Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face With These Functional Yet Stylish Scrunchies

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Love ’em or hate ’em, scrunchies are back. While this is in no way shocking news, the return of the scrunchie has been happening for a while and there is no shame in wearing them. They have a ton of benefits, come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, and can be easily worn around the wrist when not in use.

Below are some of our favorite hair scrunchies of the moment. We have chosen options in silky fabrics that are known for their gentle way with hair and can be worn for the long haul without any damage, pulling, or dents when pulled out in the morning.

We have also included some luxe velvet ones that will enhance any outfit, a set of bunny-ear style scrunchies that will liven up a ponytail or bun, and some basic cotton blends that will be essential to keep scattered around the house for use at a moment’s notice.

The Top Hair Scrunchies Compared

Scunci Scrunchies  —  Best Overall

This pack of scrunchies comes with six assorted, go-with-everything colors including black, white, red, blue, gray, and brown. These have a waffle-knit design, are gentle on hair, and won’t snag or break strands or leave unsightly hair bumps when you wake up in the morning. These elastics are also super soft and can be used in a variety of ways: pull hair back while sleeping to prevent tangling, keep hair out of the way while washing your face, and can be the ultimate help when transitioning out of a bad haircut.

Kitsch Matte Scrunchies  —  Runner Up

This five-pack of matte scrunchies are great for all hair types from thick or fine and are sturdy enough to wear every single day. They come in a trendy soft color palette including blue, cream, pink, and blush, and are made from a soft, suede-like material that is gentle on the hair. No matter your hair length, they will stretch easily to hold your hair in a ponytail, messy bun, or braid with ease and comfortably stretch to be worn on the wrist when not in use.

HARLOW Velvet Scrunchies  —  Honorable Mention

These luxe velvet beauties are another scrunchie option that is great for all types. This pack comes with six larger-than-average scrunchies in a bunch of great color palettes to match any and all of your favorite outfits. Ideal for all hair types and many occasions, these scrunches will work on the finest of hair to the thickest of manes and will compliment any hairstyle or outfit.

LilySilk Scrunchies  —  Best Material

Whether you need one or a few, this scrunchie set gives you the option of both. Made from 100% raw Mulberry silk, this scrunchie will be soft on the hair, cause no dents or marks, and will reduce overall hair damage when sleeping. These scrunchies are also slightly on the larger side and have a strong elastic hold to enable a multitude of fun hairstyles.

Goody Ouchless Scrunchie  —  Classic Design

This pack of black basic hair scrunchies comes with eight to ensure you will always have one on hand. Designed to be extra gentle, these scrunchies won’t pull or snag the hair and are made from a soft knit material. These scrunchies are also available in all-black options or a variety of fun colors that can only serve to liven up the hair.

Aileam Hair Scrunchies  —  Most Stylish

These rabbit ear-style scrunchies are a slightly unique take on the regular round scrunchie. This set comes with six silky satin scrunchies that will keep your hair up and away from the face and will not cause any hair breakage, damage, or leave dents. These scrunchies are also guaranteed to liven up a boring ponytail and give any nighttime ‘do a fresh, stylish look and feel.

Whaline Velvet Scrunchies  —  Also Consider

This is another pack of six luxe velvet hair scrunchies that are super soft to the touch while being gentle on the hair. These are a larger scrunchie and will fit a variety of hairstyles from buns to ponytails and are ideal with medium to thick hair types. The soft feel of these scrunchies also makes them comfortable to wear around the wrist when you want to change up your hair at the end of the day or keep one on hand just in case.

Buying Guide: Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are no longer 90s accessories! Instead, they have made a big comeback, and you'll find every influencer and celebrity rocking this hair accessory. In this buying guide, you will get the complete lowdown on finding the top hair scrunchies in 2022 to style them properly. From finding which fabric scrunchie is suitable for your hair length and texture to rocking various hairstyles, we’ve got you covered.

How to Select the Perfect Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies come in all forms, sizes, and fabrics, so we have laid out essential pointers to help you narrow down on the top hair scrunchies.

Choose the scrunchie size

Scrunchies nowadays come in various sizes. So whether you are one for mini and dainty bands or you like the oversized scrunchies, you can have any pick you want. However, people often get confused about which scrunchie size is right for them.

One of the essential factors is your hair density and type when choosing the scrunchie size that’s right for you. For example, if you have extremely fine and thin hair, the oversized scrunchies won’t stay put and will slip off all the time. Similarly, if you have thicker hair, mini scrunchies will only cause strain on your scalp.

Therefore, it is wise to ensure that the scrunchie size would be the right fit for you, depending on hair length and thickness.

Choose the scrunchie fabric and design

The top hair scrunchies are so diverse that they can go perfectly for any event, whether it's a work call, casual outing, leisure setting, or a fancy dinner. Scrunchies are so popular because they are available in various fabrics, colors, designs, and textures.

Nowadays, scrunchie brands manufacture this diverse accessory in every fabric you can think of. Organic cotton, linen, silk, velvet, and satin are some of the most common fabric options you will find for hair scrunchies.

However, the question remains, which fabric scrunchie is right for you! Of course, the right answer depends on your personal preferences and styling game, but we have a few pointers that will help you pick the right scrunchie for your hair.

  • Pick a few velvet scrunchies if you want smooth, bump-free ponytails or hairstyles. The soft fabric does not tug at your hair, reducing any potential hair damage.
  • Another highly popular fabric for scrunchies is silk or satin. Not only do these fabrics save your hair from frizz and breakage, but they also make a perfect accessory to adorn your stylish buns and ponytails for elegant occasions.
  • These scrunchies are also perfect to loosely tie your hair when you hit the sack to prevent hair damage.
  • Now, if you are someone with silky and long hair, you will need a slip-free scrunchie.
  • Cotton and synthetic fabric scrunchies with printed designs and solid colors are a perfect solution in such stances.

Determine your hair type

Before you flick out your cards to hoard a bunch of scrunchies in every design and color, you must determine your hair type first. While hair scrunchies are available for every hair type and texture, it is best to factor in your hair parameters when shopping for this accessory. For instance, with extremely fine hair, you can opt for frayed and rough-textured scrunchies to create some friction. On the other hand, for curly or thick hair, organza scrunchies hold well. Conclusively, getting to know your hair type is helpful in picking out the best hair scrunchie.

How to Style Hair Scrunchies

There are multiple ways and ideas to upscale your hair game with scrunchies.

Perfect for all hairstyles

Do you want to put up your hair in braids, buns, ponytails, or half updos? Hair scrunchies look great with all kinds of hairstyles, so rock your favorite hairdo.

Play with different styles

Hair scrunchies come with various embellishments, bow details, and scarf tails. Silk hair scrunchies with long tail and bow details are all the rage right now. Plus, they jazz up your casual outfit with a chic twist.

Go bold!

You can play safe with hair scrunchies for a sweet date look or experiment with bold and attention-grabbing scrunchie styling for insta-worthy looks. Oversized scrunchies are the most viral trend to follow with casual outfits. You can pair your neutral sweats with neon scrunchies to add a bit of oomph. Or, opt for unique leather scrunchies to pull out a daring look to paint the town red.

Why Are Scrunchies the Best Hair Accessory for You?

Hair scrunchies are the trendiest accessory right now, but there’s more to it.

Scrunchies are functional & diverse

Whether you want to tie up your hair for a sweaty workout session or put your hair in a messy bun for a casual hangout, hair scrunchies come in handy at all times. Plus, at times when you want to keep your hair down, you can also sport the fluffy scrunchie on your wrist - without it looking out of place. The scrunchies make a great statement accessory to tame your tresses and to rock as a wristband.

Your luscious locks will love the hair scrunchies

Traditional hair ties and elastic bands can cause massive damage and breakage to your tresses. The soft and fluffy hair scrunchies are perfect for protective hairstyles, suitable for all hair types. With this scrunchie, you won’t have to worry about hair tangles and unnecessary breakage.

Hair scrunchies are a fashion-forward accessory

Hair scrunchies do not come in just plain, boring colors. Instead, this trendy hair accessory comes in various fabric choices, colors, patterns, designs, and textures. So whether you like solid-colored scrunchies or attractive patterns are what you dig, you will be spoiled for choices.