The Best Green Screen Backdrops Are Great for Photography

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Enhance your photography and video sessions with a new green screen backdrop. These backgrounds are great additions to anyone wanting to start a new hobby or simply enhance your video or photography creations with backgrounds without having to spend a ton of money.

We have found some great green screens in 2022 on Amazon below that are ideal for both professional studios and those just starting out their photography and video-creating careers. These backdrops are all made from cotton or polyester, muslin-type material that is wrinkle-resistant and can be easily folded down for on-the-go location shoots.

In addition to individual screens, we have also found an all-inclusive starter bundle that comes with everything you need to start your chroma key photography or videography, is under $100, and can be put together in about 20 minutes.

Our Favorite Green Screens of 2022

Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Backdrop  —  Best Overall

Fancierstudio’s double-sided green and blue backgrounds are made from high-quality material with excellent durability and portability. These backgrounds are collapsible, reversible, and finished on all sides and simply pop up when ready for use. They measure 5 ft. x 6.5 ft. in size and are easy and convenient to carry around to your next location shoot or make a great in-house background to keep on hand. These backgrounds also have fabric loops on the side for portrait or landscape hanging.


  • A handy carry bag is included for practical storage and transportation


  • Folding them back down may take some practice

LimoStudio Green Chromakey Backdrop  —  Runner Up

LimoStudio’s Green Muslin Backdrop is an essential item for any amateur or professional studio setup. Made from easy to care for nylon, this background is ideal for online sellers, YouTube video makers, and essentially any studio home or office. This green screen also works great for portraits and object product shooting. This backdrop is lightweight, seamless, has a weaving surface that is crimped along the edge to prevent tears, and comes with three photography backdrop clamps to securely hold it in place.


  • This backdrop is machine washable, non-reflective, and wrinkle-free


  • No stand is included

Emart Photography Backdrop Kit  —  Honorable Mention

The extensive Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop Screen Kit from Emart has everything you need for a professional photo shoot in the comfort of your own home.  Included in this kit is a backdrop stand support system, one premium-quality muslin/cotton green screen background, two spring backdrop clamps, two photography light stands, and two lamp holders. It also has two white umbrella reflectors, two 45W studio lights bulbs, and one travel bag. This kit is suitable for heavy-duty work and each included piece is made of high-quality construction, will help to eliminate glare, and is lightweight and easy to set up.


  • The included travel bag makes setting up and breaking down easy and moving from location to location even easier


  • If you don’t need a whole studio set up, another option might be better

MOHOO Green Chromakey Muslin Backdrop  —  Contender

Mohoo’s green screen backdrop is another backdrop option that is made of muslin cloth in the front and satin fabric in the back. The muslin side is thick and matte while the fabric side is anti-wrinkle and dust resistant and is opaque to ensure no leakage, ensuring every shot and edit is perfect. This green screen backdrop is also foldable with a generous size of 7 x 5 feet and comes with six metal ring clamps to help hang up the backdrop.


  • Easily use a clothing steamer to remove any unintended wrinkles when unfolding


  • The hanging stand is not included and needs to be ordered separately

Utebit Green Screen Backdrop  —  Also Consider

The green screen backdrop by Utebit is made of 100% polyester which tends to wrinkle less than cotton and recovers easier when unfolded. This backdrop is five feet wide and has a crossbar hole design for crossbar or photography background stands. You also have the option of draping or hanging this background vertically or horizontally and stitching along all edges to prevent tears.


  • This backdrop is machine washable


  • This does not come with a background stand

Buying Guide: Green Screens

Although the action world seems realistic on a television screen, they aren't anything more than a few audiovisual tricks. One of the most common tools used for that purpose is a green screen. This tool makes it possible to change backgrounds easily. So whether you want to record a weather broadcast or you are just interested in hiding your messy room during a Zoom meeting, a green screen can be a lifesaver.

Since it's one of those tools that are a must for video making and conference calls, it is something worth considering. Nonetheless, without the right set of strategies, you won't get a great screen; rather you might end up with a cheap green plastic that certainly won't work as a professional backdrop.

Don't fret, with this buying guide you will get all the information you need in one place. So, without further ado let's get started!

What Actually Is a Green Screen?

It is a green-colored setting that is used to add digital effects to a clip. The screen is used to film a video and uses the chroma key technique. The sheet got its name owing to its green hue. Nonetheless, there are other colored screens used for this particular purpose too.

The main aim of choosing the color green was due to its lack of use anywhere else on the screen. The reason why virtual backgrounds on applications like Zoom don't work as well as they should is that there is no solid color behind the speaker. This makes it hard to distinguish between two colors.

Fortunately, with a green screen, the background can easily be switched without the constant hassle of keeping an eye on the screen.

The Science Behind Green Screens

If you have ever seen a "behind the scenes" segment of any action movie, you may have realized that superheroes don't fly or fight with a huge real inferno behind them. This is all thanks to the green screen employed while shooting. The technique, although known for quite some time, is chroma key compositing.

This technique dissipates the image or videos based on colors. The hues help distinguish between them. This layering then permits the addition of more effects in the back layer of the video resulting in super creative and remarkable results.

What Are the Types of Green Screens?

Green screens can be distinguished based on many factors. Here we have jotted down the primary ones to help you learn how to differentiate between them.

Screen size

A green screen varies a lot with regards to sizing. Some come in massive backdrops that can help cover the entire room, whereas some are just enough for a small-scale photoshoot.

Screen color

Although the name mentions a green color, there are many popular color choices in the market. A blue screen is also used to perform the same role as a green screen. Similarly, besides these, many other colors like black, white, and gray are employed too.

Screen material

There are so many types of green screens on the basis of their material. For example, a green screen can be created by painting a white wall with a chroma key green color. Similarly, a green fabric screen and a plastic sheet are great options too.

What to Look For While Buying a Green Screen?

When you are out to get your hands on a green screen, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Your needs

The first thing to analyze is your needs. This is by far the most important factor to consider. The green screen you purchase would differ depending on why you need it.

For example, if you want to buy a green screen for a product photoshoot, a portable and small-sized one would work great. Whereas if it's extended coverage you are looking for, then a bigger sheet is required.


The size of the screen is utterly important. You have to purchase a screen that is for the task you want. While buying, always keep the dimensions of your location in mind. Compare them with the green screen size to ensure it fits or covers the space you wanted.


Green screens have to be positioned in many different places. This helps turn any spot into any place you want, thanks to audiovisual techniques. Ensure that the one you purchase has the feature of easy packing, which helps in transporting it.


The color of the screen should not be present anywhere else on set. Otherwise, it would interfere with the editing. For example, if you intend to record someone who happens to wear a green shirt, it's best to use a different color back screen to avoid making them invisible.


The material should be something that can last a while and requires minimum maintenance. For example, if you opt for a fabric green screen, it is prone to wrinkling, which would require flattening out. Similarly, painting is only possible if you have the wall to yourself.

How to Use a Green Screen?

One of the biggest questions in the mind of a beginner filming enthusiast is the use of a green screen. It is pretty straightforward and all you need to do is set up the green screen at the back of your set.

Afterward, position the lighting in a way that doesn't cast a shadow on the green screen. Lastly, you have to set the camera's angle accurately on the green screen and you're all set to shoot!