Goody Grace: 5 Things About Canadian Musician, 22, Caught Holding Hands With Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale appears to be making sweet music with someone new. The 'Underworld' star was seen holding hands with singer-songwriter Good Grace, so get the scoop on this musician.

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After Kate Beckinsale finalized her divorce from Len Wiseman in 2019, the 46-year-old star of the Underworld franchise has dived headfirst back into the dating pool. After a sweet but short-lived romance with Pete Davidson and flings with comedians Matt Rife and Jack Whitehall, it seemed Kate was single again. That changed on Sunday (Apr. 12) when she was seen walking hand-in-hand with Goody Grace. Kate and Goody, 22, went for a PDA-filled stroll, and they’ve reportedly been an item for a few months now. So, who is the new man in Kate’s life?

1. He’s a musician from a small town in Manitoba. Hailing from the small town of Selkirk, Goody relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 at the age of 17. While couch surfing and playing gigs, he started to build a buzz. His 2015 song, “Memories,” was given a high-profile remix featuring A$AP Ant and Jessie Rutherford. He continued to perform, landing spots at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and the Firefly festivals. During which, Goody’s song “Two Shots” (featuring gnash, who just dropped a new song) blew up on Spotify, and he ultimately landed a deal with Atlantic Records.

2. He made his major label in 2018. “I’ve been playing music for a long time and dabble in a lot of different styles, and I’ve made some songs that are more rock or more acoustic or more hip-hop. Through creating a project, I forced myself to find a balance and the exact sound that I want,” he explained to AltPress in 2018, the same year he released Infinite.

“If you sit and listen to Infinite, it’s a cohesive experience, and that’s what I’m always trying to convey in my music,” Goody said. “It all comes from the same place creatively, but… I’ve gotten way more confident and understand what I feel my strong points are.” Citing blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Gucci Mane, Tom Waits, Wiz Khalifa, Danzig, and Johnny Cash as influences, he “combines his love of hip-hop and acoustic guitar” into his own signature style, per AllMusic.

3. He teamed up with his heroes in 2019. Last year, Goody released “Scumbag,” a collaboration with blink-182. For Goody, it was a dream come true. “Blink-182 is the reason I started playing guitar when I was a kid,” he said, per OnesToWatch. “Their music helped me through my entire childhood and teenage years, and I couldn’t be more honored to have them on a song of mine. Travis Barker reached out to me last fall to open for Blink in Las Vegas, and we’ve become great friends since then. I hope ‘Scumbag’ can be the anthem for people’s lives, such as Blink’s entire discography is for me.”

4. Goody has a connection to Pete Davidson. In a case of “Six Degrees of Separation,” Goody has a connection with one of Kate’s exes. Goody performed with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly at a Los Angeles concert in December 2019, according to Us Weekly. MGK happens to be one of Pete’s best friends, so hopefully, that wasn’t awkward at all. It mustn’t have been, because, both Goody and MGK are featured on Mod Sun’s single, “Stay Away,” which is set for an Apr. 24 release date.

5. He vibes on infinity. Goody has the infinity symbol tattooed on his wrist, according to his Atlantic Records bio. The symbol “ultimately codifies his mindset,” per the bio. “Anything is possible,” he says. “I came from a super small town and moved to L.A. and was able to live my dream. It’s proof that possibilities are infinite. I hope everyone takes that from my music.”


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