sandals are slip-on, so you’ll find them very easy to wear and take off, too.

Steve Madden Wedge  —  Most Color Options

women’s platform sandals review

Key Features

  • Clean design
  • Plenty of color options
  • Exotic designs available
  • Synthetic

This pair of sandals is similar to the previous one in the sense that they look quite similar, at least in the sole area. The sole resembles that of a cork sole, and the midsole uses a rope pattern as well, so if you liked that combination earlier, then you’ll find it here, too. What makes this pair of sandals different, however, is the number of color options you have available.

Want something that matches the earth colors? There’s blush, tan, and a few others. Want something more modern? You’ve got white, blue, or teal, to name just a few. Looking for something exotic? Try leopard or blue snake patterns (synthetic, of course). No matter what style you want to rock, there’s an option available for you with these platform sandals.

Soda Open Toe Sandals  —  Best Neutral Color

women’s platform sandals review

Key Features

  • Plenty of options
  • 100% vegan
  • Open-toe design
  • Great for daily use

This last pair of sandals is slightly less revealing than the others despite being labeled “open toe.” “Open toe” sandals are footwear that keeps the toes visible while hiding a good amount of skin right behind them. This is great if you love showing off your toenails while also keeping your feet a little more concealed. Of course, if you’re wearing sandals, you’re going to be exposing skin anyways, but if you want to do it in moderation, at least there’s an option for you.

The sandals are 100% vegan, so you don’t have to worry about anything related to animals on that front. The design of the sandals makes them great for everyday wear. Plus, there are also over 20 different options to choose from, so if you like what you see, you can order more than one and have some variety in your footwear collection.

How to Find the Right Women's Platform Sandal: A Buyer’s Guide

Platform sandals look great when paired with the right type of clothing. Here’s what you should know about these stunning pieces of footwear.

What is a Platform Sandal?

A woman’s platform sandal is a type of sandal worn by women that are known for having an elevated heel and sole. This is different from wedge sandals, wherein only the heel is elevated while the sole remains leveled. Platform sandals can vary in size, shape, and color, but as long as both the heel and the sole are elevated, then it’s a platform sandal.

Why is it Important to Have a Women's Platform Sandal?

It adds variety to your looks

Fashion is something that requires quite a bit of clothing and footwear to really keep things interesting. If you have the same pair of shoes or sandals for everything you wear, it’ll look stale, and you won’t be able to stand out as much as you’d like.

With platform heels, however, you can switch up your looks even further. Use other types of sandals when not wearing your platforms, and you’ll be able to mix and match with your current wardrobe for even more varied looks.

It makes you look taller

Platform shoes are essentially heels in the sense that they make you taller. However, you don’t just look taller, but you also feel taller. Instead of holding up your feet with a thin and long heel, you’ll feel a lot higher up when your entire shoe is basically lifted above ground by an inch or two.

It’s also worth pointing out that platform sandals are slightly easier to use, as you aren’t bending your feet like you would with regular heels.

You get to show off your toenails

If you just recently got your toenails done, then you may want to show off those nails. With platformer sandals, not only do you get to expose your nails to the world, but you also get to do so at a higher elevation thanks to the elevated heel and sole. This also means that the toenails are closer to a person’s view, so they can bask in the beauty of your well-done toenails.

Things to Consider When Buying a Women's Platform Sandal

Remember these tips when picking a platform sandal.


This is the most important thing you should always consider when buying platform sandals, or any sort of footwear for that matter. The size determines if you’re able to comfortably wear your sandals or not. If it’s too large, then you’ll have trouble walking in them properly, and if they’re too small, you won’t even be able to wear them at all.

When picking the right size, it’s always best to pick the same size as the footwear you’re currently wearing, as that’s the best point of reference. Do note, however, that the footwear you already own may be loosened after months or years of use, so they may be larger than they were back when you first bought them. This may give you a false idea of the ideal size for your sandals.

When in doubt, always pick one size larger. And if you’re not sure about the size of your current footwear, it’s best to measure your size in the afternoon, as your feet will be larger than they were in the morning by then. This should give you just the right amount of room for your feet any time of the day.

Finally, a gentle reminder: don’t forget that sizes vary based on the measurement system. So, if your foot size is size 5 US, don’t look for size 5 UK sandals. You probably already knew this, but it was worth mentioning nonetheless.


You’re wearing platform sandals to stand out, so you’ve got to make sure you pick a design that suits you. There are all sorts of platform sandals these days, with some that are more reminiscent of traditional sandals whereas others are far more modern and minimal. These design choices are subjective, so we can’t really tell you the do’s and don’ts, but be sure to give some thought before making a decision.

Women's Platform Sandals Price Range

Platform sandals are not as expensive as they used to be. You can easily get a pair of platform sandals for less than $50. Many pairs are even $25 or less depending on the size and materials used. If you’re looking for a pair of platform sandals from a designer brand, then expect to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, though, as those will definitely cost you a pretty penny.