Spice up Your Look With the Best Body Glitters

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Body glitter can be a divisive topic. The trends swing back and forth from a matte look to a shimmery style. If you like to stand out from the crowd, body glitter may be the way to do it. It looks great at concerts and parties, and it is very easy to use. Our favorite part about body glitter is that one stroke transforms dull outfits into something gorgeous. There are a lot of options on the market, and it can be very difficult to tell them all apart, especially if you’re a body glitter virgin. If you’re looking to improve your next party look, try the top body glitters of 2022. 

Reviewing the Top Body Glitter of 2022

Ruth Paul Body Glitter  —  Best Overall

Skin glitter can irritate sensitive skin, but you won’t have to worry about that with the Ruth Paul Skin Holographic Body Glitter. This product’s gentle ingredients dry pretty quickly and deliver a soft glittery effect wherever applied. The star ingredient used to make this glitter is organic aloe vera gel which has several benefits like soothing skin and sunburns. Its high moisture properties make it an ideal body lotion for fancy events, and you can even use it underneath makeup. 

This body glitter won’t fall off easily or leave glitter dust on your clothes. You can easily remove it with makeup wipes or soap and water. This product tops our list mainly because of its moisturizing skin-friendly formula that hydrates the skin while giving it a healthy, plump look. 


  • The glitter is biodegradable
  • Available in funky colors
  • Gel is eco-friendly


  • Requires multiple coats to stand out

Unicorn Snot Body Glitter  —  Long-Lasting Formula

If you're tired of plastic glitter that leaves your skin all red and itchy, you must try the UNICORN SNOT Holographic Body Glitter. This product is a life-saver for people with dry or flaky skin because it is gentle on sensitive skin. It is completely biodegradable and made from plant starches that can break down in the environment. Unlike other gel body glitters, this one is extremely easy to apply without adhesives or brushes. You can apply this glitter on your face, body, and even hair, without the big hassle. 

This body glitter contains minimal chemicals and has no scent, which is preferable when opting for makeup or skincare. The greatest feature about this option is that it stays on for a long time and won’t sweat off over time. It is available in five funky shades: silver, pink, gold, purple, and blue. 


  • It doesn't dry out the skin
  • The gel has a lotion-like consistency


  • A bit hard to spread the glitter

iMethod Body Glitter  —  Vibrant Glitter

Makeup is all about finesse and detailing, which is why you should try the iMethod Body Glitter. This product features exquisite details and a beautiful formula. With this glitter on, you are bound to stand out in a crowd, thanks to its large, vibrant crystals that reflect gradience. This glitter comes with a gel that stays on for hours, without feeling sticky or wet against your skin. 

You can apply the glitter to your skin after the gel, and it'll take 30 seconds to completely dry. This glitter is safe to apply to hair, body, and face, excluding your eyes, thanks to its chemical-free and cruelty-free formula. This body shimmer is very long-lasting, and a little dab of glitter gel can go a long way. 


  • It has a sweet fragrance to it
  • Available in multiple shapes and designs


  • Works better with adhesive than gel

Warmfits Body Glitter  —  Various Colors

The sheen of most glitters dominate the color, portraying typically a silver shade, but the Warmfits Iridescent Chunky Body Glitter is quite the opposite. It features a balance between the color and shine, without overpowering the silver of the glitter. It adds holographic color to your body, enhancing its look when glowing in the dark. 

This twelve-pack of glitter comes in sizes ranging from fine glitter dust to medium and chunky glitter. Each glitter pack has different shapes of glitter in it that you can combine to go wild with. It is super safe to wear on the face, and it is extremely lightweight. You can choose from various colors ranging from fluorescent to shimmery pink. 


  • It can be recycled
  • The glitter ensures environmental protection
  • Pretty affordable for a twelve-pack
  • It comes off easily with water


  • Doesn't last very long
  • It doesn't come with a gel

CAI BEAUTY NYC Body Glitter  —  Most Affordable

There's no harm in saving a few bucks on body glitter, so try this CAI BEAUTY NYC Body Glitter. It promises quality within your budget and delivers glitz for glam. It comes in a plastic pouch with a nozzle. This product is a blend of multiple shapes and sizes of glitter dust for extra shimmer. Unlike other affordable products, this one is safe to use directly on the skin and won’t irritate even sensitive skin. 

It is manufactured without experimenting on animals. Using a fingertip, this glitter is easy to apply to the face, body, and hair. Apart from the easy application, it is simple to remove using soap, water, or makeup wipes. The glitter has a long-lasting shimmer that sticks to your skin without glue, adhesive, or primer. This product is available in several vibrant colors. 


  • It dries within minutes
  • The packaging makes it easy to carry


  • Hair application is a bit inconvenient
  • Not suitable for dry skin

Body Glitter Buying Guide

Makeup products, especially something as unusual as body glitter, can be tough to choose, considering the variety of options you may come across while shopping. To get a body shimmer that fits your style while delivering excellent results, head to our buying guide to find out more about this product. 

Types of Body Glitters

Body glitters differ based on their look, form, and application method. Head below to find out which one is the right fit for you.

Chunky glitter

This type of glitter is known for its shine and color. Unlike glitter dust, chunky glitter adds elements other than a shimmer to your face, making it more vibrant. Chunky glitter is usually paired with glitter dust and can be artistically placed to bring attention to certain areas. 

Mixed glitter

Mixed glitter, as the name suggests, is a mix of different forms and shapes of glitter. It contains chunky glitter, medium-sized glitter flakes, and glitter dust. The chunky and medium-sized glitter is usually of different shapes, and sometimes they are available in mixed colors. 

Gel-form glitter

Gel-form glitter mostly consists of tiny glitter flakes and glitter dust incorporated into a skin-safe gel. You can apply it to the areas where you want to shimmer and wipe it off to remove it. This type of glitter can have inconsistent spreadability. 

Spray-on glitter 

Glitter dust available in liquid form is called spray-on glitter. It comes in a spray bottle, and you can spray it on areas where you want it. It adds natural glitz to your skin without overpowering the shine. The only con of this glitter is that you cannot apply it on the face in a particular placement. 

What to Look For in a Body Glitter

Body glitter is made specifically for skin application, and it is safe and gentle compared to craft glitter, but the quality can vary. Consider the following factors to get the finest product. 


Body glitter uses ingredients safe for the skin, like aloe vera, carbomer, and glycerin. The shine of the glitter is usually achieved through polyethylene terephthalate, a non-toxic plastic safe for external usage. Look for such safe ingredients in your body shimmer, instead of aluminum, metal, or glass. Also, you may want to select vegan and cruelty-free products, as they are better for the environment. 

Application method

Check the application method of the body glitter before purchasing it. This factor matters a lot for people with sensitive skin, as most body shimmers will dry out the skin. You can opt for hydrating glitter that usually has some soothing gel to it, as it doesn't completely dry out your skin, leaving a moisturizing effect. 

Ease of removal

The most convenient body glitters are those that are easy to remove. Since body glitter creates a lot of mess while taking off, you should opt for easily removable products. Consider an option that can be removed with soap or makeup wipes. Avoid options that can be removed with water only, as they won’t stand up to sweat throughout the day. 

Benefits of Body Glitter 

Body glitter isn't just a trend people follow; it has several benefits. Head below to know more. 

Boosts skin glow

Body glitter temporarily boosts your skin's glow and makes it appear healthier and more plump. Gel-based glitters deliver a wet and shiny base for the sparkle that gives the impression of bright, glowing, and happy skin. 

Glams up outfits

Body glitter can transform the look of all of your outfits. This makeup product has the power to transform any look. It is mostly used with rocker-chic outfits because it depicts boldness and style with hints of rebelliousness. Some also consider it fancy, like a fairy, but it depends on you style yourself with it. 

Tips for Applying Body Glitter 

It can be easy to overdo it with this glittery accessory. Follow the tips below to help ensure that your next body glitter application goes smoothly. 

Coordinate with skin tone

The basic rule for applying body glitter is always to choose a shade of glitter that suits your skin tone. If you have a warmer body tone, you should opt for gold-hued glitters or warmer shades, like red, gold, and yellow. Similarly, you should opt for a silver color if you have a cool skin tone, like blue, silver, and green. 

Well-balanced makeup

If you want the glitter to stand out and make a statement, balance it with your makeup. You can always go all out with your makeup, but you can lighten the eyeshadow a bit if you want your glittery lips to catch attention. Glitter will often draw attention to that area, so consider what areas you want to highlight.