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Firerose: 5 Things About Billy Ray Cyrus’ Fiancée

Billy Ray Cyrus is officially engaged to singer Firerose. Here are five things to know about the Australian beauty!

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Billy Ray Cyrus has met his match once more. The Achy Breaky Heart singer, 61, confirmed he was engaged to singer Firerose in an interview with People out Nov. 16, 2022, calling the Australian songwriter his “soulmate.” It was only this past April that Billy Ray finalized his divorce from wife of 28-years Tish Cyrus, 55.

People were surprised when Firerose sparked engagement rumors by sporting a diamond ring on her Instagram on Sept. 13. Two months later, Miley Cyrus‘ daddy made the news public, while also sharing the sweet story of how the couple met and became friends. “[It’s a] happy, pure love that to me, I didn’t know could exist,” he told People.

Want to find out more about Billy Ray Cyrus’ new lady? Keep reading to learn five things about Firerose!

1. Firerose Got Her Name From Her Grandma

Firerose, whose age is unknown, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, according to her website. She told People that her unique name was given to her by her grandmother as a child. “It’s always how I’ve identified,” she said, adding it is now her legal name.

Firerose grew up in a family of symphony musicians. Prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, Firerose graduated from the Newtown School for the Performing Arts in Sydney. Her website also states that some of her biggest inspirations include Sia, Alanis Morisette and Australian rock bands Powderfinger, INXS, and Silverchair.

2. Firerose & Billy Ray Are Engaged

Billy Ray
Firerose and singer Billy Ray Cyrus are engaged. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Billy Ray announced that he and Firerose were headed for the altar in Nov. 2022 in an interview with People. He was super direct with the proposal. As Firerose remembered, “Billy looked at me and said, ‘Do you, do you wanna marry me?’ And I was just like, ‘Of course I do. I love you. He said, ‘I love you. I wanna make this official. I wanna be with you forever.'” While he didn’t have a ring at the time, they eventually designed the perfect sparkler together.

The engagement rumors began when the blonde beauty showed off that huge diamond ring on her Instagram in Sep. 2022. She captioned the set of photos, “Taking in the moment…”, and even tagged her man. A few days later the couple was spotted “Searching for UFOs” together in a video on her Instagram. Firerose and Billy were driving around a rural area and blasting music in the car.

3. Firerose & Billy Ray Cyrus Met A Decade Ago

While the engagement may seem surprising, the couple has actually known each other for a long time. Billy Ray began dating Firerose around 2021 after first splitting from Tish. During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan in Aug. 2021, Firerose revealed that she met the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer on the set of Hannah Montana.

We actually met 10 years ago on the set of Hannah Montana,” the songstress said. “Billy Ray’s been a phenomenal supporter of my music ever since. He’s just really believed in me and continued to tell me to pursue my dreams no matter what and not give up. The music industry is not easy, but he’s been just a really, really incredible support [sic].” And as many know, Billy’s daughter, Miley, was the star of the hit Disney show from 2006 to 2011.

4. Their Relationship Began With Music

Billy recounted their origin story once more with People in 2022, explaining how he helped introduce Firerose to some “casting agents, producers, and writers” after a chance meeting. A “solid” friendship blossomed from there, and during the pandemic, they began writing music together. “She plays all of her own instruments and writes her own songs,” Billy gushed about his fiance. “We began sharing music, and it just evolved.”

The pair released their song “New Day” in July 2021, during which time Billy Ray’s marriage was in crisis. “Billy confided in me a lot of what was going on in his life,” Firerose told People. “I was just the best friend I could possibly be, supporting him.”

5. Tough Times Brought Them Closer

Billy Ray and Firerose’s relationship got more serious during dark times for many — what was the middle of the COVID pandemic. Billy remembered with People, “There was sickness and death, and hard times. “All of a sudden, the life that I’ve always known as a touring artist didn’t exist anymore. A moment of so much change.”

He found so much comfort in Firerose, telling the magazine, “At the same time, Firerose, who had been such a light of positivity, such a best friend. And then when we began sharing the music, it just evolved more into, as musical soulmates, to soulmates, happy, pure love that to me, I didn’t know could exist. Again, we’re musicians, first and foremost, both of us. And we found this harmony, and this rhythm, this melody to life.”

Firerose was also by Billy Ray’s side when his mother passed away in summer 2022. Shortly before, his then-girlfriend moved to his Franklin, Tennessee farm, where he would pop the question.

Their song “Time” was inspired by that period, as he told People, “I’ve spent my life worried about things that are beyond my control. But at this spot in my life, knowing that all you really have is the happiness that you feel inside your mind and your heart… Finding Firerose and getting engaged and then losing my mom [a few weeks later]—see? The teeter-totter will not stay in the middle. But having somebody to ride it out with now—that’s giving me a little more balance.”