‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained: Who Survives The Death Date & More Answers

All the answers about Flight 828 were revealed in the emotional and gripping 'Manifest' series finale as the Death Date approached. Let's break down that shocking ending twist. Spoilers!

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After 4 seasons and a Netflix save, Manifest has taken its last fight. The final 10 episodes — Part 2 of season 4 — dropped June 2 on Netflix and finally gave us the answers we’ve been wanting. The Death Date has arrived and there’s no more running. So, who lived? Who died? What exactly happened in the series finale? Here’s a full explanation of Manifest’s ending:

Cal’s sacrifice has left Ben, Michaela, Olive, and the others unmoored. They’re hiding out at a campsite as the final Death Date approaches. While playing in the woods, Eden stumbles upon a rock with an engraving and inscription. Olive realizes the rock is inscribed with the World card, the volcano and everything.

They show the rock to Saanvi. No one can figure out the inscription. Now that the Death Date has arrived, Olive decides to find a clue about the inscription. Ben doesn’t want Olive nor Eden around if something happens. Jared and Drea agree to go with Olive and Eden to watch after them.

J.R. Ramirez Melissa Roxburgh
J.R. Ramirez and Melissa Roxburgh as Jared and Michaela. (Netflix)

Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and TJ all realize they woke up that morning with the same symptoms of a panic attack. Michaela begins to believe that this is how they’re supposed to die. “As if we exploded in a plane crash,” Ben says.

Meanwhile, Angelina is on the run with her flock. There’s also a volcano rapidly emerging in the New York harbor. It could erupt at any moment.

The other passengers show up after seeing Cal’s beacon. They just knew where to go after they witnessed it. Everyone arrives except for Angelina and her 7 recruits. Cal stands up and makes a speech. He doesn’t know what they’ll face tonight, but he does know that his “son sent that beacon. He gathered us all here. And I have to believe it was important. That it was worth… worth his sacrifice.”

Suddenly, the ground rumbles from beneath them. Ben yells at everyone to get back. Lava erupts from the ground and Flight 828 emerges. Michaela is certain that they have to get on the plane. It’s the only way to survive.

Olive Puts The Pieces Together

Olive figures out what the inscription means: “Forgiveness lightens the heart.” As for the letters “PIXLAZ,” Olive points out that “AZ” stands for Al-Zuras. “PIX” must mean pictures. Al-Zuras has a journal full of pictures. She doesn’t know what the “L” means, but she knows where the journal is.

As Ben and Michaela are helping passengers onto the plane, Angelina shows up and demands they get off of her “ark.” Ben pleads with her to get on the plane as well. This is not about her.

Holly Taylor
Holly Taylor as Angelina. (Netflix)

“But it is Ben. God is ending the world just like he did in the time of Noah. And just as he saved Noah and his family, he will now save my family,” Angelina declares. She orders her crew to get on the plane.

While this is going on, Olive finds the journal and figures everything out as Drea goes into labor. The picture of Ben carrying Olive through the fire isn’t actually Olive, it’s actually Ben carrying Angelina. She immediately calls her dad, but he doesn’t answer. “The only way for you to survive your Death Date is to forgive Angelina.

Meanwhile, the ground begins to rumble where the plane is located. Ben and Michaela urge Angela and the others to get on the plane. Lightning strikes and Saanvi is injured. Angelina is knocked unconscious. Michaela runs into the cockpit. Instead of just heading onto the plane, Ben goes back for Angelina.

He grabs a gun and points it right at her. Olive begs him in her message to forgive Angelina for killing Grace. Angelina admits that she never intended to kill Grace and regrets what happened. Suddenly, there’s an explosion. Angelina is injured even more. She’s ready to die, but Ben refuses to leave her. He carries Angelina to the plane as the world around them explodes, just like the picture foretold.

Who Survives The Death Date?

In the cockpit, Michaela wonders if Amuta can get even get the plane off the ground. As she asks the question, the lava hardens in front of them. They’re able to take off. Outside, a subterranean volcano has exploded. It’s truly the end of the world just like Al-Zuras predicted.

When they’re in the air, Hector can’t seem to catch his breath. Other passengers start feeling the same way Ben, Michaela, TJ, and Saanvi felt earlier. Michaela believes this is their judgment. Paul begins to scream and bursts into ashes in front of everyone.

Josh Dallas
Josh Dallas as Ben Stone. (Netflix)

More passengers begin imploding to ash, dying as they would have on Flight 828. The passengers begin to wonder if they’ll all end up like that. Saanvi points out that only those that deserve it will meet that grisly fate. As the words leave her mouth, her arm begins to glow and crackle.

Adrian begins to show signs that he’s about to die. Eagan begs God to take him instead. In turn, Eagan starts to crackle. Eagan thinks he deserves to die, but Adrian tells him that any man who would sacrifice himself is not a selfish man. Saanvi is moments from death and tells Ben that she’s ready to die. Ben doesn’t want to let her go. Suddenly, Saanvi is okay.

Angelina starts to implode. She thinks because she’s an “angel” that she can’t die, but she still turns to ash. After Angelina’s death, a shadowy figure makes its way around the plane. This Grim Reaper surrounds the passengers. Michaela begs for everyone to be spared. They’ve done everything they can to prove they’re worthy of living. Suddenly, this shadow of death disappears.

Everything outside of the plane is silent. There’s no volcanic activity or explosions. The apocalypse is over. “I think we might’ve just saved the world,” Michaela says. She is called back to the cockpit. Michaela and Amuta see “the long, delirious burning blue” out in the distance. She tells him to take the plane to the middle of the glow. When he does, it feels like the plane has stopped moving. There’s nothing but light outside.

What Is The Final Ending Of Manifest?

The plane door opens. Michaela and Ben hold hands and walk outside, prepared for whatever awaits them. The other passengers follow them. They make their way off the plane, and they end up at the terminal. They look down and find themselves in the same clothes they had on when they first stepped onto the plane.

Grace is there waiting for Ben. “Are we in heaven?” Ben asks his sister. Michaela replies, “I think we’re in Queens.” Michaela runs over to her mother as Grace and Ben reunite. When Grace asks about Cal, young Cal comes running. Cal doesn’t remember anything that’s happened.

The passengers want to know where they are and whether this is real. They’re back on April 7, 2013, the exact day they were supposed to land. They begin to question if they were ever really gone. Was it all a dream? They soon realize that what they experienced was very, very real. Even passengers that died on the way to get to this point find their way to the terminal. “We thought it was a sacrifice, but… it was a gift,” Ben says.

Cal gets his childhood back. Everyone gets a second chance. They’re all in the same Lifeboat now. They just have to live the life they’ve been given as best they can. “They’ll try to explain it as a mass delusion, but we know the truth because we lived it every day for five and a half years. We earned this. The ultimate second chance,” Michaela says in the voiceover.

One notable person who does not get off the plane is Angelina. Her father comes looking for her. “Not everyone survived. But for those of us who did, Flight 828 and everything that came after, bound us together and changed us. It taught us how to live and what’s worth living for,” Michaela says.

Parveen Kaur
Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl. (Netflix)

At baggage claim, TJ runs into young Olive, who has no idea what they experienced together. While this reunion is bittersweet, there is hope for the future. He meets Violet.

Meanwhile, Jared is still waiting on an answer to his proposal. He tells Michaela that he proposed too soon. He wants to be her husband, but he wants her to say yes without hesitation. In that moment, Michaela knows what she has to do.

“I will always, always love you. This trip made me realize a lot, and it made me realize that we want different things, and I don’t wanna change, and I do not want you to change. I think there’s someone better out there for you. Someone who wants everything that you want,” Michaela says to Jared. She gives him the ring back. “I’m backing out because you guys are going to find a way to each other,” she says, talking about Jared and Drea.

Saanvi reunites with Alex, and they share a touching reunion. Alex professes her love for Saanvi and wants to be with her. Saanvi forgives her.

Ben looks over at Saanvi, and Grace wonders who this woman is. Ben reveals that Saanvi is going to be the one to cure Cal. Michaela comes up to them ready to leave after breaking up with Jared. Suddenly, she has a realization and runs out of the airport. Driving one of the cabs is none other than Zeke! She tells a potential passenger that Zeke is her husband, but he doesn’t remember her. She doesn’t care. She tells him to just drive because she has a lot to tell him. That’s an understatement.

Police show up at the airport, and that’s when Jared crosses paths with Drea. Everything has a way of working itself out. The agent in charge is there to investigate why 11 people have seemingly disappeared from an airplane.

Grace wonders what really happened to Ben on that flight. He’s so hopeful. He’s just happy to have his family back whole again. Everyone is with who they’re meant to be with: Ben and Grace, Jared and Drea, Michaela and Zeke.

“No one can explain what happened to us on April 7, 2013. Some people called it impossible. others called it a miracle. All I know is it was the day life changed forever,” Michaela says as Zeke drives away.