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Katy Perry Not Talking Russell Brand

Katy Perry Shocker: She Hasn’t Talked To Russell Brand Since Divorce Text

Talk about radio silence! Katy revealed that she still hasn’t had any contact with Russell after he sent her a cruel text to let her know he was filing for divorce in 2011. See what she had to say!

Katy Perry30, clearly does not think Russell Brand, 39, is a part of her anymore. The “Roar” singer revealed in a new interview that she hasn’t gone hot and cold on her ex-husband — in fact, she’s had no contact with him at all since he texted her in Dec. 2011 to tell her he was filing for divorce. Instead, Katy is letting her music do all the talking for her!

May 25, 2015
Russell Brand Katy Perry Grammys Diss 2015

Katy Perry To Perform Russell Brand Divorce Song At The Grammys

Katy Perry is getting ready to open up! The singer just performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and now she is gearing up for a super emotional performance at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, where she will sing her ballad, ‘By the Grace of God.’

Katy Perry, 30, is ready to take the 57th annual Grammy Awards by storm and open up about her divorce from Russell Brand, 39. The stunning pop-star will sing “By the Grace of God” — which was seemingly written as a slight diss following the former couples split — while domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell, 34, will reportedly perform a spoken-word piece.

February 5, 2015
Russell Brand Supports Katy Perry

Katy Perry & Russell Brand. (Getty)

Katy Perry’s Ex Russell Brand Supports Her Before Super Bowl

Talk about staying cordial! Russell Brand showed that even though he’s divorced from Katy Perry, he still completely supports her career — he even tweeted her good luck!

Russell Brand has your back, Katy Perry! Right before the 30-year-old singer took the stage at Super Bowl XLIX to perform a collage of her greatest hits, her ex-husband took to Twitter to say “good luck KP.” What a supportive ex!

February 1, 2015
Russell Brand Parliament Feud

Russell Brand: Parliament Member Slams Him After Divisive Interview

Michael Fabricant, do you kiss your mother with that mouth!? After Russell made some heated a political remarks in an interview, the member of the United Kingdom Parliament fired back, but you won’t believe what he called Russell!

Believe it or not, Russell Brand might have bumped heads with a Brit who is as foul as he is. The often controversial comedian stirred the pot once again when he criticized the British government in an Oct. 23 interview and two days later UK Parliament member Michael Fabricant lashed back with language that Russell can definitely understand.

October 26, 2013
Russell Brand Disses Katy Perry

Russell Brand Disses Katy Perry: I Thought Of ‘Anyone Else’ During Sex

Stay classy, Russell. Less than two years after splitting from Katy, Russell reportedly revealed on stage at a comedy show that he used to ‘think of anyone else’ while having sex with her. He is so mean!

Not only did Russell Brand tell his former wife Katy Perry that he was divorcing her through a text message, but now he’s dissing her live on stage! At a comedy show in London on July 31, Russell joked about the commitment of marriage and how you can only sleep with one person, and he revealed that he often thought of other people while having sex with his wife. Do YOU think this is so uncool?

August 5, 2013

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