6 Times Nikki Bella Proudly Showed Off Her Baby Bump In Lingerie & More

Nikki Bella has loved flaunting her growing baby bump ever since she found out that she was expecting her first child! We're taking a look at six of the best moments where she's proudly showed off her pregnant body on her Instagram!

When Nikki Bella found out that she was pregnant with her first child by fiancé Artem Chigvintsev, she was absolutely over the moon! The stunning former WWE wrestler, 36, not only revealed that she was expecting her first little one, but also her twin sister, Brie Bella, was pregnant with her second child at the same time! In the months following their January 2020 joint announcement, the sisters have been documenting their changing bodies, especially Nikki.

It’s really no surprise that Nikki is thrilled to be expecting — after all, it is her first time! All over her Instagram account, Nikki has been putting her growing belly on display, proudly showing off all the changes that are happening to her body as she and Artem prepare to welcome their little one into the world! But before Nikki finally pops, we’re looking back at six times the Total Bellas star showed off her growing baby bump on Instagram!

Nikki Bella In Lingerie

Although it was for a brief moment, Nikki sported some sexy lingerie during her April 23 TikTok with Artem, Brie, and her three-year-old niece, Birdie. During the spliced-together quick change clip set to “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsey featuring Headie One, Nikki went from wearing a silk robe one second to sporting nothing but black lingerie the next as she rushed toward the camera to cover the lens! As soon as the camera was pulled back, however, Nikki revealed her fully dolled-up look with a skintight black dress and bold red lip! By the end of the clip, Nikki was seated alongside her adoring family ready to watch the next episode of Total Bellas!

Nikki Bella With Her Sister

Being pregnant is one thing, but expecting at the same time as your twin sister puts a whole new perspective on one’s pregnancy! We can only imagine how Nikki feels knowing that she has Brie by her side during this thrilling time, and on April 28, both sisters showed off their growing bellies in a sweet snap that Nikki posted to her Instagram. “Both of our babies grew so much last night! Can’t believe [Brie Bella] is 27 weeks and I am almost 26 weeks,” Nikki captioned the beautiful image.

Nikki Bella In A Red Tank Top

Nikki is well known for her fit physique, but as her body changes, she has been more than open about sharing her experience and how her body has adjusted to her pregnancy. In a post where Nikki pulled up her red tank top, she showed just how much her little one was growing by revealing her bare baby bump, nearing 29 weeks along! “Lazy Sunday,” she began the caption to her post, adding a red hard emoji. “Almost 29 weeks (belly button is starting to pop out).”

Nikki Bella In A Maxi Dress

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29 weeks ❤️

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There’s really nothing like marveling at what a pregnant person’s body endures, and Nikki’s followers were truly in awe of her when she posted an image of herself outside lovingly looking down at her growing belly. At 29 weeks, Nikki wore a flowing maxi dress with a slit up the side to her knee as she held onto a cup of tea and basked in the glow of the sunshine. It was such a beautiful moment, one we know Nikki truly loved.

Nikki Bella While She Was Working

There’s no rest for an expectant mom. One moment, you’re working on a podcast, book, or household chores, the next your body is working on growing your baby’s body! While she was busy working on May 24, Nikki showed off her bare bump once again, looking at the camera with a makeup-free face. “It’s been a busy day podcasting [The Bellas Podcast], creating, Memorial Day sales, signing for our memoir, Incomparable for [Premiere Collectibles] and swimming laps. Love that my little one is always sending me love taps throughout the day. Best ever.”

Nikki Bella In Green Undergarments

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Yesterday | 30 weeks

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There should be no shame in normalizing what the body goes through when it is creating a baby, and Nikki had absolutely no discomfort showing off her bare belly again when she sported just a simple pair of lime green undergarments! At 30 weeks, Nikki wholly embraced her body, rubbing her belly and taking a proud, strong stance in front of her mirror while she snapped the photo. We loved seeing her embrace herself and we cannot wait to see what she shares as her pregnancy journey continues!

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