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True Blood Premiere Tara Dies

‘True Blood’ Premiere: H-Vamps Create Mayhem; A Shocking Death

The final season of ‘True Blood’ is upon us, and the June 22 episode opens immediately after the events of the Season 6 finale, where a shocking death will leave loyal viewers reeling! Full recap below.

True Blood‘s seventh and final season premiered on June 22, and it opened with a bang. “Jesus Gonna Be Here” opened immediately after the events of the Season 6 finale, at the human/vampire social outside Bellefleur’s just as a horde of H-vamps descended upon them. It went about as well as you might expect, and a totally shocking, major character death is sure to leave loyal viewers reeling. Meanwhile, Adilyn and Jessica develop their friendship, we meet James 2.0, Sookie is blamed for anything and everything, and Jason and Violet have a relationship talk — of sorts. Full recap below!

June 22, 2014
True Blood Season Premiere Preview

‘True Blood’ Season Premiere Preview: 5 Things To Look Forward To

‘True Blood’s’ final season premiere airs June 22. It’s our last rendezvous in Bon Temps, so here’s five things to look forward to in the show’s final season.

Prepare yourself to say goodbye to Bon Temps for good. True Blood’s seventh and final season premieres June 22. Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer), Alcide (Joe Manganiello), Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) are back for one last round of vampire, werewolf and fairy fun. Get ready because True Blood is going to stay true to the end!

June 22, 2014
Anna Paquin Season 7 True Blood Premiere

Anna Paquin’s Twisted Updo & Red Eyeshadow At ‘True Blood’ Premiere

Anna was captivating as she hit the red carpet with husband and co-star Stephen Moyer for the season 7 premiere of ‘True Blood,’ held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on June 17. Read about her hot beauty look below!

Anna Paquin, 31, looked incredible at the premiere for the last season of her hit show wearing a black halter Thakoon dress. Her dramatic gold necklace really brought the attention up towards her face and hair, which was styled incredibly! Learn more about her look right here!

June 18, 2014
Diddy Drake Super Bowl Commercial

Time Warner Cable Super Bowl Ad Features Diddy & More — Watch

In the most star-studded commercial of the night, Diddy walks around a fictionalized Time Warner Cable office telling Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Drake and MORE all about TWC’s services.

We know that, technically, the Seahawks or the Broncos are supposed to win Super Bowl XLVIII, but Time Warner Cable also kind of won for their star-studded commercial featuring Diddy, Drake, the Duck Dynasty cast and more, right?

February 2, 2014
True Blood Sookie Bill Season 7

Stephen Moyer Talks ‘True Blood’ Season 7: Will Sookie & Bill Reunite?

Stephen explains the complications of a Sookie-Bill reunion. Who are YOU hoping she ends up with?

When True Blood‘s sixth season wrapped in Aug. 2013, Sookie (Anna Paquin) was embarking on a new life with Alcide (Joe Manganiello). But will that romance last through the final season, airing summer 2014, or will one of Sookie’s old flames catch fire once again? Stephen Moyer spoke with‘s sister site TVLine about the future — and conclusion — of Sookie’s romantic journey.

December 3, 2013
True Blood Eric Dies

‘True Blood’ Season Finale Recap: Sookie’s Wedding Leads To Tragedy

Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the polarizing ‘True Blood’ season finale. I’m about to whine about many major plot points.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Warlow’s wedding day finally arrived on the Aug. 18 season finale of True Blood, but like most major events in Bon Temps, it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. In fact, it was pretty much one big non-stop hitch, as Warlow revealed his true intentions to his future bride. Spoiler alert: He’s a total hybrid douche.

August 18, 2013
True Blood Recap

‘True Blood’ Recap: Bill’s Deadly Premonition Finally Comes True

Plus, Sookie makes up her mind about her future with Warlow. Do you think she’ll regret her decision?

Historically, the penultimate episode of each True Blood season has been heart-stopping, game-changing and, arguably, better than the finale itself. I’m not sure that’s going to be the case in season six, though the Aug. 11 episode did find several characters in dire straits — particularly Bill (Stephen Moyer), whose horrific vision of a mass vampire execution finally came to fruition.

August 12, 2013

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