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Gnash Captures The Loneliness & Longing Of The Moment With His Emotional New Song ‘Leave’

With everyone separated and self-isolating, multi-platinum singer Gnash deftly sums up the feeling of not 'wanting the people that you love to leave' in his new emotionally stirring track.

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Though written before the global crisis that sent millions seeking shelter in their homes, “leave,” the new song from singer/songwriter gnash, oddly feels of the current moment. It’s a song about “not wanting the people that “you love to leave” you, and that sentiment seems to be at an all-time high. The synchronicity aside, “leave” is a brilliant demonstration of “less is more.” The starkness of the track captures that indomitable space between two separate beings as it grows wider. “I’m not saying I know how to save this /I’m just saying we’ve been here before,” he sings as if he’s emotionally exhausted. It’s a perfect choice, as gnash conveys a weariness, an almost futile hope that he won’t end up alone.

“‘leave’ is a song about not wanting the people that you love to leave,” gnash tells HollywoodLife while acknowledging the timing of the track’s release. “We all want somebody to stay, especially right now. We’ve been staying in watching Netflix with the cats & patiently awaiting the Schitt’s Creek finale.” In addition to seeing how John, Alexis, David, and Moira end up, gnash says he’s been “meditating, making new songs, & playing Animal Crossing to pass the time.”

This new song follows gnash’s recent string of singles, which includes January’s “hungover & miss u,” and “fear,” which came out in February. These songs, along with “leave” — which was co-produced with Imad Royal (who worked with Panic! At The Disco and The Chainsmokers) – will appear on gnash’s upcoming EP, which is set for later this year. His next record promises to strike a different tone, a more developed sound. If it displays the masterful songwriting heard on “leave,” then that alone is a reason to stick around.

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It’s been four years since gnash first emerged in the spotlight with his breakout hit, “i hate u, i love u.” Featured on his third EP – us, which followed his two previous EPs, 2015’s u and the follow-up, me – ‘i hate u, i love u’ spent 39 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. He released his full-length debut, we, on Atlantic Records in 2019. Since his debut, gnash has been everywhere – from the TODAY show to Late Night with Seth Meyers. He’s also a strong advocate for mental health, and has been open about his struggles. gnash has publicly acknowledged the benefits therapy has had on his life and has used his story to show fans that its ok to have feelings. And, through his music, he has encouraged people to find their own unique way to express them.