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Justin Bieber Deletes Apparent Instagram Caption & Fans Are Bummed

If you were hopeful that Justin Bieber might start using Scooter Braun’s Instagram now that his is deleted…we’re going to burst your bubble right now. He got rid of his apparent caption from his manager’s page, and now fans are begging him more than ever to reactivate his account.

August 17, 2016

Kanye West Enlists Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun To Be His Own

Wow, this is the last thing we saw coming! Not only has Kanye West been spending quite a bit of time mentoring Justin Bieber but now he’s just hired his manager, Scooter Braun, to represent him. Does this mean Kanye and the Biebs might go on tour together?

Kanye West is making moves and they involve Justin Bieber! The rapper has been working closely with the man responsible in discovering Justin, Scooter Braun, and he enjoys his creative vision so much that he wants to make it permanent! spoke to a source who who tells us he’s hired the LA-based manager who also reps Carly Rae Jepsen, Tori Kelly and Madison Beer.

April 1, 2016
Justin Bieber Troubled Year

Justin Bieber: Manager Explains Singer’s Scary Dark Year — ‘He Could Die’

Yikes! Justin Bieber’s own manager Scooter Braun was so worried about the singer in 2013 that he thought he was so over worked that it could cost the Biebs is own life! Read on for the shocking new report.

Oh no! What would we do in a world without Justin Bieber? That’s the scary question that his own manager Scooter Braun contemplated in a revealing new interview. He felt that the singer was so overworked a few years ago that it might actually kill him! You’ll never believe what his own manager has to say about him.

December 25, 2015
justin bieber make a wish foundation

Justin Bieber Singing & Getting Kissed By Fans At Make A Wish Foundation Event — Watch

Justin sure is making a Belieber out of us all! The superstar philanthropist took time out of his busy schedule to sing to — and share a few kisses with! — some very lucky fans from the Make A Wish Foundation.

Justin Bieber, 21, really knows how to give us all the feels! Granting wishes for young patients who are fighting life-threatening medical conditions and participating in the Make A Wish Foundation, the pop star gave a private concert at LA’s Lucky Strike, performing some of his biggest hits like “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Baby,” and “Boyfriend.” But best of all? The Biebs got up close and personal with his admirers — and even snuck in a few smooches with them! #Swoon. You’ve just gotta see this!

May 27, 2015
Justin Bieber Performance Ariana Grande

Justin Bieber: The Real Reason He Performed With Ariana Grande

Justin gave fans the shock of a lifetime when he performed with Ariana during her March 28 Miami concert. Turns out, Justin and Ari’s manager Scooter Braun ‘was the brains’ behind Justin’s surprise appearance, learned EXCLUSIVELY. Find out why he had Justin join Ariana!

We have Scooter Braun, 33, to thank for the genius pairing of Justin Bieber, 21, and Ariana Grande, 21! When Justin came out during Ariana’s March 28 Miami concert to duet with the “Love Me Harder” singer, Scooter was pushing to “get Justin back out on stage” for some good reasons. can EXCLUSIVELY tell you why!

March 29, 2015

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