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Happy 43rd Birthday, Ashton Kutcher: Relive His Most Romantic, PDA Moments With Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have shared so many sweet moments together while out in public, and on Ashton's 43rd birthday, we're looking back at some of our favorites!

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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis
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Happy Birthday, Ashton Kutcher! So many fans have grown up watching the actor and funny man mature over the years. From his days on That ’70s Show to his latest role as a doting father of two and husband of his former ‘70s Show co-star Mila Kunis, 37. These two truly have a storied romance. Although they met on the set of the popular early 2000’s series, it took quite some time for the pair to turn their longtime friendship into something so much more.

After their own relationships — notably Ashton’s marriage to Demi Moore and Mila’s with Macauley Culkin, fizzled out — Mila and Ashton finally took the big step. And they’ve been together ever since! Two children later — Wyatt, 6, and Dimitri, 4  — the couple appear happier than ever! And Ashton and Mila know just how to keep the spark alive. Everyday presents an opportunity for Mila and Ashton to show just how much they love each other — even during quarantine. Recently, the couple, who rarely work together, confirmed they’re co-starring in a 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Cheetos.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are seen at the 2014 Stagecoach Festival on Sunday April 27, 2014 in Indio, CA. (SplashNews)

“It’s so silly! Ashton and I, we never work together. I mean, I know we worked together before…And in the midst of quarantine, they sent us this ad to do and every time I’ve ever been offered a Super Bowl ad it’s always a female having to be scantily clad,” Mila gushed to Entertainment Tonight in Feb. 2021. “And this one comes around, I started laughing so hard and Ashton was like, ‘This is kind of funny.’ And I was like, ‘We should do it!’” The project also offered a chance for the couple to spend some time together. “We were stuck with our children for nine, 12, months at this moment, and I was like, ‘Two days, baby! Two days off.’ Literally we were like, ‘Yeah, OK, let’s do it.’ And so we did it. And I hate saying it but we were like, ‘Freedom!’…It was amazing!” she added.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis share a sweet kiss at a Dodgers Game in 2014. Mila was pregnant with daughter Wyatt at the time! (SplashNews)

Before the COVID-19 quarantine, the couple shared some sweet moments out-and-about. On May 17, 2019, the couple was captured sharing a sweet smooch together while spending some time together in Los Angeles. The casual day out was made so much more special as the pair affirmed their love and affection for one another, proving that after nearly four years together their love is still strong!

Of course, these two often show off their love with their notoriously silly antics. While attending an LA Dodgers baseball game back in 2014, Ashton and Mila decided the sporting event was the perfect opportunity to snap share a romantic kiss — then snap a goofy selfie! The pair made funny faces as they looked at the camera. Ashton opened his mouth wide and squinted his eyes, as Mila followed suit. It was such a cute, fun moment captured of the pair, who just love being goofy together whenever they can! Later, they were seen holding hands as they left the stadium.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis hold hands as they attend a Dodgers Game together in 2014. At the stadium, they were spotted taking a fun selfie together as Mila showed off her then baby bump. (SplashNews)

But even when the couple are on the red carpet, they still find moments to create pockets of intimacy. While attending the red carpet for the 6th Annual Breakthrough Prize event in Mountain View on Dec. 3, 2017, Ashton and Mila smiled brightly for the cameras as they posed together. The couple looked so good together and even shared a few sweet moments. Ashton, at one point, leaned in to Mila to whisper sweet nothings to her as the pair giggled together. It was such a sweet display of love and affection and fans absolutely loved it!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on the red carpet for the 6th Annual Breakthrough Prize event in Mountain View, CA on Dec. 3, 2017. (SplashNews)

Since their marriage in July 2015, Ashton and Mila’s union has grown stronger every single day. All these years later, they have demonstrated that the spark of their love is still there, and show their affection off like smitten youngsters as often as they can! To see more images of Ashton and Mila showing off their love, click through the gallery above!