Billy Crystal’s Grandchildren: Meet His Four Adorable Grandkids

'When Harry Met Sally' star Billy Crystal might be an actor, husband, & father, but did you know he has four grandchildren? Learn all about the little ones on his 75th birthday!

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Billy Crystal grandkids
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  • Billy Crystal is a famous actor known for his work on When Harry Met Sally, Monsters, Inc., The Princess Bride, and more.
  • He is a proud father to two daughters and he has four grandkids in total.
  • The star has been married to Janice Crystal since 1970.
  • On Mar. 14, 2023, Billy celebrated his 75th birthday and thanked his fans via Twitter for the celebratory wishes.

Billy Crystal is a legendary actor who has worked in Hollywood for several decades. Many recognize him from his iconic movies including When Harry Met Sally, Monsters, Inc., The Princess Bride, City Slickers, and more. In recent years, the 75-year-old took on Broadway for his role on Mr. Saturday Night alongside Randy GraffShoshana Bean, and others. When Billy is not busy working on stage or on the set of movies, he is often spotted spending time with his loving family. Learn more about the star’s kids and four grandchildren below!

Billy Crystal grandkids
Billy Crystal & his family in April 2019. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Billy Crystal’s Grandchildren From Jennifer Crystal Foley

billy crystal's granddaughters
Billy Crystal & his wife, Janice, with their two granddaughters in 2012. (Owen Beiny /

The Here Today star welcomed two daughters with his wife, Janice Crystal, 73, after they got married in 1970. Their two adult children include Lindsay Crystal, 45, and Jennifer Crystal Foley, 50. The latter was the first of his daughters to have children when she gave birth to her daughter, Ella Ryan Foley, 19, in 2003. Jennifer and her husband, Michael Francis Foley, got married in the year 2000, and later welcomed a second daughter, Dylan Frances Foley, 17, in 2006.

During a May 2013 interview with The Guardian the proud grandpa gushed about his first grandchild after Jennifer gave birth to Ella. “When my daughter Jenny was pregnant with our first grandchild, Ella, it was very profound for me because Jenny is my firstborn daughter. One night I wrote down all the things I was waiting to do with my little granddaughter and it became a book, I Already Know I Love You. It was one of those really lovely things in life,” he said at the time.

His Grandkids From Lindsay Crystal

Jennifer’s sister, Lindsay wasn’t far behind after Billy’s eldest welcomed her children. Although little is publicly known about Lindsay’s two kids, it is known that she has two sons who are around 13 and 10 years old, according to PEOPLE. In June 2014, the film producer and mom-of-two took to Twitter to share a glimpse at one her boys with a hilarious photos of their New Balance sneakers. “First steps to becoming a comedy writer(specifically NYC) #startinghimyoung,” she captioned the post. It’s not known if Lindsay is married or not or who she shares her kids with.

What He’s Said About Being A Grandpa

billy crystal and his wife
Billy & Janice Crystal attend an event together in 2019. (Chris Chew/UPI/Shutterstock)

Billy is proud of having grandchildren and has even spoken about them during numerous interviews. Most recently, he gushed about performing in front of them on Broadway in May 2022. “I’m very proud of the fact that at the age of 74, I made my musical comedy debut in front of my grandchildren opening night,” he told the cast of The View at the time. “That was the greatest thrill of all.”

He also noted that he couldn’t help but think about the fact that his grandkids had not seen him perform live. “It was truly moving,” he continued. “[Before the show] I kept thinking about where I started and how these kids who have never seen me live before on stage… never saw me perform — especially this character, that embraces my age now, this is who I am — and I keep getting teary. I had to go, ‘Stop it, stop it, stop it.'” And earlier, in June 2016, he admitted that the kids, at one point, only wanted him to use his “Mike” Wazowski voice from Monsters, Inc. “For a while there, when I was on the phone to them they didn’t really want to talk to me, they wanted to talk to Mike!”, he told the Daily Telegraph, via The Daily Mail.