Zach Bryan Changes Artwork for ‘Elisabeth’ Album, Named After Ex-Wife

The 'Revival' singer took out a photo depicting him and his ex-wife Rose Elisabeth Madden from the album artwork on streaming services.

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zach bryan
Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

In the current day and age of streaming, it’s relatively easy to replace album artwork when needed. Zach Bryan recently made a major shift on the cover artwork for his sophomore record Elisabeth, wiping the title and a  photo from it on streaming services (except Spotify). The “Something in the Orange” singer-songwriter, 28, has not commented on the sudden change.

The change was first reported by country music outlet Country Chord on Thursday, June 13. The original artwork for Elisabeth featured a photo of Zach and his ex-wife Rose Elisabeth Madden seated on a roof seemingly having a picnic, with a black border surrounding it. It had the album’s title, which is also his ex’s middle name, handwritten across the top. In the corner, Zach’s name was printed in a simple font in white. The new cover artwork is simply a black box with only Zach’s name in the same spot.

Besides the album artwork, the songs “Anita Pt. 2” and “Elisabeth” were also removed from the tracklist on the album. While the decision to change the cover art has sparked speculation among fans, there has been no reasoning given for the change.

Zach married Rose Elisabeth Madden in July 2020, but one year later, it was revealed that the two of them had split. While many rumors and speculation have come up since the split, neither Zach nor Rose have publicly commented on the reason for their split.

Nearly four years since Zach and Rose got married, the “I Remember Everything” star has been dating podcast host and internet personality Brianna LaPaglia a.k.a. Brianna Chickenfry. Bri revealed that she had started seeing Zach on an episode of her Plan Bri podcast in July 2023.

Since Zach and Brianna have started seeing each other, she’s joined him on the road on his epic “Quittin’ Time” tour. She’s regularly shared updates from the road, both the good and the bad, including a recent update on a near-fatal car accident she got in with Zach in May.