Amp Up Your Accessorizing Game With the 5 Best Choker Necklaces in 2022

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Chokers have made a magnificent comeback in recent years. They’ve exploded so massively in the fashion scene that even if you wanted to, you cannot escape the allure of trying one on yourself. Do you remember the daring 90s when every celebrity and rockstar was rocking one version of the choker or another? Well, choker necklaces are back, and they’re here to stay! Hence, we are counting down the most premium choker necklaces in 2022 that you can get your hands on right away.

Chokers have gotten a serious glow-up and are available in a bunch of different styles. This accessory has so much variation - from leather collars and lacey patterns to layered metal necklaces. You will be spoiled with choices. However, we aim to make the buying process easier for you. So, read this article to find the right choker necklace to adorn your neck.

Top of the Line Choker Necklace of 2022

BBTO Necklace  —  Best Overall

choker necklace reviews

Key Features

  • Comes in a pack of four necklaces
  • 4 layered pieces in each pack
  • Chains have star charms, moon signs, heart pendants, etc.
  • Made of high-quality alloy with delicate details

If you are an accessory diva and cannot complete a look without adding a statement piece, invest in BBTO’s layered choker necklace. Each layered choker set contains 4 different style variations with star charms, moon signs, heart pendants, and many more. If you are a serious accessory hoarder, you can get all 5 choker sets to add to your collection. This delicate choker is manufactured with alloy, and it demands proper care and storage. Since this dazzling necklace is in a league of its own and elevates any outfit, it deserves some love.

Aisansty Necklace  —  Runner Up

choker necklace reviews

Key Features

  • Triple-layered necklace with varying lengths
  • Contains attractive charm pendants
  • Gold-plated and polished brass, scratch-resistant chain
  • Lead-free, high-quality manufactured choker

Gone are the days when only bold choker necklaces were all the rage. Dainty accessories have taken over big time, and delicate chokers by Aisanty are a real statement piece. This layered necklace features dangling pendants that will enhance your decolletage. The gold-plated and polished brass necklace promises enhanced durability and is highly scratch resistant. This layered choker won’t cause you allergies, leave marks or stains on your skin. Plus, this layered necklace does not at all tug on your sensitive skin. So rock this eye-catching accessory to uplift your mood and boost your confidence. What’s even better? You can also sport these necklaces separately.

MEVECCO Necklace  —  Honorable Mention

choker necklace reviews

Key Features

  • 14K gold plated choker necklace
  • Fade-proof, lead-free material - safe for your skin
  • Comes with proper packaging
  • Available in different design variants

Going out for a dinner date or an elegant luncheon? Our next pick of top choker necklaces is a gold-plated variant that will help you tackle any event in style. The signature design of this necklace stands out with its flower accents. Plus, the 13.7” diameter of this stylish neckpiece sits on your nape, giving it an elongated appearance. The MEVECCO exclusive collection is available in different design variants: single, layered, and beaded chokers. So whether you are a fan of single-string chokers or layered designs with bead and charm accents, this particular necklace offers something for everyone.

Outee Necklace Set  —  Best Variety

choker necklace reviews

Key Features

  • Contains whopping 19 pieces suitable for any edgy look
  • Comes with a velvet storage pouch
  • Each choker is approximately 30 cm long
  • Lobster clasp ensures secure closure

For true choker enthusiasts, the Outee 20-piece choker necklace set will satisfy all your cravings to strike an edgy and bold look. The assorted choker pieces are made of various materials such as velvet, lace, shiny alloy, and ribbons. Plus, these choker necklaces come with high-quality metal clasps to offer a secure closure. For that perfect vintage vibe and goth look, you can opt for any piece from this set. The solid, plain chokers, lacey designs, and pendant style fitted necklaces are bold statement pieces to jazz up your subtle and demure outfits. The metal detailing, construction quality, and design variability of this choker set leaves nothing to desire. Just slip one of your favorite choker designs from the set onto your slender neck and make people drool over this classy accessory.

Trasfit Necklace  —  Also Consider

choker necklace reviews

Key Features

  • Made of velvet, ribbon, lace and metal
  • Contains 10 designs in one set
  • Each necklace is carefully wrapped
  • Don’t have a stretchy fit

Unleash the goth queen in you with the perfect 10-piece choker necklace set from Trasfit. This one isn’t for the faint of hearts. The 10 choker designs on this particular set will speak to fashionistas who like to keep their style game bold, edgy, and with a hint of darkness. Whether you want to flaunt plain velvet chokers with a single gem pendant emulating the victorian era look or a 90s goth funk with a thick lace design is your gem, this particular necklace set has it all. Center details such as tassels, bold pendants, charms, and dangling gems contribute to elevating the gothic vibe of this dynamic set. The great thing about this necklace is that you can style them over plain outfits to add some spice for everyday accessorizing or go all out to express your gothic soul perfectly.

Buying Guide: Choker Necklaces

Chokers aren’t your average accessory - they’re statement pieces. If you don’t don them right or style them a certain way, choker necklaces can look comical and gaudy. We have left no stone unturned in this buyer’s guide to help you find the top choker necklaces for women.

The History of Chokers

Chokers have a recurrent presence throughout fashion history in one way or another. This trendy necklace form is specifically tied snug around your neck, resembling a collar, has rich and diverse origins. From its earliest representation in the 15th century in Anne Boleyn’s portraits to women sporting a red ribbon around their necks during the 17th-century French revolution, chokers have a deep-rooted and exciting history.

Throughout history, chokers have gotten interesting symbolisms - sometimes as a fashionable, luxurious accessory and other times as a mark of identity, ownership, promiscuity, representing sexual connotations. Interesting, right? A simple accessory around your nape represents and symbolizes so many different interpretations through the years. That’s what makes choker a true statement piece!

With royals such as Queen Victoria sporting choker forms in the early centuries, the accessory became a raging success in the 20s and 40s era among women in the form of leather, velvet, and pearl material. The actual layered choker necklace trend has to be attributed to the 20s. Then came the roaring and flashy 90s, where every celeb and rockstar had collars around their necks, making them a fashion staple among the masses.

We believe this lesson on choker history has you itching to get your hands on this controversial yet alluring accessory.

Essential Pointers to Consider When Buying Collar Style Jewelry

How to properly fit & measure a choker

An ill-fitted choker won’t do you any good. Neither in terms of style nor in comfort. Hence, it is essential to look for the best neckband that fits comfortably around your neck and looks great. If you aren’t sure how the choker would fit you, measure the diameter of your neck. Just loop a soft measuring tape around your neck; take the reading and 2 inches more to it. The final number would be a comfortable choker on your neck. Generally, high-quality chokers have a length of 13-16 inches that can fit snugly on any neck. Plus, the extender chain on the back helps adjust and fit the necklace properly.

Find the right choker for your neck and face shape

Styling and accessorizing are all about enhancing your best features and concealing your problem areas. Admittedly, accessorizing chokers is a slippery slope, and you have to be aware of your face and neck shape to enhance your overall look. However, since these neckband accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so, you can pick and choose what you like.

Round face: If you have a round face shape, you should avoid chokers that are too chunky and wide. Instead, opt for delicate layered pieces that gradually extend in length up to your cleavage to have elongated neck illusions. Also, go for gold-plated pieces to create dimension in your look.

Oval & heart-shaped faces: You’re in luck because most premium-designed choker necklaces look stunning on heart-shaped and oval faces. Also, since your chin is narrow, wide and bold chokers prominently reveal your neck and face shape.

Long and slender necks: If you have a long and slim neck, you can opt for various choker styles without thinking twice. Plus, chokers with intricate detailing and gem accents will look amazing on you.

Short And wide necks: The choker choices can be limited for you, but they aren’t nil. If you have a wider neck, you should opt for slim and dainty chokers to add an elongated effect. Wide and chunky necklaces aren’t a good look for you.

Find the choker style you like

The 90s tattoo chokers aren’t your only option nowadays. There’s no end to choker styles, material, designs, and textures. All you have to do is scour Instagram or check out our recommendations above to find a choker that tickles your fancy. For instance, you can opt for layered necklaces for a chic look or go all daredevil with leather and chain collars to make your look edgier. If you are into spending and splurging on accessories, you can go for gold or diamond-encrusted pendants to flaunt your taste. Plus, Instagram feeds are bursting with black chokers bringing the goth and vintage look back. All in all, there’s something for everyone when it comes to choker styles.

Do Not Choke on the Choker - Myths About This Accessory

This fashion-forward and trendy accessory is having its moment, and you shouldn’t hold back on it. Choker necklaces might look like an intimidating accessory to some; however, once you play and experiment with this jewelry, you’ll be a fan. So, we’re debunking the biggest choker myths in this section.

Chokers are sexual objects

That’s an inaccurate assumption. Some forms of leather collars used for sexual connotations and a sparse history of chokers symbolizing promiscuity and provocation do not make this accessory a no-go area. They have equally been worn by queens, princesses, celebrities, and general masses throughout the years as a piece of jewelry to enhance and adorn your neck. You cannot box an accessory as acceptable and taboo, just because one necklace hangs low and the other fits around your neck.

Chokers will choke you

Chokers aren’t metal clasps and torture devices that will suffocate you. Your neck muscles aren’t as fragile as you might think. Plus, chokers aren’t tied around your neck with a deathlock. It’s just like any other necklace that rests comfortably around your neck.

Chokers are not for plus-sized people

Well, who made these rules? Just because you have a specific body type does not mean you’re barred from rocking a choker. You do you! It's 2022, and with the right styling hacks, any body type can put on a choker and flaunt the heck out of it.