The Best Table Mic Stands for Hands-Free Use

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If you are in the mood to start a video channel, want to do some at-home voiceover recording, or enter into the ever-growing podcast territory, one of the essential items you will need is a desktop or table mic stand.

A table mic stand is simply a sturdy stand, usually made from some kind of steel or iron that holds a microphone for hands-free usage. More commonly seen on a stage or studio, table mic stands are smaller in stature and made to be placed on a desktop, counter, or any tabletop for convenience.

Below are quality table mic stands of 2022 on Amazon that are ideal in any home or office and will work for anyone just starting out in-home recording or a pro who requires a reliable compact stand. Our options will fit most and/or all microphones available, are all adjustable, and have steady and sturdy bases to keep the stands balanced and stable.

Finest Table Mic Stand Worth Considering in 2022

On-Stage Microphone Stand  —  Best Overall

The Microphone Stand by On-Stage is a reliable and adjustable option for all your podcasting and announcing needs. This is a desktop-based stand with a removable shaft, made with a die-cast steel clutch that provides generous height adjustments from 9-13 inches. Ideal for starter YouTubers and podcasting novices, it doesn’t take up much space, has five rubber feet that provide stability, and is an all-around sturdy and reliable mic.


  • The removable shaft is available with a black powder or chrome finish


  • This does not come with a microphone

Gator Frameworks Microphone Stand  —  Runner Up

The microphone stand by Gator Frameworks is a short microphone stand with a weighted base and is a perfect, multipurpose mic stand for recording or live sound applications. Its weighted base is also useful when using heavier microphones that need additional balance and is constructed of heavy-duty steel for long-term performance. This mic sand also comes complete with a soft-grip, ergonomic twist clutch that easily adjusts the height with a simple turn. Its convenient shape and texture also provide the perfect grip for the active user or if you are sharing the mic with a guest.


  • This stand fits both US and Euro microphone clips


  • The screws are plastic

Pyle Desktop Microphone Stand  —  Honorable Mention

The Universal Tabletop Microphone Stand by Pyle allows you versatile positioning with its bendable and flexible shaft and is perfect for your table, desk, or anywhere else you would like to place it. Great for in-studio or on-stage performances, this lightweight yet durable microphone is made from solid die-cast iron and has a U-shaped base that provides stability and precise balance to keep it from falling. This stand also offers a quiet and effortless mic adjustment and is lightweight making it easy to transport.


  • This microphone comes with a universal clip attachment


  • The microphone clip is not detachable

Samson Desktop Microphone Stand  —  Contender

Samson’s MD5 is your basic desktop microphone stand that is the ideal mic accessory for any desktop studio. This stand measures 5 inches in height to allow for optimal mic positioning and its low-profile design blends in anywhere it may go. This stand is designed to hold any standard microphone, has a weighted metal base for maximum stability, and is perfect for podcasts, voiceovers, recording music, or any other desktop application where ideal mic placement is essential.


  • For its price point, it’s a great stand that is durable and steady


  • This mic stand does not have any height adjustments

ChromaCast Microphone Stand  —  Also Consider

ChromaCast’s Microphone Stand is an adjustable table stand that makes home recording or any short height micing situations accessible and easy. Ideal for bass drum mics, podcasting, or voice-overs, this simple, easy-to-use stand is compact and can be taken to any live show or let you record at home with ease. Made with scratch-resistant, powder-coated, die-cast metal, this durable mic stand also comes with a convenient microphone holder.


  • Non-slip rubber bumpers on the base protect tabletops


  • This does not come with instructions

InnoGear Desktop Microphone Stand  —  Editor's Pick

InnoGear’s Desktop Mic Stand is widely used for broadcasting, meetings, singing, and many other occasions and activities. Made from 100% iron and pure solid construction, this mic stand features a weighted diameter base to keep it steady and it comes with protection on the base so that moving it around will cause minimal noise and won’t leave any scratches on the table.


  • This stand comes with metal male and female screws


  • A microphone is not included

Moukey Desk Microphone Stand  —  Another Option

The Tabletop Mic stand by Moukey is another great desktop mic stand with some upgraded specs including its ability to support multiple types of microphones, its non-slip microphone clip, and an adjustment knob for easy adjustment of the microphone clip angle. This microphone stand also utilizes a screw-in style microphone which is much more secure and tight, ensuring it stays at its set height without sliding down.


  • This stand is suitable for most wired or wireless microphones on the market


  • The mechanism that holds the mic is made of plastic

Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Table Mic Stand

Attempting to record audio from your home professionally is a tough nut to crack. You have to invest in a high-end microphone, a flexible stand, and many accessories. A table mic stand is essential no matter the microphone you have since it will help position and adjust the microphone at the ideal distance to record flawless audio.

Without a table mic stand, you won't be able to set your microphone on any surface. Table microphone stands are also ideal if you plan on recording long hours of audio such as podcasts or lectures. These stands will let you sit and record comfortably.

Once you search for this on-demand item in the market, you will see many varieties. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean the one you plan to buy is the perfect one. That is why we prepped the ultimate buying guide to get your hands on the right table mic stand.

Here Are the Different Types of Mic Stands Out There

Many mics stands are distinguished on the basis of their purpose and design. Here are just a few to let you get a whiff of the diversity.

Base differentiated

There are two types of stands under this particular category. Firstly, the one with a traditional base helps stabilize the mic holder. Secondly, the tripod stand, owing to its use in other electronic devices, has gained quite a large fan base compared to the conventional one.

Overhead stand

As the name points out, it's one of those mic stands that place the mic over your head. They are generally treated as a recording mic that hangs over instruments or individuals. For example, as in the case of drums, an overhead mic is an ideal choice for recording.

Low-level stand

These are placed on the floor to record audio. For example, if you want to record the voice of a guitar you won't be using a mic aimed at your mouth. Similarly, in this case, this stand is comfortably placed on the floor and records the music in an ideal setup.

Primary Components of a Table Mic Stand

We will go a little into the details of the parts to better understand the structure of a mic stand.


The holder is the topmost part of a table mic stand. It is designed to hold a microphone. Some mic stands can only house specific microphones. At the same time, others are flexible and will fit a wide range of microphone types. The holder should be flexible but sturdy since it will be holding the most important recording equipment.


The stand of a table mic holder has the characteristic feature of being adjustable. It can be tightened or loosened which aids in setting up the perfect distance for the microphone from your mouth. The stand makes the holder look similar to a desk lamp.


There are two types of bases or stands of table mic holders. Firstly, we have a simple base that is composed of metal or plastic plates. This is usually circular and helps place the holder on the table. It is slightly heavier, which helps keep the mic steady.

On the other hand, we have tripod stands that don't have a base. Rather, the bases are three-legged stands that are also quite flexible and have a more contemporary look.

What to Look For While Buying a Mic Stand?

One of the biggest dilemmas is getting your hands on an item you won't regret after a while. Most of the time, the product we buy enthusiastically is of poor quality. That is why it's essential to keep quality as well as the following in mind while getting one.


The size of a mic stand is one of the most important decisions. You have to go for something that fits the height and overall size you're looking for and has adjustable parts to ensure a custom fit according to the situation.


The weight of the mic stand helps judge its quality and convenience of it. It would help if you looked for something slightly on the heavy side to ensure that the weight can help in firmly placing the mic on the table. However, don't choose something too bulky as it would be harder to travel with it.


As a recording artist, you may have to go to many places for recording vocals and music. That is why the equipment you have with you should also be something that you can easily transport from one location to another.

Bulky and heavy stands will be a huge hassle if you keep traveling with them. Loads of recurrent packing and shifting of equipment can cause it to break too. That is why you should always look for a stand that can easily be packed and taken with you.


The stand you buy must be long-lasting. A sturdy and well-built stand is great for all users and will last as long as you take care of it. Look for something that has durable material and top-notch manufacturing.


You also have to keep the budget in mind. You can't buy something over your budget as you will have to cut it out somewhere else. You should always have a price range in mind when you purchase one and stay under it. This, if planned out, can help you get something you like all the while being pocket friendly.