Take Stunning Selfies With the Best Ring Lights for Phones

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Whether you are a professional photographer or a college girl who likes to take a lot of selfies, there is always an issue with the lighting one way or the other. Improper lighting not just makes you look unattractive. It can also distort the camera result no matter how good your phone is. With extra lighting and support, you can take good photos without waiting for the right time. Ring light and tripod stands have been there for quite a while now. Although they provide some high-quality lighting, most people find it inconvenient to carry them from one place to the other. This is where selfie ring lights come into action. With an attachable design and premium quality lighting, they are designed to assist you in taking pictures. We have keenly reviewed the top ring lights for phones in 2022, so you can find the most suitable one for you. 

Comparing the Premier Ring Lights for Phones in Detail

iJoy Ring Light  —  Best Overall

iJoy presents a stunning clip-on light so you can enjoy perfect lighting for every shot. It is based on the evergreen Mickey Mouse character adding a sense of attraction and appeal to your experience. Furthermore, it is a rechargeable and portable product, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience. It also comes with a USB charging cable so you can recharge the light without the need for batteries. 

Other than this, it has a clip-on design with anti-scratch padding providing you with a secure and damage-resistant product. In addition, it has an adjustable LED light with 3 modes allowing you to match the ring light with natural lighting. It also comes with adjustable brightness, so you can change between low, medium, and high brightness.


  • Comes in a cute Mickey Mouse design 
  • Accessible to charge and transport 
  • Has changeable modes and brightness 
  • Does not damage the phone 


  • Requires more charging time for more prolonged use 

QIAYA Ring Light  —  Circle Clip-On

QIAYA Ring Light for Phones comes with a rechargeable battery with an included USB cord that allows you to save time and money to buy disposable batteries consistently. It features three-level light settings for various uses like makeup, selfies, scenery vlogging, ensuring a perfect fit for different types of natural lighting. In addition, it is pocket-sized and highly compact, eliminating the need for any extra bag. 

QIAYA ring light is fantastic for nighttime or dark rooms, leaving an enhanced and bright finish to the center of the picture. It can also be attached to other devices like a laptop so you can enhance the quality of webcam results.


  • Suitable for multiple devices 
  • Does not require regular battery replacement 
  • Compact and small in size 


  • A bit small in size 

Whellen Ring Light  —  UL Certified

Designed to take flawless selfies, Whellen Ring Light for Phone is born to enhance the look of any picture. It comes with 3 different types of lights: warm, cold, and warm-cold, so you can find a perfect blend with natural light at all times. It provides you with soft illumination delivering professional quality results. Moreover, it can take pictures or record videos, making your entire photography experience more convenient and easy. 

Whellen ring light contains 36 LEDs which are very bright but don't cause unwanted strain on the eyes. This device is small and compact, ensuring easy portability from one place to the other. Furthermore, there is a tiny button to adjust the brightness levels between low, medium, and strong, illuminating your beauty thoroughly.


  • Comes with multiple LED lights for better pictures
  • Allows you to adjust modes and brightness levels
  • Compact and easy to carry 


  • Flickers before the battery die

Meifigno Ring Light  —  Best Battery

This bright light is suitable for all kinds of phones less than 0.59 inches thick, providing you with a versatile experience. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery with CE FCC ROHS MSDS certification that eliminates the need for any external batteries. It has a battery time of 50 minutes at full power, so you can take all kinds of selfies and pictures without worrying about a dead battery. 

Additionally, it comes with three-level settings for multiple users like photos, selfies, videos, and live streaming. This ring light also comes with adjustable brightness mode so you can take pictures with optimal lighting indoor and outdoor. Lightweight and pocket-sized, it is a portable and compact product that you can carry from one place to another without any extra baggage.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Comes with adjustable lighting for indoor and outdoor use
  • Money-saving product


  • It is designed for a specific size of the phone
  • Battery timing is not suitable for recording long vlogs or live streaming 

XINBAOHONG Ring Light  —  Most User-Friendly

XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light has a high diffusion permeable light mask design that distributes the light evenly to make pictures look more professional and beautiful. It includes three brightness modes: low, normal, and high. In addition, it comes with a rechargeable USB cord that eliminates the need for extra batteries ensuring a money-saving and convenient experience. 

In addition to that, it features silicone gel so you can protect the phone against scratches and tearing. This LED light has a maximum holding capacity of 18mm thickness, providing you with a humanized design for different kinds of phones. Besides this, it has a multi-application with a wide range of use from taking selfies to camping and cycling. 


  • Has a wide range of applications from indoor to outdoor activities
  • Does not scratch your phone screen
  • Distributes the light evenly to take pictures


  • Designed to hold phones with a specific thickness 

Finding a High-Quality Ring Light for Your Phone: A Buyer's Guide

Purchasing any product without proper knowledge is like wasting your money. This is why we have compiled a detailed buying guide so you can buy the most suitable right light for your phone. 

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Ring Light for a Phone? 

Although the primary purpose of the ring light is to provide you with precise, well-focused professional quality results, you need to keep these factors in mind. 


Ring lights that are attached to your phone are often small in size. They are portable and do not take a lot of space in your bag. However, you need to ensure whether that light can tolerate the weight of your phone. Additionally, smaller ring lights can also disrupt the results of larger phones. Therefore, it is essential to ensure whether the size of your selfie light is compatible with the phone. 

Lighting and brightness 

Selfie lights often come in 3 modes: soft (warm) white, cool white, and daylight. These modes help you pick the perfect fit for your particular setting. For instance, warmer lights work well for makeup artists, while cooler lights provide better results for live streaming. 

Besides modes, you can also adjust the brightness. If the setting is already bright, you can use low light and vice versa. 

Light type 

Ring lights can come with LED or fluorescent lights. LEDs are a superior and premium option. They last long due to efficiency and do not cause any unwanted strain on the eyes. LED ring lights also provide better brightness and help you take well-focused images.


Unfortunately, most of the ring lights have a short battery timing. However, they come with a rechargeable battery and USB wire that gives you instant power. You can even charge it using a 10,000 mAh power bank. 

Selfie ring lights have a battery life of a maximum of 60 to 90 minutes which is suitable for everyday bloggers. Rechargeable ones are better than battery ones as the cost of replacing batteries outshines the benefit of your light. 

What Are the Perks of Using a Ring Light for Your Phone? 

Enlisted below are the top perks you get by using a selfie ring light on your phone. 

Clearer pictures 

We often struggle with finding the right light for images. However, it becomes easier to focus on the picture with a ring light. LED lights are very bright and do not have any irritating shadows. By adjusting the mode, you can take better and clearer pictures. 

Adjustable temperature 

The temperature of your setting determines the quality of your image. Like, you don't want very sharp-looking pictures or dull pictures that don't even focus properly. You can adjust the modes and brightness to take stunning pictures depending on the outdoor condition. 


Unlike ring lights and tripods, selfies lights are tiny in size. They can be adjusted easily in your clutch or bag without covering a lot of space. It is essential to find a suitable size for your phone. 

What Are the LED Modes on Ring Lights? 

Most of the selfie rings or light rings come with different LED modes. This means that you can have a contrast in the lighting scheme. Most lights come with a choice between soft, relaxed, and daylight finishing. 

Soft LED 

The phone's soft white light is designed with a calming theme in mind. This light is not too dim or yellowish to give a sunny vibe. Instead, consider it a cozier version of your standard white LED. Soft light is perfect for people who take a lot of selfies as it draws all focus towards the central character of the picture. 

These lights do not reflect much with soothing properties and offer a denser look to image results. This light is perfect for indoor use as it blends really well with soft house lighting. 

Cool LED

Cool light comes with a sharper look but without straining the eyes. It is designed like LEDs used in your home or any indoor setting. Cool lights provide a neat and clean look that makes any living space look inviting. 

Other than this, it clarifies the picture even more by delivering double the brightness. These lights are designed to give a fresh and focused look to pictures. Perfect for food photography, these lights might not be ideal for taking makeup selfies to enhance the look. 

Daylight LED 

This light comes with a moderate yellow theme that gives you a sun-kissed look no matter where you are. Daylight-themed LEDs are soft and focused, providing you with a sense of neatness. This light is ideal for outdoor use any time of the day but might not blend well with the cool-toned LEDs of your home. 

Unless your home is focused on warmer tones, consider using these lights outdoors. They can also be used in the dark to provide ultimate focus to your pictures. Other than this, daylight LED promotes sterility and alertness.

Rechargeable vs. Replaceable

When looking for the ring lights, you will come across a battery-operated or a rechargeable option. 

Replaceable LED ring light for phone 

Also known as a battery-operated version, these can run with four D batteries for a couple of hours depending on use. A battery-operated right light requires frequent changing of batteries, which means that you need to dispose of them correctly. 

Rechargeable LED ring light for phone 

This version comes with a USB wire, so you can charge it like a phone and reuse it without worrying about dead batteries and disposal. They are an energy-saving and convenient option that allow you to use the light for as long as you want. Despite a short battery life, they can be recharged quickly and become ready for use in a matter of minutes. Rechargeable LED ring lights can also charge your phone if you purchase one with USB slots.