‘RHOSLC’ Season 5 Updates: Monica Garcia Is Reportedly Leaving the Show

From when the show will return, to the latest report regarding Monica Garcia's future with the franchise, here is everything we know about the next season of 'RHOSLC.'

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is bound to deliver an avalanche of drama when it returns for season 5. The fourth season of the hit Bravo series concludes with the third part of the reunion on January 23. There’s plenty of ongoing issues between the cast in the wake of the reveal that Monica Garcia was running a social media account that trolled her fellow cast members. PEOPLE reported on January 23 that Monica will not return to the show for season 5, but she has yet to confirm the news herself.

Below is everything we know so far about season 5 of RHOSLC.

RHOSLC Season 5 Premiere Date

Bravo has not officially announced when RHOSLC will return for season 5. The season is expected to begin shooting in February, according to PEOPLE. Fans are expecting season 5 to premiere in September 2024.

RHOSLC Season 5 Cast

Heather Gay, Monica Garcia, Whitney Rose, and Meredith Marks. (Photo: Bravo)

The cast for RHOSLC season 5 has yet to be confirmed. PEOPLE reported on January 23 that Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, and Angie Katsanevas will be back for season 5. It’s unclear if Mary Cosby, who rejoined the show as a “Friend Of,” will be back for season 5.

Season 4 was the first season of the show not to feature Jen Shah, who was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for her role in a telemarketing scheme. Jen is serving time at FPC Bryan in Texas until May 2028.

Since Mary wasn’t featured in most of the second half of season 4 and didn’t get invited to BravoCon, there’s been speculation that she’s leaving the show — again. Mary addressed her future with the franchise in an interview with E! News in December 2023.

“Yeah, maybe,” Mary said about returning as a full-time cast member for season 5. “Only because I feel like I’m here for Monica and if I need to be full cast to make sure she gets where she’s going, I’m here to support her.”

Is Monica Garcia Returning For RHOSLC Season 5?

PEOPLE broke the news that Monica will not be returning for season 5. The publication said that Monica “will not be joining” her co-stars “when cameras pick back up” in February, per “multiple sources.” Monica has yet to confirm her exit from the show.

During the season 4 finale, it was revealed in Bermuda that Monica was involved in the Instagram troll account Reality Von Tease which targeted Jen before she went to prison. But the account also went after the other women which is why they’re so upset with Monica.

In addition, Monica and Heather are involved in a lawsuit over a procedure that Monica underwent at Heather’s aesthetics spa, Beauty Lab + Laser.

Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia (Photo: Bravo)

In an interview with Variety in November 2023, Heather declared that she won’t film with Monica again amidst their drama. “I don’t think I ever will, ever. It’s pretty definitive for myself. I can’t speak for my other cast members but for me, it’s pretty clear,” Heather said.

In a later interview with Entertainment Tonight, Heather revealed what it would take for her to film with Monica again. “Right now, we’re not friends and I don’t see us becoming friends, and that’s what it would take,” she said. “It would take accountability, and honesty, and that’s why we’re not friends right now.”

Lisa also addressed whether or not she’d film with Monica again at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21. “The trust is broken,” she told Deadline. “I could never trust her again. I just couldn’t trust her. I don’t want her in my home. I don’t want her in my space.”

Bravo boss Andy Cohen told ET on January 22 that he’s unsure if Monica can ever mend fences with the women to return for season 5. “I think the question is how will Monica, or will Monica, find her way back into this group?” he said. “Part 3 is a deep dive into Reality Von Tease and the black eye. And so at the end, I think you’ll have a sense of where we go next season.”