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Zach Bryan’s Girlfriend: All About His Relationship With Brianna Chickenfry & Past Romances

The 'American Heartbreak' singer-songwriter has been in a relationship with social media star Brianna LaPaglia since July 2023. Find out more about their relationship and his past romances here.

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Brianna LaPaglia and Zach Bryan at the 2024 Grammys
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Zach Bryan has been one of the biggest breakout stars of the country music world, following his critically acclaimed 2022 album American Heartbreak. The Oklahoma-raised singer-songwriter, 27, went as he shared videos of himself performing his songs while he was a member of the U.S. Navy. He released his debut album DeAnn, which was dedicated to his late mother, in 2019. His third album and major label debut was American Heartbreak, and he followed it up with the live record All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, which was recorded at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater. He dropped his fourth album Zach Bryan in August 2023.

With many of his songs detailing love and romance, Zach’s own relationships have sparked interest amongst his fans. Most recently, he’s been linked to podcaster Brianna LaPaglia24, and she’s spoken about their romance on Barstool’s BFFs podcast. The duo even made their official red carpet debut at the 2024 Grammy Awards. After winning his first Grammy at the 2024 awards show, Brianna congratulated him on her Instagram Stories by writing, “OK HE WON A GRAMMY ALREADY,” across a picture of Zach flipping off the camera.

Brianna LaPaglia and Zach Bryan at the 2024 Grammys

Find out more about Zach’s relationship with Brianna and his prior marriage here.

Brianna LaPaglia

Zach has been dating Brianna since July 2023. (CraSH/Shutterstock)

Zach has been dating Brianna, who is also known by her online handle Brianna Chickenfry, since July 2023. Besides the BFFs podcast, Brianna is also a social media star, who went viral on Vine and TikTok. She also hosts the podcast Plan Bri Uncut. 

While the “Something in the Orange” singer and podcaster have only been dating since July, Brianna did detail that they met at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023 in a vlog. “All I want to do is meet Zach Bryan,” she said early in the clip. She detailed meeting him and later described him as “The nicest man I have ever met in my entire life.”

After the ACMs, Brianna revealed that she attended Zach’s New York City concert with her then-boyfriend, and they went on-stage during the concert. After the show, she revealed that she had made a podcast, shouting him out, and he slid into her DMs to say he appreciated it on her BFFs podcast. In July, she said that the two of them were spending time together and it was “fun” and “casual” on Plan Bri Uncut

In August, the podcaster revealed that she and Zach were dating on the BFFs podcast. Barstool owner Dave Portnoy “grilled” her on the podcast, giving her a hard time since she didn’t go public with him on their show. When she clarified their relationship timeline, she revealed that the first time they really spent time together, they went on an 18-hour car ride and talked the entire home. “He’s like the nicest, most genuine person I’ve ever met. He’s so normal,” she said. “This guy’s actually awesome.”

When Zach dropped his self-titled album, fans were looking for any signs of Brianna, and her podcast co-hosts revealed that she was there when he recorded one of the songs. What appears to be her laugh could be heard in the background of his song “Smaller Acts,” which was apparently recorded as a voice memo in a field. Even though she didn’t really confirm or deny whether the laugh was hers, Brianna said that the song wasn’t about her. “He recorded it on his phone,” she said on the podcast. “It’s not about me. I was just there when he recorded it.”

Deb Peifer

Before hitting it off with Brianna Chickenfry, Zach was in a relationship with Deb PeiferThe pair were together for about 18 months when they called it quits in May 2023, per Page SixPrior to their split, Deb had shared tons of photos of the two of them on her social media, including the two of them at a football game for Zach’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Since the split, she seems to have deleted them.

The “I Remember Everything Singer” tweeted out a statement announcing their breakup. “For transparency and with respect I am letting everyone know Debra and me went our separate ways about a week and a half ago. Things are mutual between us, we’re leaving with plenty memories and good times. I beg so much that everyone respects her and my privacy through a hard time,” he wrote.

Rose Madden

Before he rose to fame, Zach was briefly married to Naval Officer Rose MaddenHe revealed that they’d tied the knot when he responded to a fan asking for new merch in a tweet. “Ya sorry brother had to get married that’s my bad,” he joked. With his two new relationships, it’s clear that Zach and Rose have split up. Neither has publicly addressed the split, but they’ve cleared photos of each of them from their social media.