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Ender's Game Review

‘Ender’s Game’ Reviews: Critics Praise Asa Butterfield’s ‘Epic’ Sci-Fi Debut

‘Electrifying’ and ‘rousing’ are just a few of the words being used to describe ‘Ender’s Game,’ opening Nov. 1. Will YOU go see it?

Big-screen adaptations of young-adult novels are always hit or miss. For every Twilight, there’s a Mortal Instruments; for every Hunger Games, a Beautiful Creatures. But it sounds like Ender’s Game — Orson Scott Card‘s tale of a futuristic world, in which children are trained for a war against an alien race known as “Buggers” — is a direct hit, and a safe bet to top the box office this weekend.

November 1, 2013
Harrison Ford Han Solo

Harrison Ford ‘Without A Doubt’ Returning To ‘Star Wars’ As Han Solo

Harrison is remaining tight-lipped about reprising the big-screen legend, but a source tells it’s a done deal.

Is Harrison Ford returning to a galaxy far, far away? That’s been the word on the street ever since Lucasfilm — recently acquired by Disney — announced the production of Star Wars: Episode VII. But when we ran into Harrison, 71, at the Ender’s Game premiere Oct. 28 in Los Angeles, he played coy about potentially reprising the iconic role of Han Solo.

October 30, 2013
Star Wars Episode VII Cast

Star Wars (Courtesy Of Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox)

Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford & Mark Hamill Returning To ‘Star Wars’

Creator George Lucas accidentally revealed that the franchise’s original trio are in ‘negotiations’ to appear in the new crop of ‘Star Wars’ movies.

It sounds like three familiar faces will soon be returning to a galaxy far, far away! Mark HamillCarrie Fisher and Harrison Ford — who played Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy — are expected to return for Lucasfilm’s upcoming continuation of the series after creator George Lucas spilled the beans in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

March 7, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Charlize Theron Turns To Her Girlfriends After Her Break-Up!

How do you get over a breakup? If you’re like Charlize, you rely on your BFF’s to help you weather your emotional storm.

Charlize Theron is determined to keep on moving following her recent breakup with Stuart Townsend, her boyfriend of eight years, and she’s doing that with a lot of help from some good friends. The 36-year-old beauty hosted a dinner for the filmmakers and cast of Oscar nominated The Hurt Locker at Phillippe in West Hollywood on Feb. 15 and was the life of the party!

“Charlize was having a ball!” one partygoer tells exclusively, adding that the actress was laughing and joking with co-stars Kathryn Bigelow,

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February 17, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Jay Sean Admits He Has A Girlfriend: 'There Is Someone In My Life'

Jay Sean is officially off the market with a mystery woman. BUT we do know the Brit has chosen an American GF!

For all the ladies out there who were hoping they could snag British pop star Jay Sean we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but he’s taken. We spoke to Jay at The Cinema Society screening of Extraordinary Measures Jan. 21 and he admitted there’s a new girl in his life, but he wouldn’t reveal her identity! “There is someone in my life,” confessed Jay. “I met her on my travels. She’s in America right now but she’s goes back and forth to London. It’s relatively new…it’s true.” Read more and to vote on whether or not she needs a face lift!

January 23, 2010

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