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Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Botched Facelift: ‘It Was Wicked’

'The Osbournes' star joked that she looked like the title character from the classic work 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.'

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Sharon Osbourne spoke out about a 2021 facelift, which was not to her liking, in a new interview with The Daily Star. The former talk show host revealed that her most recent plastic surgery was to try to correct that procedure, which she was definitely not a fan of! She didn’t shy away from being frank about getting work done. “There’s not one part of my body that I haven’t had twisted, lifted, elongated, whatever,” she told the outlet, via Daily Mail.

The Osbournes star, 70, explained exactly what she took issue with during her previous facelift, comparing herself to a very famous Victor Hugo character. “I’ve been messed up many times. This last one was a kind of fix-it job from the guy that did it before,” she said. “I looked like Quasimodo, because I had one eye here, one eye there. It was wicked.”

This isn’t the first time that Sharon has spoken out about her facelift mishap. She first opened up about being upset about the procedure in a 2022 interview with The Sunday Times. “I had a full facelift done in October and I looked like one of those f**king mummies that they wrap [with bandages],” she said, before making a similar Hunchback of Notre Dame reference. “I’m telling you, it was horrendous. [To the surgeon] I’m, like, ‘You’ve got to be f**king joking. One eye was different to the other. I looked like a f**king Cyclops. I’m, like, ‘All I need is a hunchback.'”

Sharon spoke about her 2021 facelift in the new interview. (David Buchan/Shutterstock)

She even revealed that her husbandOzzy Osbournetold her that they’d get the surgery “redone.” Months later, she was seen at an Oscars viewing party, and she looked stunning.

Besides her “messed up” facelift, Sharon also recently spoke about her weight loss during an interview with Piers Morgan. She revealed she’d dropped 42 pounds after going on the controversial diabetes medication Ozempic. “You can’t stay on it forever, firstly,” she said. “It’s just time to stop. I didn’t actually want to go this thin, but it just happened. I’ll probably put it all on again soon.”