Get a No Fuss No Mess Bronze Glow With a Self Tanning Towel

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If you are sick of messing with tanning lotions, mousses, creams, and gels, or simply want to check out a different way of applying your self-tanner, a tan towel may be the way to go.

Self-tan towels/towelettes are a great option when you have to be out the door in a hurry or are on the go and/or in need of a spot treatment. Tan towels provide the same safe, healthy-looking sun-kissed glow that your favorite tanning lotion(s) give, yet come in full or half-body towel-like applicators for easy application.

We have included some of the best options below that will give you the ultimate sun-kissed glow. These towelettes come in multiple packs so you have enough to get you through many events and activities and provide natural-looking, streak-free results that make you look as if you just got back from some exotic summer vacation.

Comparing the Top Self Tanning Towels

TourneSol SunPop Self Tanning Towelettes  —  Best Overall

These self-tanning towelettes come in a pack of five and are infused with an advanced self-tan formula using a marine-based complex that creates the look of a sun-based tan sans any harmful exposure. This proprietary complex stimulates the melanin in the skin to bring out your own natural tan for a beautiful glow. These towelettes are individually heat-wrapped, convenient, and easy to use with only one towelette needed for a full-body sunless tan.


  • These towelettes contain aloe vera, soothing green tea, and fruit extracts
  • The tan solution dries in minutes and develops in just 2-4 hours
  • Has a tropical coconut and floral scent
  • Brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee


  • There may be a slight learning curve

Tan Towel Self Tan Towelette  —  Runner Up

These tan towels are another great tanning option similar to the one above, however, these are smaller in size and ideal for half-body tanning, including arms, legs, and even touch-ups on the go. These towels are infused with a clear self-tanning formula that works with the skin to produce a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours.


  • These towels apply in minutes and dry in seconds
  • Half-towel size is perfect for bringing on the go
  • The fake tan lasts up to 7 days
  • Product does not contain any dyes or stains


  • For darker tans, reapplications may be necessary

L'Oreal Paris Self-Tanning Towelettes  —  Honorable Mention

This pack of six tanning towelettes is formulated with vitamin E and AHAs for a streak-free, natural-looking glow. Each of these towels packs enough self-tanner for one application from head to toe, making it an easy option for home and on the go.


  • These towels provide a streak-free tan
  • Contains Vitamin E for smooth skin
  • Towelettes can be used for the face and body
  • Tan develops in just 2-4 hours


  • There may be a strong scent

Tan Towel Endless Tan Self Tanning  —  Best Combo Pack

This self-tanning kit combines their classic self-tanning towelettes with a clear liquid tanning mist for the ultimate sunshine glow. Each of the towelettes is pre-measured with a unique clear liquid formula solution that wipes on clear for a full-body application. The included tanning mist works as a towelette refill and can be reused by simply misting onto the towelette and applying it in circular motions.


  • The towelettes are reusable with the included spray
  • Easy to use and apply to the whole body
  • Can be used multiple days to build up the tan
  • Does not have a strong odor


  • The towelettes are for half-body application

Jergens Sunless Tanning Towelettes  —  Also Consider

This pack of six towelettes is formulated with buildable color to create natural-looking, streak-free results that mimic the tan you would get from the sun. These self-tanning wipes are full-body, individually wrapped, and are easy to apply – no special tanning mitt or applicator is required.


  • This towelette will not produce orangey tones
  • Gives you natural, streak-free results
  • Has a tropical fragrance consisting of pineapple, mango, and vanilla
  • Tan develops over a few short hours


  • For a deeper color, a second or third application may be required

Buying Guide: Self Tanning Towels

The quest for a perfect tan is a never-ending one. From tanning bed lotions to tanning pills, the ‘solutions’ are endless. While many people believe that the best way to get that golden glow is by lying out in the sun for hours on end, this can have harmful effects on your skin and overall health. So what's the next best option? Well, say hi to self-tan towels. These cotton towels are infused with natural DHA, the ingredient in most artificial tanners. And thanks to their unique formulas, these towels offer UV protection and leave your skin with a flawless tinge. But, with so many options available, it's hard to know which one will yield the best results. That's why we've highlighted the factors to consider when shopping for top self-tan towels in 2023 below.

Factors to Consider: The Top Self-Tan Towels

Ease of application

Some self-tan towels are easier to apply on the skin than others. This ease may be influenced by several factors, including the quality of the wipes, drying time, and instructions for use. Either way, you must choose easy-to-apply self-tan towels - it'll save you time and reduce the chances of making mistakes.

Topical DHA

The top self-tan towels are infused with Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the best synthetic tanner in artificial tanners. It is a byproduct of the microbial fermentation of glycerol, and its function in tanning towels is to react with skin proteins known as keratin to produce melanoidins. These melanoidins, in turn, form the classic skin tan that we all admire and love. You should also know that DHA has health benefits in that it offers some level of UV protection.

Basically, if you want the best tanning results and protection against harmful sun rays, your choice of towels must contain DHA.

Facial application

It may come as a surprise to you that many self-tan towels are not suitable for the face. This is because they may cause skin reactions or not work at all. So if you want to give your face that faux tan look, ensure that your choice of tanning towel is suitable for facial application.

Type of skin

If you're familiar with skin products, you'll know that most of them come in different formulas to suit different skin types. Well, the same applies to self-tan towels. However, if you're not sure of a formula perfect for your skin, you can always choose universal products. Such products don't discriminate; they work perfectly, no matter the skin type.


Exfoliating your skin is an amazing skincare routine that'll always leave your skin better than it used to be. The good news is that some self-tan towels contain exfoliants like salicylic acid, tropic acid, and other beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Think about it; tanning towels that exfoliate your skin and then make it glow? You really shouldn't ignore products like that.


Like most wipe and towel skincare products, self-tan towels come in different sizes, and you're free to choose as you like. However, if you'd like to cover more ground at once, we strongly recommend buying towels with large surface areas.


The top self-tan towels contain moisturizers like glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, Lanolin, or mineral oils. These substances add and lock in healthy moisture to your skin, thereby protecting it. We also recommend choosing towels with such moisturizers.

Self Tan Towel Application Tips

The finest self-tan towels will give you a natural, streak-free glow that looks like you've just spent some time on the beach. However, this can only happen if you apply them the right way. So if you want your tan to work optimally, check out some of our application tips below:

  • Always exfoliate your skin before applying the towel, since it's vital for smooth application
  • Apply hydrating body lotion and let it dry before using the towels
  • Only apply on clean, dry skin
    Focus on your chin, knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists
  • After applying the towels to your face, use a facial moisturizer
  • Leave it to dry for about four hours
  • Apply on skin parts in a circular motion
  • Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after application


Natural, sunless tans are now possible with self-tan towels. These cotton towels are infused with natural DHA and other ingredients that combine to make your skin look good. The application process is quick and easy, and there's no need to worry about smearing your hands or clothing. All you have to do is apply the towel on the areas you want to tan, wait a couple of hours, then rinse it off. It's that simple!