These Are Some of The Most Comfortable Pants You Will Ever Own

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Bohemian-style clothes are synonymous with comfy, loose, and flowing pieces such as skirts, dresses, and pants and come in vibrant colors and prints including many types of animals, tribal symbols, and vintage florals.

Below are some of our favorite women’s bohemian pant options. The one thing these boho-chic styles have in common is their penchant for being ultra-comfortable, making them the ultimate lounge pants. These pants are also made from soft, airy material that can sometimes be sheer, and have the traditional wide elasticized shirred waists and ankles.

While these are unmistakably one of the best lounge pants you can get, these options will also make great beach cover-ups both locally and abroad and their extensive colors and prints will keep you coming back for more.

Comparing the Top Women’s Bohemian Pants of 2022

Joob Joob Pants  —  Best Overall

These harem-style pants can only be described as pure comfort. They have a pull-on closure, relaxed fit, and large smocked waist and ankle bands that will flatter many different types of shapes. Made from an ultra-light fabric, these pants are also very sheer and will keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather.


  • A convenient side pocket is great for any accessories


  • There are only two size options

B BANGKOK Harem Pants  —  Runner Up

Another great pair of harem pants are these that come in an unheard-of 40 amazing color and print options from which to choose. These pants have wide, elasticized waist and ankle bands for comfort, and their traditional light, airy, and soft fabric make these great for traveling, lounging, or running errands.


  • These pants have one convenient side pocket


  • There are minimal size options

Urban CoCo Pants  —  Honorable Mention

These floral print harem pants are slightly different than our other options as their comfortable elasticized smocked waists come with a drawstring to customize your size. These pants also come with elastic ankle cuffs and a loose, flowy fit that makes these pants ideal for the beach, travel, and especially for lounging around the house.


  • These pants are available in many size options


  • These pants have no stretch

Buying Guide: Women’s Bohemian Pants

Bohemian pants are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of trousers you will own. And, they are stylish too, which makes them perfect for lounging in and wearing them outdoors. A lot of women like to pack bohemian pants when they are going on a trip because they are comfortable and come in unique designs. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe and add the top women’s bohemian pants in 2022 to it, this guide is for you.

What Are Bohemian Pants?

Bohemian pants, more commonly known as harem pants, are flared-leg trousers that are loose and have a baggy design. Often associated with hippies, they are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you will ever own. This is the exact reason why hippies like to wear them — because they offer complete freedom of movement. However, there are several brands manufacturing women’s bohemian pants these days. Despite common misconceptions, bohemian pants are not just for hippies. They are a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you love traveling, or you regularly do yoga. Also, they make great lounge pants because they provide maximum comfort and breathability. Bohemian pants were at their peak in the 70s and 80s, but now they are back in style.

What Material is Best For Bohemian Pants for Women?

Bohemian pants for women are made from several materials including cotton, rayon, and modal. All these fabrics have their pros and cons, and you should choose one depending on the climate of the area you reside in, and what activities you plan to do while wearing them. We have analyzed the pros and cons of each material below.


Cotton pants are ideal for you if you live in a humid climate. This is because it is a moisture-wicking material, and it will not be damaged even if you sweat a lot. Also, its sweat absorbent feature makes it perfect for doing yoga. Additionally, it is very lightweight and breathable as well. However, you will need to be careful when washing these pants because cotton shrinks easily.


Another common material is rayon. It is not as soft and comfortable as cotton because it is a semi-synthetic material made from a blend of natural fibers and artificial chemicals. It will be a good option for colder climates because profuse sweating can damage the material. So, you should avoid wearing rayon bohemian pants in the summer.


Modal is a type of rayon but is more comfortable because it is plant-based in origin. The major advantage of wearing modal pants is that they are extremely flexible. So, they will be ideal for several exercises like yoga. Since it is made from more natural fibers than rayon, it is more comfortable and durable.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Bohemian Pants

The main reason why most people buy bohemian pants is due to the comfort they provide. However, not every bohemian pant is designed equally, and you will need to keep a lookout for a few features that will define the overall comfort of one. Other than the material, two other factors that you need to keep in mind are the waistband and the size.


Even though it seems like a small part of the entire pair, the waistband can really define the comfort provided to you. Whatever company you buy from, make sure that the bohemian pants have an adjustable waistband. It can either be elastic or have a drawstring so that you can adjust how tight or loose you want the pants to be around your waist. This way you can stay comfortable, even if you are exercising or doing yoga. If you plan to wear your bohemian pants with a crop top, or a shirt that you want to tuck in, consider getting a high-waisted pair.


This is kind of a given, but a lot of people tend to forget the importance of purchasing the right size. Some even disapprove of the style and quality, when the real issue is that they did not purchase the right size. Size includes all dimensions including the length, waist, and overall fit. Bohemian pants are meant to be baggy, so if they are tight on you and the length is above your ankles, you will need to go a size up. It is essential to check the size chart if you are buying online, or try them on if you are physically buying from a store, to achieve the perfect fit.

How to Take Care of Your Bohemian Pants

When you invest in a piece of clothing, you expect it to last a long time. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to take good care of them as well because buying good quality and durable pants is just the first step. The exact washing steps will depend on the material of your bohemian pants, but you can follow some general rules.

Most manufacturers recommend that you hand wash your bohemian pants using lukewarm water. Avoid soaking them for large periods of time, and only machine wash them when absolutely necessary. If you do, use a gentle cycle, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, and wash them separately from other pieces of clothing. If you have cotton pants, be very careful as they are more prone to shrinkage than other materials. Moreover, do not put them in a dryer. Air dry them in the shade, as direct contact with the sun can fade the color. Always use the lowest setting when ironing, especially if the material is very thin.