‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Ending Explained: [Spoiler] Dies In Gut-Wrenching Twist

The 'Yellowjackets' season 2 finale ended with the shocking death of a beloved main survivor. Here's everything that went down in that game-changing finale.

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The Yellowjackets season 2 finale begins with Natalie making the long walk back to the cabin. Travis is overjoyed to see her alive, but she doesn’t have it in her to tell him what happened to Javi. Shauna, Van, and Misty soon arrive carrying Javi’s body. “The wilderness chose,” Natalie tells him. Travis cries over Javi’s body.

When the group gets back to the cabin, Misty tells Lottie that they’re going to eat Javi. She explains what happened after they drew cards. Lottie is horrified. “I didn’t want this,” Lottie says. Misty snaps, “You started this. It’s done. And it’s going to save all of our lives.” Lottie can’t start making people feel bad about it now.

Misty comes downstairs and tells the group that Lottie is pleased. Shauna grabs the knife and walks outside where Travis is still crying over Javi’s frozen corpse. Shauna, Tai, and Van prepare Javi’s body. Shauna begins to shake. Out of everyone, Javi was the most innocent of them all. He didn’t deserve this. Shauna covers her eyes and begins to cut.

Steven Krueger
Steven Krueger as Coach Ben. (Showtime)

Coach Ben arrives back and stumbles upon a bloody scene. He soon realizes it’s Javi and runs into Natalie. Coach Ben explains that he found Javi’s secret hiding spot and wants Natalie to come with him. “You’re not like the rest of the girls,” he says. Natalie responds, “Actually, I’m worse. I let him die in my place. It was supposed to be me.” Natalie tells Coach Ben that he’s a good person. “You don’t really belong in this place,” she says.

Meanwhile, Van tries to talk to Travis. “Let your brother save you, Travis,” Van says. “Don’t you owe him at least that?” Shauna soon arrives at the cabin carrying what remains of Javi. His heart is on a slab. She calls to Travis and hands him Javi’s heart. He takes a bite of Javi’s heart in front of everyone and puts it on the pan to fry. The rest soon follow with the rest of Javi.

Misty goes upstairs to get Lottie to eat. Lottie is still stricken over what happened. Misty doesn’t have time for this. “Your team needs you. Eat,” she commands.

Lottie comes downstairs and announces that ‘it’ has chosen who’s going to lead them out of the winter and to survival: Natalie. Natalie is absolutely stunned. “We tried to kill you, and ‘it’ wouldn’t let us,” Lottie says before bowing to Natalie. Coach Ben is watching in horror from outside. The rest of the survivors follow Lottie’s lead and pledge their allegiance to their new queen. Travis does the same, except he puts Natalie’s hand on his heart.

Sophie Thatcher
Sophie Thatcher as teen Natalie. (Showtime)

A New Hunt For A New Day

In the present day, Lottie is still convinced that they need to give the wilderness what it wants. She grabs one of the possibly poisoned cups, but Shauna stops her. Shauna tells Lottie that they should “give it a hunt.” She’s just placating Lottie to give the rest of the group some time. Tai and Misty play along.

Natalie doesn’t understand why Shauna is humoring Lottie in the slightest. The others discuss having Lottie committed, but Natalie doesn’t think it’s just that simple. Van agrees. The root of the problem is Lottie hasn’t gotten over what happened in the woods, and we all know “where that leads” when Lottie’s in that mindset.

The group plans for the “hunt.” Walter tags along to help Misty. Jeff and Callie arrive at the wellness center, but Lottie’s followers have it all blocked off. Kevin and Sam drive up as well. Things are about to get complicated. Jeff and Callie spot Walter and Kevyn talking. Jeff tells Callie to go find Shauna. He walks up to Kevyn and confesses that he killed Adam. He’s very convincing, too. Suddenly, Kevyn passes out right in front of Jeff’s eyes. Walter poisoned him!

Natalie goes to Lisa and urges her to leave while she still can. Natalie pleads with Lisa to go. Natalie thanks Lisa for trying to teach her forgiveness. “It’s a nice idea,” Natalie says.

Callie and Sam cross paths on the wellness center property. She’s got her gun for protection, thankfully. The conversation is interrupted by a fake call from Kevyn, courtesy of Walter.

Lottie goes through the deck of cards. After Shauna shuffles, Van says she’ll draw first. Taissa goes next, begrudgingly. The rest follow. None of them draw the queen in the first round. Lottie says they have to go again. They keep drawing until Shauna finally draws the queen. The mood shifts. The others put on masks and Lottie tells Shauna, “You can submit, or you can run.” Shauna wants them all to drop the act. “You know there’s no ‘it,’ right? It was just us,” Shauna says. Lottie replies, “Is there a difference?”

Sam finds Kevyn in the trunk of the car. Walter shows up and shoots Kevyn in the trunk. He explains that Sam has a choice. Walter has framed Kevyn for everything, but he can easily shift everything to be pointed at Sam.

A Shocking Sacrifice Ends In Tragedy

Lottie, Taissa, Van, Misty, and Natalie run through the woods after Shauna. Callie shoots Lottie as she defends her mother. Lottie has never met Callie before, and she’s amazed by Shauna’s daughter. “It’s here. It’s with us now,” Lottie proclaims. Shauna wants to know where the psych team is. Van and Taissa called off the psych team because Lottie is like this because of them.

Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis as adult Natalie. (Showtime)

The situation gets even more chaotic when Lisa shows up with a gun. Natalie tries to calm her down. Misty has a needle full of poison ready to strike. She makes a run at Lisa, but Natalie steps in front of her, so Misty ends up stabbing Natalie. This is the atonement she’s been craving all these years after Javi died in her place.

Misty freaks out as Natalie dies right in front of her eyes. Natalie finds herself on a plane. But this time, she’s not going to the wilderness. She’s going somewhere else entirely. Natalie sees Javi, a younger version of herself, and young Lottie on the plane. “It’s not evil. Just hungry. Like us. Just let it in,” Lottie says. Natalie takes her final breaths in Misty’s arms. Her death is deemed a drug overdose. Natalie’s death parallels Javi’s death in that both were unintentional but will change everything.

Once the police arrive, Walter lets Misty know that the Adam Martin situation has been solved. “Walter, I killed my best friend,” Misty cries. Van and Taissa tell Lottie that she’s going to go away for a while. “We gave ‘it’ what it wanted. ‘It’ is pleased with us. You’ll see,” she says.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale Last Moments

The final moments of the season 2 finale take us back to the wilderness. Shauna is writing in her journal when she smells smoke. She runs downstairs and yells for everyone to wake up. The cabin is on fire, and the door won’t open. Taissa manages to break down the door with an axe.

Everyone is able to make it outside before the cabin burns completely. While we don’t see who set the fire, the prime suspect is Coach Ben. However, his decision may push the survivors further into madness.