Kieran Rhodes: 5 Things About The Talented Singer & Pianist Auditioning For ‘AGT’

Kieran Rhodes will be taking the stage during the latest round of 'AGT' auditions on June 21. Get to know this rising star in the music world.

Kieran Rhodes
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The America’s Got Talent season 17 auditions are underway, and Kieran Rhodes will be making his first appearance during the June 21 episode. He’ll be performing for the judges and showing off his voice to America. The 20-year-old will also be playing the piano as part of his performance.

Who is Kieran Rhodes? He’s a singer to keep your eye on as the season continues. From how he got his audition to his past with baseball, here’s what you need to know about Kieran.

Kieran Rhodes
Kieran Rhodes during his ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

1. Kieran got an audition after a producer saw him perform.

An AGT producer caught one of his performances in Boston and asked him to audition for the show. “Frankly, America’s Got Talent wasn’t even a thought in my mind at all,” Kieran told Times Union. “She saw me play and came to me and said ‘I need to have you on the show.’ She pitched me to her executives and they OK’ed me. And they pulled me right on. It was crazy and I’m super, super grateful.”

2. Kieran has released several singles already.

Kieran’s latest single is “Getaway Car,” which is available to stream now. He released “Disengage” in March 2022. The singer dropped his first single in 2020.

3. Kieran was a baseball player before turning to music.

Kieran was a baseball player throughout his high school years. Even after discovering music, he still stayed on the baseball team until he graduated. “During that whole crossover period, I would run from baseball practice to music rehearsals. My friends poked fun of me because I wasn’t a 100 percent jock anymore. It was a complete change, but my coaches were very, very supportive of my decision to do music. I’m very grateful,” Kieran also told Times Union.

4. Kieran is originally from New York.

Kieran grew up in Burnt Hills, New York. He now attends the Berklee College of Music, a private music college in Boston. He traveled to Pasadena to audition for AGT.

5. Kieran’s mother is a singer.

Kieran’s mother, Mia Scirocco, is a professional singer. During his freshman year of high school, Kieran discovered his mother’s piano. His love of music grew from there, and he taught himself how to play.

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