Get Comfortable & Look Chic With These Wide Leg Pants

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When you just want to let loose and feel comfortable and non-restricted, a reliable pair of wide-leg pants are the perfect go-to.

Wide-leg pants come in a ton of different styles and whether you prefer a specifically extra-wide leg such as a palazzo or a thinner style with a straight, relaxed fit, both options will give you the generous give and movement you deserve.

Below are some fashionable, functional, and comfortable wide-leg pants for women. These pants all have different degrees of leg widths from extra-wide palazzo styles, to a wide and cropped office-appropriate trouser pant to a couple of go-to comfy lounge pants that you may find yourself never, ever taking off.

Premier Wide Leg Pants for Women in Detail

Tronjori Trousers  —  Best Overall

These wide-leg trouser-style pants are made from 100% flowy polyester that will produce minimal wrinkles while being comfortable and cool. These pants have a flattering high waist with a button front and an extra-wide leg that can be easily dressed up or down. Wear these to work with a structured button-down top tucked in, pair with a thin pullover sweater or cardigan set, or add a t-shirt and denim or leather cropped moto for a night out.


  • These are a great pair of pants if you are on the petite side


  • The back pockets are not functional

DIBAOLONG Pants  —  Runner Up

These wide but not too wide drawstring lounge pants are made from a soft, stretchy material and are a great casual pant option. Wear these versatile pants when relaxing at home, to your next yoga class, as sleeping pants, and casual errand pants with your favorite pair of sneakers. They feature a looser fit with a wide elastic waistband and have two side pockets for storing any smaller necessities.


  • Choose from both solid colors and fun print options


  • These pants may need to be hemmed if you are on the petite side

Arolina Pants  —  Honorable Mention

Arolina’s Palazzo Pants are a great way to get your lounge on in a comfy, stylish way. They come in a stretchy polyester/spandex blend, are soft to the touch and their thinner consistency makes them ideal for year-round wear. These pants also come in a wide range of unique patterns and solid color options, can be dressed up or down and their high waist makes them flattering and comfortable.


  • These pants have two faux decorative back pockets


  • If you are on the petite side, these pants may need to be hemmed

X-Image Pants  —  Editor's Pick

Another great pair of loungy-style pants are these similar to the option above with a high waist and a ton of design options. These pants have a wide, elastic waistband with a drawstring and a loose, comfortable fit. Wear these pants as your next favorite PJs, while relaxing at home and even on some casual errands depending on the print.


  • The waist is adjustable to keep you comfortable


  • These pants run on the longer side

MsAnya Palazzo Pants  —  Also Consider

If you prefer true, wide-leg, palazzo-style pants, these ones are a great option. These pants have a boho-chic vibe while being super comfortable and are made from 100% polyester for easy upkeep. They have a comfortable flowy fit with an elastic waist and make the ultimate vacation, cruise, beach day, or bbq outfit. Balance these flowy pants with a more fitted tank or tee and add a denim jacket for when the weather cools.


  • These pants are quick-to-dry


  • It is recommended to hand wash only

Buying Guide: Wide Leg Pants for Women

We can finally bid farewell to skinny pants and welcome wide-leg pants - the newest spring fashion. When we picture wide-leg trousers, we think of gypsies and seaside style from the 1970s, but this attractive and fun design has made a significant resurgence in recent seasons for daily wear, nightwear, and even workplace attire. There is a misconception that wide-leg pants make your lower body look wider. In reality, wide-leg trousers stretch the legs and draw attention to the waist, creating an illusion of the perfect figure that flatters all body types. This buying guide shed light on the important aspects to consider to buy the top wide leg pants for women in 2022.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Wide-Leg Pants for You

Consider the fabric

It is not just about a pair of pants; it’s about your comfort and overall experience. So, rather than just randomly picking any pair of pants that come your way, check the fabric and its quality. If you are buying flared pants for summer, consider buying a breathable and airy fabric to remain cool on the hottest days. On the other hand, if you are buying them for wintertime, thick fabric with thermal lining will be the ideal choice.

Get the correct size

Some women make the mistake of buying inappropriate sizes when it comes to buying wide-leg pants. Refer to the size chart before purchasing and consider your body shape and height to make the best choice. If you are a taller girl, buying pants with a relatively smaller flare and of ankle-length can give you a toned look. However, if you are short, buy pants that are a few inches longer so that you can wear them with heels.

Pick style and color wisely

It is critical to choose a style that draws attention to your waistline for a more classy look. Moreover, consider buying a universal color that you can pair with multiple tops and shirts on different occasions. Buying something that will help you achieve a timeless look should be your major concern, as you won’t have to invest in multiple pairs this way.

Why Should You Buy Wide Leg Pants?

Gives an illusion of elongated legs

Flared trousers make your legs appear longer when they fit nicely at the waist. Therefore, such pants are a great choice for women of short height.

Cover up body curves

If you have gained a few inches on the waist amid the pandemic, wide-leg pants are a terrific way to hide it. Try pairing your wide pants up with a longer, short-sleeved vest that will hide your stomach for a perfect-looking and toned body.

Contour your body

If you have a rectangle body shape, wearing wide-leg pants can be the best idea. You may get a great v-shape if you emphasize your waist and your pants suit you nicely in the hips. Broader pants can also be used by women with upside-down triangle body types to offset their larger shoulder and upper body.

Which Type of Wide Leg Pants Should You Wear According to Your Body Type?

Full flare

This shape emphasizes the waist, making it ideal for pairing up with a muffin top and creating an hourglass shape.

Small flare

If you have tiny legs and want to look a bit taller, pants with a small flare are a good choice.

Wide flare

If you have a pear-shaped physique, wide flare pants can come in handy to tone your body up by covering bigger thighs.

Palazzo pants

These pants are quite broad all over and ideal for tall women who are more concerned about their height. Women who are short or overweight should avoid this style! Summertime is perfect to wear palazzo pants as these are comfy and airy.

Wide-leg dress pants

This is a lovely choice for both day and night outfits. Instead of wearing a dress to a professional event, formal occasion, or a meeting, you may wear a pair of wide-legged dress pants with a blazer or stylish top to rock the event.

What Type of Tops Should You Wear With Wide Leg Pants?

You should either put your shirts in or wear broad pants with shorter tops that finish at the waistline or have a knot at the waist for a trendy and classy look. This will enhance your body shape and give a really pleasing overall look.

You will appear broad all over if your shirts are excessively long or lack fitting, which is not attractive. You will need to add some structure to your clothing, particularly if you are wearing wide-leg trousers. The best way to do so is to choose shirts that snugly fit and have short sleeves to complement your bottoms. Never wear baggy shirts or loose-fitting tops with flared pants as it will add a few pounds, making you look bulkier.