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Joan Collins, 90, Reveals She Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery on Her Face: ‘I’m Needle-Phobic’

The 'Dynasty' actress admitted that the secrets to great skin are moisturizing and avoiding the sun in a new interview.

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Joan Collins opened up about the secrets to her amazing skin in a new interview with The Guardianpublished on Monday, September 25. The Warning Shot star, 90, revealed that she didn’t undergo any plastic surgery, after the interviewer complimented her on how great her skin looked. Instead, she revealed the advice that her mother gave her that she passed on to her daughters.

After the journalist spoke about how great Joan looked, the actress revealed at least part of the reason she never had plastic surgery. “I’ve had nothing done. I couldn’t do all that,” she told the outlet. “First of all, I’m needle-phobic.”

She continued and revealed the secrets to her amazing skin at 90, saying that she passed them on to her daughters, Tara Newley, 59, and Katyana Kass, 51. “It was my mother who told me to moisturize and use night cream,” she explained. “I told my two girls and both of them have fabulous skin. And stay out of the sun.”

Joan Collins spoke about her secret to great skin in a new interview. (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

While she didn’t share all of her secrets in the new interview, Joan did reveal that she makes her skin look fabulous with Vaseline and makeup in a 2010 interview with The GuardianShe also admitted that she wasn’t a fan of some procedures that people have. “I’m not into Botox or ‘lifting,'” she said at the time. “Believe me – I’ve seen such sights, it’s put me off totally.”

While she said that she didn’t have any work done, Joan did once admit to giving Botox a shot in a 2012 interview with Glamour. She admitted that it “hurt like hell,” via Page SixShe also admitted she wasn’t a fan of “plastic surgery nightmares,” revealing that some of her friends had bad experiences with Botox.

Even at 90, Joan has not shied away from showing off her amazing looks! She’s shared photos showing off her fabulous fashion sense and relaxing in bikinis on her social media, including a great shot of her and her husband, Percy Gibsonrelaxing in a pool in August.