Snoop Dogg Reacts to Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s Feud: ‘I’m Not in the Middle of It’

'I support both of them and that’s personal business, not my business,' Snoop said while complimenting Drake and Kendrick's contributions to music.

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Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar
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Snoop Dogg has nothing but love for both Drake and Kendrick Lamar amid their ongoing feud. During a new interview, Snoop, 52, reacted to the beef between the “Hotline Bling” rapper, 37, and the “Like That” artist, 36, complimenting both of them for their contributions to the music industry.

“Well, the only thing I want to say about that whole scenario is that I want to give both of them a shout out for raising the bar as far as lyrics, as far as song-making and writing because the writing has been upped since the confrontation,” Snoop told Entertainment Tonight during a recent interview. “Those are my nephews. I’m not in the middle of it. I support both of them and that’s personal business, not my business.”

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hitmaker added, “As far as what they did for the industry and the rap game, they made you rap again. You can’t mumble your way and gimmick your way to a song no more, buddy. So, thank y’all.”

Kendrick and Drake have been embroiled in a years-long feud since the early 2010s. It was recently reignited after Drake released his diss tracks “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” the latter of which faced legal action by Tupac Shakur‘s estate for using artificial intelligence to emulate of the late rapper’s voice for the track.

Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar
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Snoop reacted to the AI revelation in an Instagram video that he shared in April. He began the clip by asking, “They did what?”

“When? How? Are you sure? Y’all have a good night,” Snoop said in the video. “Why everybody calling my phone, blowing me up? What the fuck? What happened? What’s going on? I’m going back to bed. Good night.”

Shortly after Drake released “Push Ups,” Kendrick responded with his own diss track earlier this month, titled “Euphoria.”

“Know you a master manipulator and habitual liar too,” Kendrick raps in one verse. “But don’t tell no lies about me, and I won’t tell no truths ’bout you.”

In his song, Kendrick also makes a reference to the AI version of Tupac’s voice in  “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

“Somebody had told me that you got a ring, on God, I’m ready to double the wage,” he raps in another part of the track. “I’d rather do that than let a Canadian n***a make Pac Turn in his grave.”