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Sandra — It's Time To Get A Hot Guy On Your Arm Right Now! Here's Four Hunkalicious Single Guys to Hang With!

Sandra — you’re so beautiful! You can get any guy you want, so forget Jesse James!

Sandra Bullock — you should LEAVE Jesse James high and dry! After what he’s done to you, he’s so not worth your time! And, we think you can do so much better. We’re not saying get serious right off the bat, but why not have some fun and date around. We have some HOT, YOUNG HUNK suggestions that we think know how to make a woman feel goooood. That’s just what you need right now, and the best part … showing up in the spotlight with one of these hotties is going to make Jesse’s jaw drop. He’s going to regret the day he lost you! Sandra, meet your new matches here!

March 23, 2010

Who Do You Think Should Be Cast When 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' Gets a Major Remake?

Although it’s hard to top the movie that brought the world the beast that is Brangelina, producers sure are going to try. But who should fill their gorgeous shoes?

Yeah, you’re reading this right. Producers actually think they can improve upon the perfection that is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when Mr. And Mrs. Smith gets a just-for-twentysomethings-reboot. Although Oscar-winning producer Akiva Goldsman is still in the early stages of development for his remake, one thing is clear, he plans to stick to the tried and true formula of two hot, young stars!

Let us refresh your memory. In the 2005 version, Brad, 46 and Angelina, 34 portrayed secret agents John and Jane Smith, an otherwise mild-mannered couple unaware that their missions in life were to kill the other.

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February 9, 2010

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