Season 28 of ‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Night One

Recap of Season 28 of 'The Bachelorette.'

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 08: Jenn Tran is seen on July 08, 2024 in New York City.  (Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)
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The Bachelorette premiered on Monday, July 8, and Jenn Tran was ready to use her stethoscope to see if the 25 men’s hearts were pumping for her.

The 26-year-old was shown starting her journey in the LA mansion with quite some entrances from the eligible single men. In case you missed it, last night consisted of many shots, a truth or dare game, a ‘mister steal your girl,’ a mysterious masked  man, and one hot steamy kiss.

As always night one is important, because everyone looks forward to who the first impression rose is given to. During the episode, The first Asian bachelorette was seen to have bonded well with Devin – who gives off, according to Jenn, Pete Davidson vibes –, Thomas – who is Vietnamese just like her –, and Marcus – who appeared to have good intentions.

Though one these men had her hooked, she could not get her mind off one specific male and that was Sam M. The 27-year-old general contractor stole the spotlight as he received the first rose of the whole season. His entrance of “shot o’ clock” –though was a common entrance for other men – really charmed her as they both shared the only kiss of the night which was long and spicy.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the seasons 28 bachelorette shared “throughout that night, I was just like, ‘Who am I going to give the first impression rose to?’ And I kept thinking back to Sam, because we had such an easy flowing conversation…It was easy to give him that rose, because I just felt so comfortable and I knew that there was going to be potential there.”

She also told the outlet, “I didn’t go into the night thinking, ‘I don’t want to kiss anyone.’ I went into the night knowing how this process works, how this journey works, how other Bachelor/ Bachelorettes have gone throughout their journeys, and, for me, a first kiss means a lot. And I need to be able to feel a certain level of comfortability with somebody.”

After a two hour premiere, Jenn ended up sending home seven men – Matt, Moze, Kevin, Brendan, Dakota, Ricky, and Brett.