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The Best Chain Necklaces To Wear for Any Occasion

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Whether you are attending a lavish party or going out for a casual gathering, a chain necklace can work on any occasion. If you think only a set of earrings or a bracelet is enough, you’re mistaken; a necklace is an essential piece of jewelry that makes you stand out, as it instantly enhances your appearance and makes you look more stylish and confident. What’s more, they’re no longer limited to women. Men who love being bold can also wear them. However, finding one out of a plethora of options on the market can be nerve racking. That’s why we have shortlisted some of the most fashionable chain necklaces in 2024 to narrow down the choices for you. They look fantastic and suit all outfits. Additionally, they are made of high-quality material that lasts a long time without losing its spark.

Reviewing the Top Chain Necklaces of 2024 in Detail

ChainsPro Men Necklace  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • 316 stainless steel for high resistance and sturdiness
  • Nickel-free chain is safe for your skin
  • 10mm width allows to use it alone or with other chains
  • Durable lobster clasp keeps it unbreakable

This Cuban chain is the right fit for men who love hip-hop styles. Its oval links engaged with one another in a rope pattern reflects masculine beauty, and since it’s 10 mm in width, which is neither too thick nor too thin, you can pair it with other neck chains or wear it alone; either way looks great. Moreover, it is made of 316L stainless steel, which reflects a beautiful shine and has high resistance to corrosion and rust.

Because this chain necklace is three times stronger than most regular-plated neck chains you’ll find on the market, you can pair it with any pendant of your choice. It also won't break or damage with slight pressure, so you can expect it to go long without losing its spark. Additionally, it measures 18 inches in length, which keeps it at an appropriate height.

Honolulu Jewelry Necklace  —  Best for Daily Use

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Key Features

  • 925-grade sterling silver makes it long-lasting
  • Lightweight makes it comfortable it comfortable to wear
  • Rhodium finish for lustrous shine
  • Long enough to suit necks of different shapes

If you want something to wear regularly for almost every occasion, this piece of jewelry is just the right option. It is slim in design, which works well with various outfits like casual tees or a hot gown. What’s more, its silver color allows you to pair it with any earrings or accessories. The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and is coated with rhodium for extra sturdiness. It also makes it tarnish-free, which means it won't lose its shine even after regular use.

Additionally, this chain necklace weighs only 1 gramm. Thus, you won't feel uncomfortable while wearing it. It is also 18 inches long, fitting well on necks of various shapes and sizes. We also love that its design ensures that it won't tangle with your hair.

Aobei Pearl Choker  —  Best for All Sizes

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Key Features

  • Rolo chain design makes it minimalist and allows air to pass for comfort
  • Plated with 18-carat gold to protect against external damaging elements like water
  • Oval links allow you to adjust its size easily
  • Starburst charm for a chic and beautiful appearance

This chain necklace is a must-have item in your summer collection because summer is the best time to show off cool and elegant styles. Despite its simple design, it looks appealing and is a perfect fit for all occasions. It is also so light in weight that it won't cause discomfort while wearing. Additionally, it is coated with 18-carat gold that makes it tarnish-free, even after multiple uses. One of the best advantages of this piece is its two inches extender chain that enables you to get the firm fitting you desire if needed. What’s more, it is equipped with a 10x10 mm starburst charm at its end, making it look unique.

Miabella Italian Necklace  —  Best for All

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Key Features

  • Figaro style chain is suitable for both men and women
  • 5mm thickness makes it extremely strong as well as durable
  • 925 sterling silver for a solid shine and durability
  • Nickel-free and hypoallergenic material keeps it safe for sensitive skin

If you are bored of simple chains and want something bold, this Italian chain necklace will win your heart with its diamond-cut style that goes well with both casual and formal attires. It is constructed of 925 sterling silver with a high-quality finish for a rich shine. Moreover, it is 5 mm wide and thick and can endure daily wear without any worries.

Since it is free from nickel or other allergic materials, it is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Additionally, it is reinforced with a lobster clasp that allows you to open and close the chain quickly. The best bonus, though, is its 100% money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free purchase for you.

Jewlpire Necklace

chain necklace reviews

Key Features

  • Rhodium coating keeps it lustrous and tarnish-free
  • 925 sterling silver and spring ring clasp makes it hard to break
  • Exquisite craftsmanship to reduce the chances of getting tangled in hair or clothes
  • Free from nickel and lead to avoid skin irritations

This chain is awesomely versatile because you can pair it with any pendant and create your personalized necklace whenever you want. The best part is its exquisite craftsmanship that does not tangle in your hair or fabrics. Hence, you don't have to remove the chain while changing clothes or sleeping. It is 1.1 mm thin, which makes it sleek enough to wear comfortably on a daily basis. It is also strong enough that the links won’t deform their shape under pressure.

Its upgraded spring-ring clasp contributes to the durability of the product. On top of everything, it is coated with rhodium, making it shiny and resistant to oxidation. No oxidation means its color and shine won’t fade over time. How great!

How to Find a High-Quality Chain Necklace: A Buyer’s Guide

It's the era of wearing and showcasing exquisite jewelry, and a chain necklace should not be excluded from your lineup. Therefore, we’ve created this in-depth guide to help you effortlessly choose the perfect high-quality chain.

What Are the Different Types of Chains?

There are many types of chain necklaces, but we have mentioned some of the most popular ones below.

Rolo chain

This chain has symmetrical links featured with small round rings. They look unique and are quite strong, but they are still small enough that you can see through their rings.

Figaro chain

These chains contain alternating patterns connected with links. Both men and women love this style, making it an excellent gender-neutral chain. The best part about Figaro chains is that they are easy to fix if their links break.

Curb chain

This is the most common style among chain necklaces. It consists of a series of interconnected uniform links that are designed to lay (and stay) flat on the skin. Due to their heavy and chunky curbs, they are more prevalent among men. However, their thinner versions are a favorite among women.

Cable chain

When you start looking for a chain necklace, you will encounter cable style almost right away because it is the most basic type and is widely popular. These chains are similar to iron chains and consist of identical oval links. They may not look appealing when worn alone but can create unique styles when paired with a beautiful pendant.

Diamond cut chain

As indicated by its name, this chain features a diamond crystal-like structure and can be worn alone or paired with another necklace. It suits both men and women.

How To Pick the Perfect Chain Necklace

Keep these things in mind to ensure that you find the perfect chain for you—the one in which you will both look and feel great in.


The more flexibility, the longer it goes. Your chain should not be too rigid, as it will kink quickly with slight pulling. Pieces made of interconnected and flexible links are more robust as well as durable.


If you want to pair your chain with a pendant, make sure it is thick enough to withstand its weight. A chain with 1-1.5 mm thickness will do the job (while also being chic and minimalist). However, you can also find some chain necklaces with a thickness of 5 mm that do not need to be paired with a pendant.


The most common material used in chain necklaces is 925 sterling silver because it not only provides unbeatable shine and durability but also keeps the necklace tarnish-free. Additionally, the chain should have a polished coating to protect it from damage and keep it lustrous forever. 18-carat gold plating is good enough for shine, while the rhodium coating makes it sturdier as well.


14-16 inch long chains, often described as chokers, stay up on your neck and are visible no matter what you wear. On the other hand, chains with more extensive length lay close to your chest. You can also pair a chain with longer ones, such as 36 inches, to showcase your bold side. If you are unsure which length to choose, go for a medium length that sits below your neck and above your chest.


Long- or medium-sized chains can be put on directly over your head, while smaller ones have a clasp to open and latch around your neck. The clasp should be strong enough that it doesn’t break while wearing. You can go for a spring-ring or lobster clasp, as these are typically unbreakable. Also, they make locking and unlocking the chain an easy task.


Wearing a beautiful chain necklace  all day and ending up with rashes and other allergies would be the last thing you want. That is nothing short of a nightmare, so always look for a hypoallergenic piece that is free from lead, nickel, and other harsh elements, as they are harmful to your skin.

Where Can You Wear a Chain Necklace?

You can wear a chain necklace anywhere: the office, home, and gym are all acceptable places to show your spark. Silver chains are not too heavy, making them a perfect accessory for your professional meetings, events, or even on-stage performances. For parties, dates, or other occasions where you want to show out more than usual, pairing the same chain with a bold pendant or multiple chains does the trick.

How To Keep Your Chain Necklace Looking Brand New

If you want to wear a chain necklace regularly but don’t want it to lose its shine, you’ll need to take extra care. Here are a few tips that you can follow.

  • Always wear a chain after putting on a dress and take it off before removing your clothes. This will reduce the chances of it sticking to the fabric.
  • Take it off when bathing or showering, as you don’t want the soap and water to deteriorate its quality.
  • If your necklace is layered with a coating, make sure to give it frequent polish to keep up its shine.