‘Selling Sunset’ Star Bre Tiesi Reveals Her Relationship Status With Nick Cannon

The reality star opened up about where she and the comedian, whom she shares a son with, stand in the first episode of the new season of 'Selling Sunset.'

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nick cannon, bre tiesi
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Bre Tiesi got candid about where she’s at in her relationship with Nick Cannon during the season 7 premiere of Selling Sunset. The reality star, 32, and Nick, 43, share a 16-month-old son Legendary. Her relationship with The Masked Singer host came up during a dinner conversation with her co-stars, and she revealed where they stand now.

Bre admitted that she’s totally satisfied with where she’s at with her son’s father, but she may also see other people. “I love Nick. I’m happy with my relationship, however that is, and like, if I date, I date,” she said, via PeopleShe said that “maybe” the comedian would mind if she dated, but she revealed that she doesn’t pay much mind. “I mean, I do what I want to do, but I still would never disrespect Nick. I just wouldn’t,” she explained.

Nick is a proud dad to many children. (Michele Eve Sandberg/Shutterstock)

Nick is a father to 12 children with six different women. Legendary is his only child with Bre. The Selling Sunset star admitted that she doesn’t have a problem with his large family with multiple women. “Even his situations and stuff, I’ve always been nothing but respectful of that. I know people don’t get it, and I don’t care that people don’t get it,” she said.

Despite seeming content about her situation with Nick, Bre did appear to show that she wasn’t looking to have more kids with Nick in a fan Q&A back in January. Someone had asked if she wanted more little ones, and she simply wrote “Me and Ledgy for life.” Still, the reality star has spent plenty of quality time with Legendary and his dad, and they’ve been seen on cute family outings, especially around different holidays.

During a previous episode of Selling Sunset, Bre also revealed that Nick isn’t legally required to pay child support. “The way it works is like, after 10 [kids], the court can basically say he can’t afford to pay child support, or because he is who he is, they could say, ‘We know you can afford X amount for each household,'” she said. “If my son needs something, or we do, I ask, that’s all I have to do. I know he’s a good dad and Nick is not my sugar daddy, Nick is not the reason I’m where I’m at.”