Instantly Transform Any Outfit With These Versatile White Shorts

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Nothing looks crisper or cleaner than a white pair of shorts. When it comes to clothing, white can sometimes be an intimidating color to consider since it tends to get dirty easily, and may not be the most flattering if styled incorrectly.

Below are some of our favorite, no-fail women’s white shorts that are guaranteed to make anyone feel comfortable and stylish. We have included a variety of styles that come in different lengths and materials including denim, chino, and a pair of the most flattering biker shorts you may ever find.

We have also included the must-have cut-off, a pair of Bermuda-style shorts, bum-flattering high-waisted shorts, and a great pair of retro-style cheer-style shorts that can be easily worn for lounging, sleeping, or any athletic event of your choice.

Premier Women’s White Shorts in Detail

Onlypuff Shorts  —  Best Overall

These denim shorts are on par with some of the higher-end designer brands yet are much more affordable. They are a cotton mix with plenty of spandex for movement, have a flattering high waist, and an all-important fully frayed hem. These shorts also have a convenient zipper fly, five-pocket styling, and are the perfect shorts to get you through every single day.


  • These shorts are available in many different style variations
  • They can be hand- or machine-washed


  • Refer to the detailed size chart to ensure proper sizing, as they may not fit standardly

Wax Bermuda Denim Shorts  —  Runner Up

These denim shorts are a great alternative if you prefer shorts with a clean look sans any frayed hems. These have a mid-rise fit and classic five-pocket styling with a button and zip fly closure. These shorts are also extremely stretchy and made from a cotton/polyester blend with a longer, 8-inch inseam.


  • This denim has some push-up qualities for an overall flattering backside
  • Can be machine washed and dried


  • If you prefer shorter shorts, another option might be better

Soffe Juniors' Cheer Short  —  Honorable Mention

Traditionally known as a cheer short, these iconic shorts are made from a comfy 50/50 cotton and polyester jersey material that is soft enough to sleep in. These shorts feature side vents for easy movement and they have a specialty, roll-down, elastic waistband that can make them shorter or longer depending on preference. These shorts are great for lounging, sleeping and durable enough to withstand your favorite sport.


  • These shorts come in 44 different colors
  • You can purchase them in a one or two-pack


  • The white may be slightly see-through

Oalka Shorts  —  Best White Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are indeed back in style, look better, and are more comfortable than ever. These bikers are made from a 4-way very stretchy fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking for the most comfortable experience possible. They have a high and thick waistband for tummy control and to provide ample coverage while bending and stretching.


  • Handy side pockets are big enough to carry a cellphone
  • They feature a high waist for comfortable tummy control


  • If you prefer a shorter inseam, another option might be better

Rekucci Short  —  Best Medium-Length

Made from a stretch woven fabric, these shorts are a stretchy denim/chino hybrid that is made for pure flattery. A mid-length, five-inch inseam and wider leg opening keep the pants comfortable and three snap-button details at the waist and side tabs give these shorts some character.


  • These shorts have functioning pockets on the front and back
  • The fabric is comfortable and breathable


  • It is advised to consult the included size chart to ensure correct sizing

LEE Women's Short  —  Also Consider

These Bermuda-style shorts have the classic relaxed fit and long 10-inch inseam. Hitting just above the knee, these shorts have a straight fit through the thigh area and provide an all-over unrestrictive fit for comfortable all-day wear. These shorts are also available in a generous size range and will be a great pair to add to your rotation.


  • These shorts are available in a wide variety of washes and finishes
  • They have an unrestricted, relaxed fit


  • These are not a high rise short

Buying Guide: Women’s White Shorts

You are in the right place if you want to purchase a pair of shorts that will appear trendy, keep you comfy, and let you move freely. In this shopping guide, you will get to know about different types of women's shorts on the market and how to buy the greatest ones. Whether you are a fashion fanatic or comfort-first kinda gal, finding a comfortable pair of the top women’s white shorts in 2023 to wear on a day out is what this guide will help you do.

What Are the Different Types of Women’s White Shorts?

Bermuda slacks

These loose, breezy shorts offer a relaxed appearance and feel. They often feature a cuff at the bottom and fall approximately an inch above the calf.

Bicycle shorts

These elastic, clinging shorts were originally created to assist bikers to avoid direct contact with surface and irritation. However, anybody can use them for workouts, running, or jogging. These pair well with padded bras, loose-fitting hoodies, and even jackets.

Shorts for the beach

These longer shorts reach all the way to the calf. These usually have a string closure and a relaxed, casual style, similar to men's swimming shorts.

Chino shorts

These vary in length from medium to long and are ideal for strolling. They have a classic appearance and reveal your legs without making you uncomfortable.

Shorts for the gym

Gym shorts refers to any pair of shorts used for exercise, whether you are in a school gym session or out for a morning jog. Gym shorts are usually made of modern fabrics like rayon, polyester, or elastane and are intended for rigorous and high-intensity activities.

Low-rise shorts

The waistline of low-rise shorts is a few centimeters underneath the waistline. This popular design is available in a variety of sizes, however, most pairs are form-fitting and on the smaller side.


These shorts resemble skirts from the front and have a string closure or cotton belt on the waistline. Skorts come in a variety of designs, from plain neutral hues to colorful designs.

Yoga shorts

Yoga shorts are identical to yoga pants in that they are elastic and versatile enough to suit various yoga postures, but they are smaller in length to allow you to do meditation without any inconvenience.

What Materials Are Used to Make Women’s White Shorts?


Cotton that breathes well is an excellent choice for women's white shorts. If you choose 100% cotton shorts, make sure to read the care directions before washing them. To minimize shrinking, these garments are often hand-washed. Those who enjoy ironing their shorts should use the lowest temperature setting to rest assured that they don’t burn their favorite pair of shorts even before wearing them.

Cotton blends

Cotton blends are more useful than pure cotton for shorts meant for athletic exercise. Pure cotton is extremely moisture-wicking and clings to your body, while the blended version will keep you fresh and clean. Rayon, nylon, or elastane may be combined with cotton in cycling shorts, gymnasium shorts, and workout shorts.


Denim is essentially a kind of cotton, however, it is quite a famous fabric for women's shorts that it deserves its own classification. Denim shorts with a drawstring closure work with almost any type of top and footwear. On chilly days, pair them with a comfortable T-shirt or top, a sweater, or a hoodie. Shabby and ragged versions with a cut-off hemline are popular, and you should be able to find them in a variety of shades.

Factors to Consider While Buying Women’s White Shorts


Several factors influence how lengthy your shorts should be, such as the design of the shorts and the height of the wearer's thighs. An inseam length, which would be the length from groin to hemline, is often used to identify length. Short-length shorts typically have an inseam size of five inches. Mid-length shorts typically have an inseam of six to seven inches and the longer ones, such as Bermudas, can have inseams ranging from eight to twelve inches.


Most white shorts for women come in a huge variety of sizes. You can find one that fits you, ranging from XXS to 5X. Every manufacturer has its own size guide, that you'll be able to access while shopping online. Refer to it and buy one that matches your size.

Which Features Should You Look for in Women’s White Shorts?


Almost all women appreciate the presence of usable pockets in clothes. That tendency is shifting to some extent, but those who desire pockets in their shorts should be cautious while purchasing. A fake pocket that does not go anyplace is usually found on a pair of shorts. This non-functional flap is entirely decorative.

However, because nearly everyone now has a cellphone, several designers have designed pockets big enough to safely hold your smartphones. If this makes sense to you, double-check the product specifications before placing your order to ensure the shorts have large and functional pockets.


Shorts with pleats are pleated at the waistline. Box ruffles, also called kick pleats, collect solely at the front of the slacks to give a flat-front appearance. Some versions have waistlines encircled with elastic pleats to give a fluffier look. However, some people are put off by the fact that this style of pleats can create a lot of thickness and make you look bulky.

Drawstrings and belts

Many women's white shorts feature a basic waistband with an incorporated elastic band, and others have a string or belt for a more secure fit. If you are going to put your shirt in, a belt that buckles in the front or on the sides might offer a well-fitted appearance. Nevertheless, if you favor saggy or baggy blouses, one such belt may add some definition to your upper body as well.

Price Range for Women’s White Shorts


You can get a pair of pocket-less women's shorts for $7 to $12. Many of these are classified as workout shorts because of their sporty appearance, shape, and style. The shorts might be short or mid-length, and you will not find Bermudas or pedal pushers at this cost.


Women's white shorts are available in a variety of lengths for $12 to $22. They might be narrow or baggy, with folds or plain fronts, with belts or no belts. This price range is wonderful to start your hunt if you are searching for something economical, visually appealing, comfortable, and of high quality.


Shorts that cost more than $22 may be of cotton, nylon, or a more expensive material such as linen or even suede. These are usually designed for certain physical activities, like basketball, yoga, running, cycling, or meditation. Browse in this price bracket for shorts that are comfy, practical, and trendy.