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‘RHOSLC’ Preview: Angie Throws a Wine Glass During Lisa and Monica’s Heated Fight

A wine glass goes flying and Ted Bundy is brought up at the ladies' Pioneer Day themed lunch on the next episode of 'RHOSLC.'

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Image Credit: Bravo

The feud between Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is just getting started. In an exclusive preview of the November 21 episode, the ladies get together for a Pioneer Day themed lunch, but things go completely off the rails when Lisa, 48, and Monica, 40, get into another fight.

“The real nasty b**** here is you,” Monica says to Lisa from across the table. In response, Lisa slams Monica for previously comparing her own mother to serial killer Ted Bundy.

“No, you called your mom Ted Bundy, and anyone that can talk about their mother like that will never be your friend,” Lisa says, adding, “He used to kill people, have sex with them, decapitate them, and eat them. That’s nasty.”

In a confessional, Whitney Rose points out that it was Jeffrey Dahmer who would eat his victims, not Ted Bundy.

Back to the fight, Monica calls Lisa “fake” and tells her to “just be quiet.”

Angie Katsanevas, who has found herself stuck in the middle of Lisa and Monica’s drama this season, tries to get their attention by smacking her glass of wine with a fork, but that doesn’t stop their arguing.

“You are so nasty on the inside,” Monica says to Lisa. “You are so ugly.”

Lisa tells the group she “hates liars” and that there’s “nothing uglier than a liar.”

The ‘RHOSLC’ women at their Pioneer Day lunch (Photo: Bravo)

As both women continue getting heated, Angie, Whitney, and Heather Gay all try to calm Monica down.

“She’s our friend and you’re being crazy,” Heather tells Monica.

Then, Angie grabs her wine glass, throws it at the ground a few feet away from the table, and yells at Monica to “be quiet for a minute.”

“The hypocrisy is like next level,” Monica says.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo.