Scarlett Johansson Reveals How She Keeps Fit & Opens up About Aging: ‘My Body Is Changing’

While promoting her skincare brand, The Outset, on October 9, the 'Black Widow' star revealed how getting 'older' has changed her workout routine.

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Scarlett Johansson, 38, spoke to Stylist on October 9 and revealed that her fitness routine has changed over the years. The starlet was candid about her go-to gym workouts, her skincare, and more in a new interview promoting her skincare brand, The Outset. She made sure to note that “wellness” is a part of her “mental” well-being. “I used to mostly just lift weights, but at some point, my recovery wasn’t what it used to be, you know,” Scarlett said. “I think it’s just getting older and having my body change – but Pilates really helped me feel better in all ways.”

The mother-of-two went on to share how many times a week she works out in order to stay in shape. “I try and do some sort of exercise around four days a week if I can,” she explained. “I’ve been doing Pilates for the last eight years or so, and I’ve found it to be amazing.” The 38-year-old went on to admit that Pilates has helped her improve her weight-lifting abilities. “I do classes with a couple of different instructors, and I’ve been incorporating some weightlifting a little bit more again,” she continued. “I think I’m better at it now because of Pilates.”

Additionally, Scarlett shared what her morning routine looks like with her two kiddos. “I wake up pretty early because I have two children and my daughter is in school. I have a baby, too, who’s in a sleep regression and is waking me up at all hours,” she explained. “So I get up around 6.45am and, unfortunately, I look at my phone immediately. I should not be doing that.” She then brushes her teeth and uses The Outset’s cleanser and serum. “If I’m going to work out after the school run then I don’t use moisturizer until that’s done,” the Black Widow star said. “Then I’ll wake my daughter. I’ll have an oat milk coffee and get her out the door.”

The Hollywood beauty is married to Saturday Night Live‘s Colin Jost, 41, and they share a son named Cosmo who was born in 2021. Scarlett also welcomed a daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac, 9, with her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac, 41. The actress was married to her second husband from 2014 until their 2017 split. Additionally, Scarlett was previously married to Ryan Reynolds, 46, from 2008 to 2011. Ryan is now married to actress Blake Lively, 36.

Most recently, Scarlett shared her secret to her successful marriage with Colin during an appearance on CBS Mornings on June 12. “I will say, we have such a — we laugh a lot and we communicate with one another and check in,” she gushed over her hubby. “I’m married to a writer, he’s a comedy writer. He can get, like, very in his head sometimes, he’s sort of introverted. I’m extroverted, and so I think the key for us is just always checking in, just asking at the end of the day, ‘How was your day?’” Colin and his wife have been married since 2020.