Nikki & Brie Bella Show Off Their Matching Baby Bumps: ‘Our Babies Grew So Much Last Night’ – Pic

The Bellas bumps are blossoming into bouncing bundles of joy. Brie Bella joined her sister, Nikki Bella, to show off how big their babies have gotten!

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Image Credit: KCR/Shutterstock

“Both of our babies grew so much last night!” a very pregnant Nikki Bella, 36, captioned an Apr. 28 Instagram picture of her with equally pregnant sister Brie Bella. After shocking the world that they were both expecting, the Bellas decided to give an update on their progress. In the photo, Nikki (in red) shows off her and Artem Chigvintsev’s growing baby alongside the bun in Brie’s oven. “Can’t believe [Brie] is 27 weeks, and I am almost 26 weeks,” added Nikki, proving that yes, the Bella twins really do everything together, even pregnancy.

This update comes after Nikki’s more risqué (and more hilarious) bump reveal. Four days earlier, she took part in the “Don’t Rush” challenge with Artem, Brie, and Brie’s 2-year-old daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson. As the TikTok challenge dictates, a person switches outfit whenever something obfuscates the camera lens, like it’s some kind of magical wardrobe change. It’s usually a way for a person to do a glow-up, and for Nikki, it was a chance to prove that though she’s 6 months pregnant, she’s still sexy. She started off the video in a silk robe, but after throwing a towel at the camera – boom! She’s suddenly in lingerie.

A shocked Nikki (seems she was in the middle of her change) covered the camera, and when she pulled her hand away, she was in a slim black dress. The rest of the challenge was just as funny, with Brie changing outfits while in bed, her and Bryan Danielson’s daughter Birdie changing into a blue princess dress, and Artem switching into a more dapper flannel shirt.

It appears that Nikki has been passing her time in quarantine by finding new ways to show off her bump. Before doing the “Don’t Rush” challenge, she and Artem took part in the Megan Thee Stallion-inspired #SavageChallenge. While in a white skirt and matching crop top, Nikki danced while showing off her pregnant belly. “Nothing like when your man and your baby are more savage than you!” she captions the video. Fans were reminded how Artem is a professional dancer (so, obviously, he would get the moves down pat.) “Lol feel like I’m moving my mouth like Mykenna [Dorn] from The Bachelor lol I honestly gave up after a few takes, couldn’t get it right!!!!!”

Quarantine hasn’t dampened Nikki and Artem’s spirits. They started 2020 off on a high note by revealing their engagement. Artem had proposed during a romantic trip to Paris in Nov. 2019, but they kept it a secret for weeks. At the end of January, the Bellas announced that they both were pregnant and, as Nikki’s post above shows, are due just weeks apart.

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