Gavin Whitson: 5 Things To Know About The Competitive ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’ Finalist

Ahead of the season finale of 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction,' get to know more about finalist, Gavin Whitson, right here!

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Gavin Whitson is competing for the $1 million prize and title of SOLE SURVIVOR on the finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction May 15. He’s up against some tough competition, though: Rick Devens, Julie Rosenberg, Victoria Baamonde and Lauren O’Connell are also still in the running. Plus, one player will re-enter the game from the Edge of Extinction before a winner is crowned. Although Gavin started out the game on the dominant tribe in a core alliance, he was not always in a power position throughout the game, but still fought his way to the final five. Here’s more to know about him:

1. He got married two days before leaving to film ‘Survivor.’ Before Gavin was cast on Survivor, he was in the midst of planning his wedding to his fiancee, Carly. Their wedding was set to take place the week AFTER he left to film the show, but when he found out he was cast, Carly moved up the nuptials to beforehand. They tied the knot just TWO days before he left for filming, and didn’t see each other again until she visited him on the island during the loved ones visit on Day 30. WOW!

2. He works as a YMCA Program Director. Gavin is the director of a YMCA program in East Tennessee. He’s also been in charge of running a summer camp for 100 kids.

3. He’s a longtime fan of ‘Survivor.’ Gavin has been watching the show for years. In fact, his passion for the game is what convinced Carly to move up the wedding date without hesitation. “I have this internal drive to win this show,” Gavin admitted. “I listen to the theme song when I shower and dream of winning immunity. It’s just a burning desire I have always had.”

4. He loves Disney! Gavin has tons of photos from Disney on his Instagram page and said in his Survivor bio that one of his hobbies is “going to Disney World.”

5. He almost didn’t end up with the woman he married! When Gavin first asked Carly out five years before their wedding, she actually said no. He tried again a year later, and she finally agreed, which eventually led to their engagement and wedding.

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