Keep Sweat at Bay Wearing the Best Exercise Headbands

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Whether you love to exercise, practice yoga, or just want to hang out without hair getting in your face, exercise headbands are a must-have accessory. These headbands are all easy-to-wear, very versatile, and can be used in a variety of ways including keeping hair off and away from your face and absorbing and evaporating excess sweat so it stays away from your eyes, face, and neck.

In addition to being great exercise accessories, these exercise bands are known to be great for use under any hat, helmet, or headgear, and even for everyday jobs including construction work, and chefs.

Below are some great exercise headbands in 2022 we found on Amazon. They come in a variety of fun color and width options, are all light-in-weight, and stretchy enough for a firm yet comfortable hold. Some of our options have even included headbands with non-slip technology that uses silicone strips inside the band to ensure it stays in place comfortably during your entire fitness routine.

Our Favorite Exercise Headband Worth Considering in 2022

DASUTA Athletic Headband  —  Best Overall

This set comes with 10 soft and stretchy headbands that are ideal for any type of health and fitness training. Made from soft and stretchy, eco-friendly materials, this unisex headband fits easily around the head while maintaining a comfortable fit that won’t slip or slide. It also has moisture-wicking qualities that keep it anti-bacterial and odor-controlling while making it even more comfortable without any worry of chafing or itching on the forehead.


  • This headband is fully reversible and comes in 10 stylish colors


  • Hand wash and air dry only for optimal wear

poshei Sweat Headband  —  Runner Up

These headbands are light-in-weight, perfect for any activity, and a great way to keep your hair in place during a workout. This set comes in a pack of four, neutral and easy to pair colors, and is snug while still feeling soft. In addition to being worn by themselves, they make the ideal headband for use under any hat, helmet, or headgear to help keep sweat and your hair away from your face. Lastly, these headbands are designed to stay comfortably secure on your head and will never slip out of place.


  • This headband fits both men and women


  • These headbands are on the thin side and may have to be switched out more regularly during a hot day or sweaty workout

Temple Tape Headbands  —  Honorable Mention

This sweatband is made to keep you dry and fresh underneath any headgear you choose to put it under or can be worn alone to keep the sweat away. Whether you wear it under your baseball cap, football helmet, hard hat, or even mascot head, these one-size-fits-all headbands absorb and evaporate sweat eight times faster than an average cotton sweatband and are slim and lightweight. Great for both indoor and outdoor wear, these will also keep your ears warm during the colder months and keep you cool during the warmer months all while eliminating sweat


  • This headband is made from specially blended materials that provide all grip and no-slip


  • If you are a severe sweater, another option might be better

Heathyoga Non-Slip Headband  —  Contender

These headbands are made from similar breathable and stretchy material as our other options except this one features a unique silicone bar design inside the headband to keep it in place during any of your sweatiest activities. Its breathable and stretchy material offers comfort and absorbs and evaporates sweat three times faster than an average cotton sweatband, keeping the sweat and hair out of your face during any workout.


  • An elastic band on the outside back of the headband easily stretches to adjust to your specific size needs


  • This headband is very wide and if you prefer a thinner band, another option might be better

JOEYOUNG Sport Headbands  —  Also Consider

This sports headband is another super lightweight option that provides a tapered design to cover your forehead. These headbands are slightly different as they feature a special foldable inner design that allows you to wear them as an extra-wide headband or fold it towards the middle for a more narrow look. Whichever way you choose to wear it, this headband also incorporates moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbing properties, dries quickly, and can be worn for any of your favorite, sweat-inducing activities.


  • These headbands are durable and made to withstand numerous machine washings


  • These may feel slightly snug on the head

Buying Guide: Exercise Headbands

Working out can be a sweaty affair. Headbands offer a stylish solution to this problem while keeping your hair off your face. Feeling comfortable while you work out will elevate your performance, and help you work out for longer.

There are many types of exercise headbands available with different features. With so many options, choosing the best exercise headband for your needs may feel like a daunting task.

We’re here to help you choose the top exercise headbands in 2022. Read on to find out more.

Who Needs an Exercise Headband?

While an exercise headband is perfect for sports, it can also be used for other things as well. For example, if you have children, an exercise headband is a great way to keep your hair out of your eyes when you are playing with them. In addition, people can also use an exercise headband in a pinch when they want to put on makeup and don’t have any bobbles around - we all know how easy it is to lose every bobble in the house!

Key Features of Exercise Headbands

There are several things you can consider before purchasing an exercise headband to ensure you choose the most compatible product. Continue reading to see what we suggest.


Choose an exercise headband with plenty of elasticity. Exercising with too much pressure on your head will cause you to have a headache. If the headband is flexible and the right size, this should not be an issue.


There are different styles of exercise headbands available. Some may have a twist or a bow in the front. You may prefer a block color or something with a pattern. Some exercise headbands include some sparkly thread. If you have a specific design in mind, you can begin your search with this idea.


Purchasing a reversible headband gives you two styles for the price of one. This is an excellent option if you are unsure of the style you want to purchase.


In the winter you may prefer a thicker headband. For most of the year, a thinner headband that will not add to your warmth will be beneficial.


You may prefer a wide headband that covers the top of your head. Alternatively, you could choose a thinner headband that only covers a little of your forehead and some of your hairline. Some headbands are thick at the front and thin at the back. Others are thick the whole way around. Neither is better than the other; this is a matter of preference.

Ear coverage

Ensure the headband fully covers your ears if you are running outdoors. This will protect your ears from the sun in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. 


The headband should be breathable so you do not get too hot when you exercise. This will also reduce the chances of getting clogged pores and spots.


An exercise headband should be moisture-wicking. For the skin to cool, sweat must move away from it. Moisture-wicking material will help you cool down faster.


An exercise headband will undertake a lot of friction from movement. You may also want to wear an exercise headband under a helmet. This will create even more friction so a durable product is even more important.

Ensure the seams are strong but not protruding as this can cause friction against your skin and cause sores and discomfort.


Exercise headbands get dirty with sweat easily. For this reason, being machine washable is a useful feature. For hygiene purposes, you should wash your headband after every workout.


If you take our advice and wash your headband regularly, you will want to choose a headband made from a fast-drying material. This will ensure you always have an exercise headband when you need it.

Customer reviews

Before you purchase a headband, read the accompanying customer reviews. They will tell you if the headband is as advertised and a little about its fit and durability.

How to Find the Perfect Exercise Headband Color for Your Skin Tone

The color of your headband should match your skin undertone. If your veins are bluish-purple, you have cool skin undertones. If they are green, you have warm undertones. If you have a mixture of both, you have neutral skin undertones.

If you have cool skin undertones opt for a headband that is green, blue, gray, silver, lilac, or pink. Those with warm undertones should choose a headband that is orange, olive green, red, brown, gold, or bronze. Those with neutral skin tones can wear any of the colors we have suggested.

All skin tones suit plum and emerald green. You can have pale or dark skin and cool or warm undertones. If you are darker you can opt for bolder colors. If you are paler you should opt for more pastel versions of the colors we have suggested.