Protect and Flaunt Your Phone With the Best Phone Cases

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New or old, every phone deserves a bumper to cushion its falls and a protective layer to prevent accidental scratches and cracks. A reliable case is an essential phone accessory to protect this expensive gadget. Smartphone cases come in a huge variety, ranging from ultra-slim, sleek and transparent covers to super-protective, rugged shells that could survive a war. Some come with built-in screen protectors, while others offer dual or triple layered cushion protection. The best part about these cases is that you can also use them as a fashion statement. Add pictures, and cool graphics, or choose different colors and patterns to match your vibe. We’ve curated a list of some of the premier phone cases in 2022 here for you, along with a comprehensive guide to the things you need to know before buying one.

Comparing the Top Phone Case of 2022

AEDILYS Phone Case  —  Best Overall

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • Air-Guard airbag for shock absorption
  • Hybrid TPU frame protection
  • 100% support mag safe

The stylish AEDILYS shockproof iPhone cover offers impressive protection with a hybrid design. It combines a hard polycarbonate (or PC) back, shock-absorbent corners, and a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane frame. This design ensures comprehensive protection from all sides and angles.

The military-grade corners of this case make sure that your phone is protected from damage from impacts and falls. Moreover, the edges are raised to help prevent the camera at the back and the screen at the front from hitting flat surfaces in the case of accidental drops. It is a fully transparent cover that won’t get yellow or brown after use. It also supports mag-safe charging and a comfortable grip. 


  • Raised edges to keep camera and screen safe
  • Yellowing-resistant 
  • Transparent chic case


  • Might seem bulky to some users

Crave Phone Case  —  Most Compatible

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • Designed for Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Easy grip case
  • Shock Absorption

The Crave Phone Case protects your Samsung Galaxy S22+ from scratches, drops, and bumps. It imparts a luxurious look and feels to your phone without adding bulk. It is a durable case that helps keep the original shape of your phone while preserving it from normal wear and tear. It makes your phone considerably easier to hold and retrieve from your pocket than another slick glass surface. Also, it gives a flawless fit for your phone with exact cutouts for the charging ports and camera. The case is well built, with a polycarbonate backing and a silicone bumper for stress absorption.


  • Tactile buttons provide a distinct and crisp press
  • Gives an excellent drop protection
  • Features scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint material


  • Has no screen protection

Elago Phone Case  —  Cutest Colors

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • Anti-slip technology 
  • Comfortable grip from liquid silicone coat
  • 1.2mm raised lip for max protection

The Elago silicone iPhone 11 case is an anti-slip phone cover that is made from a durable three-layer structure for shockproof protection. The outer liquid silicone layer is followed by a hard PC layer and a soft microfiber lining underneath it. It provides full-body protection covering all the buttons and the bottom as well. The soft feel and comfortable grip are courtesy of liquid silicon.

The case’s edges around the camera and the front are raised so that these delicate areas are safe from scratches due to direct surface contact. The case is easy to install and take off but stays securely on your phone for ample protection. The soft microfiber inner layer provides a nice cushion to the phone’s body and protects it against impacts and falls. 


  • Triple-layer cushioning structure
  • Full body coverage including buttons
  • Easy to install


  • Very strong grip

Cordking Phone Case  —  Slimmest Design

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • Cushioned edges for drop protection
  • Anti-scratch microfiber lining
  • Camera protecting design

The Cordking phone case is made from durable liquid silicone and supports wireless magnetic charging. No need to worry about scratches from surface contact anymore, the 1.2mm raised lip makes sure that your phone is protected. The inner lining is made from a super-soft microfiber material that provides a soft contact surface between the outer silicon and the delicate surface of your phone.

You can flaunt a sleek case without having to worry about the slippery surface as the unique premium material offers a firm and comfortable grip. You can also easily clean the case with a damp cloth or wipe without worrying about damaging it. All the cutouts are precisely and neatly done to allow easy access to all ports and buttons. Moreover, the phone cover is slim and won’t add any extra bulk or weight to the phone. 


  • Slim design that doesn’t add bulk
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised edges prevent scratches


  • Gets slightly sticky in humid conditions

YOUMAKER Phone Case  —  Manly Design

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • Built-in screen protector
  • Shockproof full-body coverage
  • Supports smooth wireless charging

Promising heavy-duty protection, this S10 Samsung phone case features a built-in screen cover for full-body protection. This built-in screen protector works with fingerprint ID, face recognition, etc. as well. The case comes with a built-in two-way kickstand to allow convenient hands-free landscape and portrait views. 

The corners in this phone case come cushioned with soft double-layered microfiber to prevent damage from drops and impact. It has also been certified with the MIL-STD 48-foot drop test, which means the cover can take shocks well. Raised edges near the camera lens and the screen make sure these delicate areas are safe from accidental scratches. 


  • Kickstand support for the hands-free view
  • Strong and durable 
  • Cushioned corners


  • Requires re-scanning fingerprint with the case installed for better results

Huness Phone Case  —  Best Grip

Phone Case reviews

Key Features

  • HD screen protector
  • Scratch-resistant, non-slip cover
  • Dual-layer design for max protection

This heavy-duty phone case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate layers. Both of these materials provide strength, flexibility, and a non-slip grip on your phone case. It also features an HD soft screen protector to keep the front safe from accidental drops and scratches from other surfaces. There are soft bumpers at all four corners of the case that help to absorb shocks. 

Furthermore, the anti-slip finish on the outer layer of the cover makes sure the phone is safe from bumps and drops. The inner layer of the case is made from a microfiber material that doesn’t let the cover stick to the phone and offers a soft cushioning surface. This cushion also helps in increased shock absorption. Above this soft layer is a rubberized TPU case as well.


  • Shock-absorbing bumpers
  • Compatible with Motorola Moto E5, and Moto E5 Cruise
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Poor customer service

Buying Guide to Finding a Great Phone Case

A good quality phone case that fits perfectly can be a challenge to find. Here are some buying tips to help you choose the right one:

What Kind of Phone Case Should I Get?

Phone cases come in a variety of styles and colors. To make things even more complicated, they come in varying levels of strength and protection. These include rugged, thin, hybrid, and wallet. 

Rugged phone cases

Rugged or hard phone cases are bulky and big. These cases make sure that your phone survives almost any and every disaster. They are extremely heavy-duty and are perfect for those who work in harsh environmental conditions. Or, you could pick this kind simply because you’re overly clumsy and tend to drop your phone a little too often. 

Thin phone cases

Thin smartphone cases are ultra-slim and add little to no bulk to your phone. These cases are usually single-layered and come with corners made from polycarbonate or TPU. They are classier and better looking than the rugged ones. They are perfect for people who like to keep the weight and design as minimal as possible. 

Hybrid phone cases

Hybrid phone cases stand between the thin and rugged mobile cases. They’re perhaps the safest option to choose, considering they offer both style and protection. You will find most of these cases to be lightweight and super thin, but they offer a lot more protection and strength than thin cases. 

Mostly, these cases are made from a combination of materials. For instance, they have TPU bumpers, polycarbonate backs, and a soft, cushiony inner microfiber layer. 

Wallet phone cases

Wallet smartphone cases are bigger than all of the other kinds. They have spaces for ID cards, credit cards, and cash. They are also sometimes referred to as folio covers. They can keep the display screen safe and do not require a special screen protector. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Phone Case

Here are a few useful tips to maintain protective phone cases so they last longer:

  • Avoid leaving your phone under direct sunlight, a heat source, or in a hot place. Heat can affect the flexibility and color and might cause the covering to peel off. 
  • Don’t place your phone in enclosed spaces with other sharp objects around.
  • Do not place your phone on rough or dirty surfaces. 
  • Try to avoid moisture and water. Some cases are water-resistant, but this resistance usually only works for spills. You should avoid leaving the cover in water for a long time. 
  • Go through the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, and make sure you follow them.
  • Regularly clean your phone protection case with a damp cloth or wipe to keep dirt and debris away.

What Materials Are Used for Making Phone Cases?

Smartphone covers and cases are mostly made from different kinds of plastics. Here are some of the popular options you can find:

Gel, silicon, or rubber phone cases

Phone cases made from these three materials are flexible, soft, and often very long-lasting. They are cheaper and are known to provide a moderate level of protection against drops or bumps. Moreover, these materials make for textured phone cases that provide a better grip.

Leather phone cases

Leather is a popular choice for flip, folio, or wallet-style phone cases. These cases tend to look nicer than the plastic ones but can seem a bit bulkier. Genuine leather cases are also expensive, while synthetic leather alternatives are more affordable. They offer an elegant feel and look to your device. 


This is the most commonly used material for phone cases. Polycarbonate material is great for impact and scratch resistance. They are sturdy and are often used in combination with TPU.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (or TPU) phone cases

These phone cases are softer than polycarbonate ones and are less ideal for impact resistance. They are often used as a middle or inner layer in double and triple-layered phone cases because neither polycarbonate nor TPU can provide sufficient protection alone. These layered plastics come in more sophisticated and intricate designs than silicone ones.


A less commonly found smartphone cover material is aluminum. The main reason for the rare use of metal in phone cases is their tendency to affect wireless signal transmission and strength. Some cleverly engineered cases that feature other materials in the design do overcome this obstacle, though

Aluminum phone cases offer impressive scratch protection and excellent rigidity but are less flexible. Lack of flexibility makes them poor at impact resistance. 


This option is costly and very rarely found. They offer a unique feel and look to the phone with a decent level of protection. Wood, however, is inflexible like aluminum but doesn’t interfere with wireless signals.  

Common Features to Look for in Phone Covers

Phone cases are not all about how strong they are or how cool they look. There are several additional features you should consider according to your specific needs. Some common features are:


Some phone covers come with built-in stands that are used by either deploying a kickstand or folding the case in a certain way. This feature comes in handy when watching videos or using a Bluetooth keyboard. 


Wallet cases include pockets, card slots, and compartments. You can keep tickets, ID cards, and credit cards with you at hand. Folio cases protect your phone and act as a wallet as well. So, if you’re somebody who likes to keep their essential cards/documents at hand with your phone, this is your pick. 


Phone cases may also feature mounts at the back that let you affix the phone to car vents, belts, magnetic holders, or even your finger. This is a very handy feature in bulky cases that are hard to keep in pockets. 


Smartphones, however, advanced they may get, will likely always be somewhat fragile. They’ll always need protection against impacts, scratches, and drops because you cannot avoid accidents. This is why getting a good-quality phone case is a must. 

This article recommends the best phone cases in 2022 and a comprehensive buying guide to help you find your desired phone cover that suits your needs.