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‘RHOSLC’ Star Angie Katsanevas Addresses the ‘Disgusting’ Rumors About Her Husband: ‘These Are Lies’

Angie Katsanevas told 'HollywoodLife' she believes Meredith Marks and Monica Garcia made up the rumor that her husband has sex with men to take her down.

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Angie K
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On the October 3 episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake CityAngie Katsanevas learned from Whitney Rose and Monica Garcia that Meredith Marks was threatening to repeat a troubling rumor about her marriage. The rumor, according to Monica, was that Angie’s husband, Shawn Trujillo, has been stepping out of their marriage to have sex with other men, and that his “boyfriends” have been talking about his alleged affairs around Salt Lake City.

Speaking to HollywoodLife exclusively before the episode aired, Angie vehemently denied that her husband is cheating on her with men. She also blamed Meredith and Monica for spreading these unfounded truths about her marriage on camera.

“These rumors of infidelity have never existed,” Angie said. “My husband and I are allies of the gay community. My husband and I have been together for 30 years. We have been supporting the LGBTQ community for 30 years, not just at events taking photos. We love our gays — both of us. What we are offended at is rumors about infidelity which have absolutely never existed in the Salt Lake City community about our marriage.”

Angie K
Angie Katsanevas and her husband, Shawn, have a 12-year-old daughter (Photo: Fred Hayes/Bravo)

Angie explained that since her husband is a hairdresser, he’s sometimes subject to unfair “stereotypes” about men who work in the beauty industry. But Angie reiterated that her husband, with whom she shares a 12-year-old daughter, is not gay.

In addition, Angie claimed that Meredith and Monica seemingly plotted to spread this rumor about her marriage even before the season started filming.

“They are in it together,” Angie said about her co-stars. She also specifically called out Meredith and her closeness to the LGBTQ community. “I definitely think that focusing on someone’s sexuality is disgusting, especially as a mother of a gay son,” she said.

Angie continued to rail against Meredith and Monica, hinting that this isn’t the only time this season that they go after her marriage.

“If you’re gonna come at mine, the gloves are off. If you’re gonna continue to lie about my marriage, well guess what Meredith? I’m going to tell the truth about yours,” Angie said. “And Monica, if you’re gonna lie about my marriage to put food on your table, me knowing that maybe I helped your family, I’ll take that shot.”

“But these are lies and they have never existed in Salt Lake City,” she added. “I am Salt Lake City, so I feel very confident going forward that these girls needs this, and I don’t. So if this is what you need to have a storyline — go for it.”

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